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Unit 27 Maskstealer


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I strongly recommend you read what I wrote here http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11061 for the information on the world this takes place.



Name: Unit 27, also called Maskstealer

Element: none

Species: Robot

Weapons: Axe, claws, wrist guns

Other tools: Infrared vision

Bio: "I am Matrix I tell you this as a warning. When the first abominations came there was blood. The Matoran lost faith in their guardians. Each death led to more and more hatred of us. We did not ask for war against the abominations, but we got it. A team of scientists created an abomination of their own. Lovingly they called it Savior. This 'Savior' was supposed to save them from the abominations. Help them where we failed. It did not work. The crazed creature did not see the difference between good and bad. It saw weapons and so its primary function, to stop war, took over. Toa, Matoran and abominations were slaughtered. Each body headless and left to rot. We hunted it, but the thing ran. Each day more and more toa would wind up dead and headless. The terrified Matoran called it Maskstealer. Finally it was found. Of the 30 toa who found it, 7 left. 3 survived the other 4 died of their injuries the next week. It ran off and we continue to find dead bodies. Every once in a while a Toa will disappear they will be found later mutilated and destroyed. So while the abominations have ceased their once relentless attacks and are now a rare yet powerful danger, the Maskstealer still lives. Be aware."


I had to disassemble all members of the Toa Tardis to make him so you might not see any mocs from me for a while (or at least until I make a big bricklink order). Anyway I tried to make him look very evil and robotic, I think I did a good job at that. The custom head is supposed to have a gas mask sort of thing on it.


He is the Maskstealer as you can see.


"EXTERMINATE"-Dalek #1 to #3458271

If you have a self MOC you would like me to build just PM me and I'll make it as long as I have the pieces.

3DS Friend Code: 4699-6562-6279

Pokemon Y safari: Audino, Dunsparce and Chansey

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