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Not public. Deeplink it; I want to see it!To deeplink, OP, you have to keep clicking on the pictures until you see nothing in the tab but the MOC. Then you use the link.

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Does anyone want to play the Master Chief Collection with me? I'm trying to get a team going for ranked. PM for GT.

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I can't make out much from the pictures, since those boxes right behind it are really distracting. I'd suggest taking more pictures without the boxes. From what I can see, it looks pretty good. But a better review would require better pictures. Try my suggestion, and I'll be right back with a more in-depth review for ya! :) t1ssig.png

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it's too big for that, and the option to link a picture isn't on the new boards, yet somehow other people can do it.

Right-click the picture and select "show image"(not sure if its the right expression, my computer is in portuguese). Anyway, its public now... As for the MOC, it looks nice, and I'm diggin' the head. But could use some work on the rest, as its a bit basic and with some color inconsistency. Legs could be beefed up a bit too. But most important: make pics with clean background. The boxes behind it hel nothing and, in fact, do get in the way, making it very hard to see the creation. Keep that in mind next time ;) Edited by JohannDakitsch

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