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There have been many legends about a seventh Master, one with the power over Lightning, but nobody expected these legends to come true! Allying with the Heroes of Okoto, Voriki uses his powers to strike down the skull spider menace!


Main Image

Back view

Battle ready!

Victory, or a throwback pose


Comparison with Tahu

"Let's see if you're worthy of being the seventh Toa!"

A challenger appears!


So yeah, Gen.2 styled Voriki. I think I'm the first person to make this. I'm not sure why I settled on the Purple, white, and gold colour scheme, I just felt like it worked. I feel like the weapon is too simple, despite trying to make it as interesting as possible, but then again, I was trying to make this like it would be an actual set, so that's a thing.


Comments and feedback are welcome!

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(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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Not this toa again...


The weapon, or pretty much any part of the MOC, doesn't need to be complex to be good; too many times I've seen people try to create detailed weapons or custom limbs that end up looking worse than the non-custom parts. That being said, it's good to experiment with designs to improve your MOCing ability.


The MOC itself might not be very unique or spectacular, but I can't really see anything wrong with it; the colours, build and proportions all work really well. The only major faults are problems with the CCBS itself, so there isn't much that you can do about it. He fits in well with the G2 toa, minus the dual functions and odd design choices.

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