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Anyone Have A Good Nxt Zamor Cannon Design?


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Im working on a remote controlled LEGO mindstorms NXT robot that can shoot zamor spheres after it sweeps them up from the floor, but Ive hit a snag. I cant seem to get a good cannon design that has enough sreangth to fire a piraka zamor cannon. The official shooterbot design isnt a good choice since it pulls the lancher over a pin rather than push a pin through the cannon, and I need the cannon itself stationary for it's self loading design. Once I have the cannon built, I can design the loading system to suit the cannon. If you have a double barrel design, that would also expand my design options.Thank you kindly for any input help you can provide.EDIT: Well, it seems Ive finaly managed to make a working cannon design. Hopefully Ill have this project finished soon so I can share the final design with everyone.

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