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Evolution Of The Daleks


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Ugh. Due to a coding error, this got messed up. I'll make the post again, but with no depth. This is basically a collection of every Dalek I've built, from the first to the most recent.


  • [*]
First Dalek - View 2[*]Second Dalek - View 2[*]Third Dalek - View 2

These three were part of my first attempt. The eyestalk was easy to figure out after the second attempt...but they needed something more.They needed the truely menacing look of a Dalek


  • [*]
Fourth Dalek - View 2 - View 3[*]Fifth Dalek - View 2 - View 3 - View 4[*]Sixth Dalek - View 2 - View 3

My final experiment was to make a Dalek that 'opened'.

  • [*]
Seventh Dalek - View 2 - View 3 - View 4 (opened)

Of course, there is more, but revealing that would give away an important piece of my story.

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MOCs: Sah n Dibum - Vehicles Part 1 - Mouldi Pheats - Daleks

Stories: Adventures in the LegoVerse

Interesting Stuff: Shows You're Watching

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I like your effort to keep creating these; I can see how you sought to improve bits with each MOC.I especially like the black one. That, IMO, looks the most like a Dalek. The first few, IMO, look a bit like enhanced containers, and the ones after look like larger robots. It's probably due to the slopie-ness from the base and then the flatness above their arms.I think with some searching online for LEGO-made Daleks you can find some good reference pictures. I'm sure you have a passion to keep making more!-CF


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