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  1. This is stunning So much nostalgia....
  2. I won Memoirs of the Dead!!! :D

  3. Umm, wasn't Zaktan confirmed to be not dead? I also read on BS01 that a lot of these characters are still alive and just kinda chilling in the red star, trapped...
  4. Another thing I heard is that if it were to come back, it would probably have a different build style than old Bionicle and Hero Factory. Probably because that's just the trend and they wouldn't go back to the old style.
  5. Was it the one with the spiders and Tahu look-a-like was reaching for a mask? Yep. Kopaka was there too, on the bottom shelf.
  6. I saw a few posts on Tumblr about this. One was about this guy who works at a factory that makes like labels for stands or something and LEGO hired them to make some that say "Bionicle." Another was a picture of a stand, like a promotional store display, with Bionicle sets on it. It wasn't very clear, but one of the sets looked a lot like an upgraded Tahu. I can't post the images here, but needless to say I'm excited if this true.
  7. Hmm, I'd say the Kadin. (The Mask of Flight in case I got that name wrong)
  8. Yeah, I've had this similar theory for a while... It makes sense to me.
  9. Nobody has been to my profile in forever

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