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Legoverse Mocworld Ii - Mouldi Pheats


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From the Deserts of Sah n Dibum, our traveller friends make their way to the forest island of Mouldi Pheats. Once the home of the peaceful athletic tribe of Nin, it has been overrun by evil, mentally challenged Fleshifigs. but for now, let's just enjoy looking at some of the local sights.Among the many beautiful sights, there is the Hallowed Temple of the golden disc, the Skull Cavern - owned by pirates at one point, who made and sold verme 'golden' discs. of course, to even get on the island in the first place, you'll need to use The Ashwood Dock.Once on the beach, you'll probably want to pass through the gate of Doome and into the charming village on the other side. With its quaint huts, the Sacred Treehouse of the Mahnkei, the crept of the spider lord, and the leader's throne within.An interesting feature is the spiny maw of just desserts, golden teeth inserted between the cavern and the wall to prevent any from getting between them.

69 Days to a Better Body

Days left: 45 | Days completed: 24 | Yesterday: Shoulder's & Glutes - Today's: Triceps - Tomorrow's: Biceps

Miles Completed: 123(+2 Miles) | Today's Time: 1H


Exercise time was too bloody hard to fix...forgot to track a few days...sorry.


MOCs: Sah n Dibum - Vehicles Part 1 - Mouldi Pheats - Daleks

Stories: Adventures in the LegoVerse

Interesting Stuff: Shows You're Watching

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