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  1. but a hat would cover up the hair :DNo, but I've always wanted one. I did feed a stray kitten for a month. Does that count?
  2. ^I tend to avoid the crowds quite well, actually. But I do agree....if I lived in a heavily crowded area, I'd be locked in all day.
  3. Only place in town is K-Mart.I might stop by. I doubt I'll get to buy anything, but it'd be nice if I could get the Alien Conquest big space ship. I haven't had a LEGO set that makes sounds since that one Space Rocket from 90's.
  4. My only panic tends to be "I hope I don't stain anything...*lick lick lick*"The person below me likes wearing hats.
  5. ^Except we don't know whether or not the tohunga/matoran KNEW that they could become Toa while on Mata-Nui.
  6. And honestly -barring the legal aspect, there's NO difference between downloading something for free that's no longer being published and buying it from, let's say, a private seller on Amazon. In both cases you're getting something from a person that paid for the original product, and in both cases the originated company doesn't get a single cent of the money being made. If anything, it's better to put the books online for free, because it means private sellers won't make money off of Scholastic/LEGO by re-selling out-of-publication materials. Especially when you consider these sellers are charging $20 and more for the books.
  7. A topic all about women, eh? Then I can ask the most important question ever for the British ones/fans.Who would you rather grow up to be like: Hyacynth Bucket (pronounced bouquet), or Margo Leadbetter? As a third option, let's throw in Dame Edna, though that would include having to be Australian (It's better than being from the North)
  8. I've swallowed the skin on lips when it dries and peels off...does that count?The person below me hates me for saying that.
  9. AVI are very hit and miss with Zune. Some will work, others won't.
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