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BBC#71: The Were-Rahi

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It is said that Toa who lose control of their power become these monstrous creatures, and it seems that Tahu has become the latest victim of the curse. Savage and relentless, The Were-Toa show no remorse to those who were once their allies. Can the rest of the Toa stop the curse before he causes any more damage?




Entry Pic


Front (Warning: Blurry)



"Remember who you are, Tahu!"

Random Victorious pose


I was going to get this out earlier, but I couldn't find my Camera charger so had to use my sister's. Whilst building this, I regretted not buying more Chima constraction figures. oh well, at least he looks pretty cool in his final build.


Feedback is welcome!

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(I'll do this eventually, I swear...)


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Nice job! :) That's a cool idea to build a werewolf MOC right over some old Tahu parts. It's really great to see this huge werewolf and then some of Tahu underneath! I think the effect is much better than simply building a red and orange werewolf would have been.


The photo with Gali is also just right! Thanks for posting!

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