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Light and Shadow

Kaleidoscope Tekulo

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This is just an epic where I write about the exploits of my personal LEGO collection. I've been playing with these guys since childhood, and now they get to have their stories told.


Chapter 0: Great One


Two minifigures made their way through a labyrinthine cave. A trail of glowing crystals could be seen behind them. These would show them the way to the outside world. It had been a lengthy journey, and both parties were left tired and cold. It was necessary, however. Much was at stake, and hope was growing faint.


"It shouldn't be much further." said the minifugre in black. He had black hair, a black firefighter's jacket and black pants. He held a flashlight and it shone on the hard rock ahead.


"Are you sure?" said a young woman with brown hair held back in a ponytail. She wore a white shirt with a collar and two front pockets and green slacks. Her eyes were black and her lips red.


"Sure? No. Megan, no one has seen this being for centuries. There's a chance his existence is entirely fiction! We can't be sure of anything." He spoke matter-of-factly.


"That's awfully optimistic of you, Jack." her words seemed to hurt as they escaped her breath.


"We both knew this was a long-shot from the start. But if the legends are true, we will soon find out."


It was not long when they came across a large chamber through a small opening in the stone before them. Jack shone the light towards the center of the room. There he sat, a great creature of green and red. He had one short arm, and the other long with two great fingers outstretched. His torso was full of holes, and on his right chest area sat a crooked, yellow, chisled head, its eyes closed.


"He's real...." Megan whispered in astonishment. It was all she could manage.


Jack pulled out a scroll from his pocket and let the flashlight illuminate it. He began to read.


"Oh ancient spirit of light and shadow, we call for you to wake,

The world outside has fallen low, and lest the heavens shake,

We pray your wisdom holds the key to heal our earthly woes,

We ask you now to grant us power that we may best our foes."


The chamber began to shake with a moan like soft thunder. The creature's right eye glowed white. The floor began to glow, revealing a pool of water that was five feet below the cliff they were standing on. The chamber was now dully illuminated with blue light.


"A thousand years... I have slumbered... And now I rise to your call..." The voice was ancient and booming.


Megan and Jack stood in awe for a moment. Jack was the one to step forward and speak.


"Oh great one, we have come here seeking-"


"I know why you are here, Jack... and Megan... I see through the tree of time... I know its branches well... and its roots... You come seeking order... in a world of chaos... Witchcraft... Monsters... Fire... You wish to best them..."


"Yes, we do!" Megan shouted eagerly. "What must we do to prove ourselves worthy of such power?"


"Ha...ha...ha..." The laugh was wistful. "You have already done so... by finding my den... Megan... step forward."


Megan hesitated, but then stepped towards the giant. He held out his long arm and wrapped his two fingers around her. Hoisting her up to his face. His head straightened itself within his torso, and his right eye opened wide.


"Daughter of Yin... You shall become a child of Yang. Accept... his power.. But... beware... the light can easily... flare too brightly.. and consume..."


Megan stared into his eye. It was as if the entire world around her vanished, the being's grip vanishing from her senses. She could see the stars and galaxies swirling throughout the universe. They grew brighter and brighter still. She felt warm, a warmth that filled her through to her bones. It was as if she was floating through the heavens, ascending to new heights. Her heart beat excitedly and it made her head spin. It felt wonderful and dangerous at the same time, her mind racing.


The giant released his grip and Megan floated down slowly to the cliff next to Jack. Her mind was still swimming.


"...Jack..." The great creature extended his arm down to the base of the cliff. Jack stared for a moment, but then walked to the edge, letting the great arm carry him up as well. The giant's right eye closed, and this time his left eye opened wide. It was pitch black.


"Son of Yang... You shall become a child of Yin. Accept... her patience... But... beware... The peace of darkness... can be very tempting... and quell even the brightest passion...."


Jack felt as if the world had faded into nothing. He saw the lights of the universe slowly fade into nothing. He felt cold, as if he had turned to stone. He felt as if he were falling fast to the earth, down into the abyss. His heartbeat had slowed to a faint pulse. It made his head acutely aware of the cold. It felt strangely calming and sad at the same time.


The red and green creature set Jack down gently on the cliff, and he staggered; keeping his balacne proved to be difficult.


"What... did you do?" Megan asked, still feeling lightheaded.


"I have granted the two of you power... You shall both... cancel out the other... Use these gifts wisely... and bring order to your world..." And with that, the giant's eyes slowly closed and a low thunder rumbled through the cavern. The blue glow of the water slowly started to fade.


"W-wait!" Jack yelled, stumbling to get to his feet.


"We... will... meet.... again...." And with that, the chamber returned to darkness.



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Chapter 1: The Monster Blocking the Path


Megan and Jack followed their trail of crystals out of the cave. They were picking the shards up as they went.


"It felt... incredible!" Megan exclaimed. "What was it, though? What did he do?"


"It was certainly... something." Jack seemed less enthusiastic. "We should find some sort of way to test ourselves."


"Test ourselves?"


"Yes. The Great One said he granted us both power. I say we find out just what he meant by that."


"And how do you propose we do that?"


Almost as if on cue, the sound of rocks scraping together along with a couple of grunts could be heard in the distance. Around thirty feet away, the two minifigures could see two red dots at the end of their trail of crystal shards. They could see the crystal fragments, one by one, being lifted into the air and then vanishing.


"What is that?" Megan whispered.


:"I'm not sure. But this is a good opportunity for a test."




The two red dots turned to face them. A roar could be heard followed by the sound of heavy footsteps. The dots grew closer and revealed themselves to be the eyes of a large beast. Megan only had a moment to identify it as a rock monster before it rushed towards her.


"AIIIEEEEE!" She screamed as it grabbed her by the legs and hoisted her in the air. She dropped the crystal shards she had been carrying. The rock monster's eyes focused on a small cluster of crystal shards on the ground, and carelessly tossed Megan aside.


"Megan!" Jack yelled to her. The monster had thrown her over its shoulder. Jack was right in front of the beast. He saw it eating the crystal fragments one by one on the ground.


It's distracted. Run! A voice called out in Jack's head. He obeyed it and ran past the creature. Bringing out his flashlight, he scanned for Megan. It wasn't long until he found her passed out on the hard ground. He rushed to her side and examined her. Blood was running from the top of her head.


Place your hand on her head and focus Jack heard the voice a second time, and for a second time he followed its instructions. But focus on what? He closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly. In... and out... He saw the abyss that had shown itself when he faced the Great One. He could feel its cold sting travel from his mind's eye through his body and out of his hand. Jack opened his eyes as he felt Megan begin to twitch.


"Huh...? J-Jack?" She opened her eyes slowly. A grunt could be heard nearby, and Megan realized where she was. "You!" She shouted as she got up and faced the Rock Monster. Without warning, she bolted towards it.


The monster turned around, hearing her approach and roared in her direction. Megan launched herself into the air and kicked the monster in its face. It toppled backwards and fell with a loud thud. She continued to kick and punch the monster. It flew across the cave with each hit.


Stop her! Jack snapped out of his stupor. He had frozen in awe when he saw the extent of Megan's might. Now he headed towards her and grabbed her fist before she drove it to the monster's chest. She felt warm to the touch. Megan turned her head and her anger's sight met Jack's concerned eyes. Megan's eyes were glowing white.


Jack looked at the creature before them. Its red eyes were now closed. A large crack could be seen running down its face; a feature that was not there before. He examined its body. It had several chips and lines running through it. Its chest slowly rose and fell. It was still alive, but it looked as if it would shatter should the fight continue.


"T-That's e-enough..." Jack said with a new found fear in his voice. Never before would he have dreamed of fearing Megan.


Megan's face slowly softened when she saw Jack. Her eyes returned to their normal black color. She followed his eyes to the monster's beaten body. She shivered at the realization of it.


"I... I did this..." She. whispered the words to herself. They both stared at the Rock Monster, its chest still faintly moving.


There is nothing you can do for it. Jack heard the voice, but almost wished he hadn't. He thought to himself for a moment.


"It has energy crystals nearby and a place to rest for a while... It should be fine on its own... I think." He looked at Megan. Her face was sullen. "... Come on, we should go." He pulled her arm and the two of them headed deeper into the darkness of the cave.



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Chapter 2: The High Sorceress Willa


Megan and Jack followed many twists and turns throughout the cave.


"Are you sure this is the way?" Megan sounded worried. It was true that their trail of energy crystals was consumed by a rock monster. It was hard to tell which way they had originally come from.


"Yes. I'm sure." Jack replied.


"How are you sure?"




Megan frowned at this. It sounded like he was just using guesswork to navigate. It was less than reassuring. Neither of them had said anything about what had happened with the rock monster. Honestly, it had worried Megan. Her newfound strength proved useful, yet dangerous. When she was attacking it, she felt energy surge through her body. It felt like lightning. It was intoxicating. It was frightening.


It was not much longer until they came to the end of the cave. The bright sun was blinding. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust to the light. It looked to be around midday. There was grass covering the ground with mountains in the background. One thing became apparent, however; this was not where they had entered the cave.


"Where are we?" Megan asked.


"I'm not sure, but... I can't help but feel we were supposed to come here." Jack said.


Megan wasn't in the mood to bother asking Jack what he meant.


"Well, we shouldn't just linger here." And with that Megan began to walk. Jack followed her, although he wasn't sure where they were headed.


"Halt!" A voice came from the distance. Five knights on horseback galloped towards the pair. They drew their swords. "State your names."


"I'm Megan and this is Jack." Megan stated plainly. She was slightly taken aback by the knights' appearance, but on the whole she appeared unfazed. She looked at them. They were clad in black armor. Their shileds depicted a red dragon's head .


The knights murmured amungst themselves.


"Megan and Jack... but that's... They came from the cave... Is it really...." One of the knights rode off in the direction the group had come from. One of the remaining four spoke.


"By official decree of the High Sorceress Willa, you are hereby placed under arrest. Sieze them!"


Megan jumped backward as two of the knights dismounted their horses and approached.


"S-Stay back!" She breathed.


"Aww, the lass is afraid! Don't worry, sweetheart, we're not going to hurt you so long as you cooperate." One of the knights chuckled.


Megan took a deep breath and then smiled.


"I can't promise the same to you."


Dodging the swing of his sword, Megan twirled and elbowed the knight in the stomach. The blow dented his armor and sent him toppling backwards. She had to admit, it felt good to display her power.


The other knight. stopped in his tracks. Megan looked at him and slowly approached.


"Afraid?" She tilted her head to one side. "You should be." And with that she advanced. The knight raised his sword and swung. It slashed Megan's left arm, but she still managed to grab hold of the knight's right shoulder. She swung him around and threw him at one of the knights still on his horse. She managed to knock him off of his horse by throwing his comrade at just the right angle. She turned back to the knight that she knocked to the ground. Megan picked up his helmet, held it in the air and crushed it with one hand as a display of power to the other knights.


"R-Retreat!" Their leader called. The three knights scrambled to get back on their horses and soon they were galloping away, back from where they had come. In a few moments they were out of sight after going over a hill. The sound of applause could be heard not far away. Megan and Jack both turned to where the sound was coming from.


"Well done. You're just as like the legend said you'd be." A figure appeared from behind a tree nearby. She was dressed in blue and white and her shirt had a lion's head on it.


"Who are you?" Megan raised her fists to the sides of her head.


"There's no need for that. I'm on your side. My name is Sarah. I'm a messanger of the Queen of Lions."


"The Queen of... Lions?" Jack repeated.


"Yes!" Sarah exclaimed. "She knew you would be arriving soon, and she's very keen to meet with you."


:"And why should we trust you?" Megan growled.


"Because the Lions are enemies of Willa the Witch."


"Willa the... You mean the High Sorceress that wanted us imprisoned?" Jack inquired.


"Don't flatter her. No, Willa is a witch." Sarah spat.


"That's not much to go off of." Megan didn't lower her guard.


"Your Queen... Will you take us to her?"




"Yes. I can take you to her. If you two will just follow me..." Sarah smiled.


"Jack, a word..." Megan pulled Jack aside. "We barely know this person. How can we be sure we're not walking into a trap? We were just threatened with being imprisoned only a few moments ago!"


"I know, but... I just have a feeling that we should meet with this queen."


"Don't tell me... your intuition?"


"Essentially, yes. Look, ever since we met with the Great One, I've been hearing a voice in my head guiding me. And... well, it's gotten us this far." Jack explained.


"A voice? Last I checked it lead us here where we were attacked!"


"Are you two coming or not?" Sarah called after them.


Jack gave Megan a solemn look.


"... Fine..." Megan gave in. "But if you try anything funny with us, you'll end up fighting me. And I guarantee I'll make you regret it."


"Noted." Sarah smiled. "Follow me and I'll take you to the queen." She had a certain bounce in her step.




The knight stood outside of the High Sorceress Willa's throne room.


"Enter" Came a voice through the doorway. The knight entered the room and knelt down in front of a single throne. The room was decorated in red and black, and it held an air of regal authority.


"Your highness, I bring news from the Ancient Cave."


"The Ancient Cave?" Willa sat up straighter in her throne. "Do tell, do tell."


"Two minifigures emerged today. Their names are Megan and Jack."


"And where are these minifigures?"


"Our patrol should have them in custody as we speak."


At this moment, another knight entered the room.


"Your Highness." The knight had a dented suit of armor.


"Ah, the patrol. Tell me, where are the prisoners Megan and Jack?"


"Unfortunately, your highness, they... they escaped capture."


"WHAT?" Willa exploded with anger. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS FAILURE!" Willa drew her red star wand and turned the knight with the dented armor into a spider. It fleed from the room in terror.


The remaining knight gulped.


"Be sure to find them and bring them to me! This is the guard's new mission. Failure is not an option. Do you understand?" Willa's voice was stern.


"Y-Yes your h-highness."


"Good. Now leave me." Willa knew that the beginning of the end had started.



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Chapter 3: The Queen of Lions


Sarah led Jack and Megan through the hillside. At one point, Jack stopped Megan.


"Let me see your arm." He requested. His voice was as calm as a pond at midnight. After a moment and a quizzical look in her eyes, Megan complied. Jack placed his hand on her wound and closed his eyes. As he had before, he envisioned the abyss and felt a cold sting surge through his hand. A second later, Megan's wound was gone.


"That's... handy." Megan was taken aback.


"This isn't the first time I've done that. You were unconscious after the rock monster threw you in the cave. I healed a wound on your head."


"... Thank you." She managed. Her arm had felt cold when Jack had touched it. It felt... refreshing in a strange sort of way. It was nice, she decided; having Jack around.


"What's the hold up?" Sarah called to them, noticing their delay. Jack and Megan regained their step and continued to follow Sarah. After what felt like an hour, they arrived at a tavern. A sign at the entrance said "The Den." The inside was worn down, dusty and empty. A bartender sat behind the counter, cleaning a glass with a yellowed rag. Sarah went up to him and said,


"The large cat slumbers in the sun."


"The den welcomes you to the shade." The bartender replied and pulled down on a bottle of brandy. A doorway opened up on the wall to the left.


"Come on. The queen awaits your arrival." Sarah beckoned them to enter the opening.


Jack and Megan slowly walked inside after Sarah. The room smelled of wine and mutton and around fifteen minifigures were inside, chattering away.




"Oy, Sarah's back!"


"You owe me five gold pieces, punk!"


"Enough!" Sarah shouted. "I seek audience with the queen!" A hush came over the small crowd.


"Ah, Sarah. I thought that was you." A middle aged woman dressed in blue robes and a crown made her way through the room. "And who might these two be?" She eyed Jack and Megan.


"Your highness." Sarah knelt before her. "These are Jack and Megan. They arrived from the ancient cave, as you had foretold." She went on to describe the events that followed Megan and Jack emerging from the cave.


"I see." The woman said. "You have done well, Sarah." She turned to face Megan and Jack. "I am the Queen of Lions. I had hoped you would find your way here. It is an honor." She bowed her head.


Megan felt awkward. She wasn't sure what she should say or if there were something she should be doing.


"The honor is ours, your majesty." Jack bowed. Megan remained standing still, not letting her guard down.


"Please, follow me downstairs. There we may speak properly." The queen requested. The two of them followed her down a spiral staircase into a small dark room. The queen lit three candles and turned to face the pair. "I have been waiting to meet the two of you for a long time." She said.


"How do you know about us? Do you know who we are?" Megan asked.


"You arrival has been foretold by legend, my dear. A daughter of the heavens and a son of the earth. Each wielding unspeakable power, they will put an end to the Kingdom's war."


"Kingdom's war?" Jack inquired.


"Yes. Two factions have warred for centuries. The Red Dragons and the Blue Lions. Long ago, the people of this land lived in chaos. Riots were common and the smell of death filled the air. Crime was the norm and all of its citizens lived in fear. One day, a blue lion and a red dragon appeared. The dragon ate the criminals and punished those who performed wicked deeds. The lion inspired courage in the hearts of the pure of heart. Each selected a minifigure as an heir, and passed their powers on to a new generation. The lion's charisma led his followers to inspire a new age of law and order, seeing that all were treated just. The dragon's fire led her followers to scorch out all wickedness in the land. Peace was not to last, however. The Red Dragons soon grew to love their power more than their alliances, and the Blue Lions saw this as a threat to order. It has escalated to the point that our faction, the Blue Lions, have been forced into hiding. Ten years ago, my husband, the King of this land, was captured by the new ruler of the Red Dragons."


"What does all of this have to do with us?" Megan blurted out. Jack rested a hand on her shoulder and gave her a chiding look.


"My dear, you were foretold to restore peace and order to our kingdoms."


The Great One's words echoed lightly through her mind. Use these gifts wisely.. and bring oder to your world. Perhaps Jack's intuition had been right. Perhaps they were here for a reason.


"Assuming you're right, how would we go about doing that?" Jack asked.


"You must defeat the great witch, Willa. She has ruled the Red Dragons with fear and manipulation for the past ten years. The true ruler of the Red Dragons has been sealed away."


"You believe restoring this true ruler to power will be the first step to achieving peace?" Jack asked.




"How do we defeat this witch? We don't even know where she is. What's more, we don't exactly have a great handle on our powers yet." Megan chimed in.


"We will do what we can to help train you. We have knights and equipment. As for her location, we will send you with a team of our soldiers to infiltrate Willa's castle."


"Your highness, may we have some time alone to discuss this?" Jack requested.


"... Very well. I shall leave you to speak amongst yourselves." And with that, the queen ascended the stairway and left the two of them .


"Jack, do we really have time for this? This wasn't the reason we saught the Great One. You know as well as I that right now our home is-"


"I know. But I can't help feeling that we came here for a reason. These people are in crisis, much as our home is. Can you really just turn your back on them?"


"We barely know them! Jack, what proof do we have that her claims were even true? I've never heard of the Red Dragons or Blue Lions. And where are we for that matter? How do we get home from here?"


Jack was at a loss for words. Megan shook her head.


"I never agreed to this. Jack, I'm leaving. Somehow I'll find a way home, where I need to be, and I'll fix everything there with or without you!" And with that Megan stormed up the stairway, a fire burning brightly in her eyes.



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Chapter 4: Flight into Sunset



Jack ran up the stairs after Megan. With each step, a feeling of dread made itself apparent in his heart. As he reached the top of the stairs into the room above, he scremed.




Alas, his voice fell on deaf ears. Megan continued out of the door and into the tavern. Seeing Jack rush towards Megan, Sarah quickly followed him. Megan was quick to leave. She was already halfway out the door when Jack and Sarah had entered the main room of the tavern.


"And where do you think you're going?" Sarah demanded. Megan only ran. Sarah and Jack gave chase. "You're not getting away that easily!"


"Leave me alone!" Megan hissed. She wished there were a way to quickly get away from them. As if answering her call, she began to lift off of the ground and into the sky. "W-What?"


"No! Get back here!" Sarah jumped after her, launching herself an impressive few feet into the air. Unfortunately, Megan was already out of reach.


Flying was absolutely new to her, but by all appearances Megan seemed a natural. It was all the better for her. She'd fly back to the cave where she'd come from, navigate the labyrinth and arrive back to her home. And that was where she had business to attend to. She was out of sight withing moments, leaving only the sight of the setting sun for Sarah and Jack.


"Can you fly?" Sarah turned to Jack.


"I... don't think so?"


Sarah cursed under her breath.


"This is... most unfortunate." Jack and Sarah turned to find the Queen of Lions behind them. "United, the two of you were to unite this kingdom. But separate.." She seemed to be lost in thought.


"Where is she headed?" Sarah turned again to Jack.


"She wants to return to the land we are originally from." Jack sighed.


"You came here through the Ancient Cave, yes?" Sarah asked. Jack nodded. "Then that's her best bet on leaving. We mustn't waste any time." Sarah placed her hand to her mouth and gave a loud whistle. A horse trotting could be heard in the distance, and within a few moments a white horse appeared before them. Sarah quickly mounted it, and then turned to Jack. He climbed up behind Sarah. The two of them then rode off towards the cave, hoping they would be able to catch Megan and stop her from leaving.




The knight swallowed his fear and spoke.


"High Sorceress Willa, I bring news of the Minifigures Jack and Megan."


"Oh? And what news do you bring?";


"A minifigure has been spotted flying through the land. Our scouts believe this to be one of the two that you seek."


Willa smiled.


"And pray tell, where is this minifigure's current location?"


"We believe the minifigure is headed in the direction of the Ancient Cave."


:"Then it looks like I will be going out. You're dismissed." Willa walked to a large window leading to a small balcony in her castle. She picked up a broom that had been carefully placed nearby. Flight was a sign of powerful magic. She would have to be cautious. With a gleeful cackle, Willa jumped from her tower window and flew off into the distance.



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Chapter 5: Hopping Mad


Megan arrived at the entrance of the cave. Flying was faster than she had thought it would be. She hesitated. Even if she went through the cave, there was no guarantee that she would find her way back home. Was it really okay to leave Jack here? She was nervous. Her powers were new to her, and honestly? They were frightening.


"Well, well, well." A sinister voice came from the cave. "So this is the famous daughter of light?" A figure in a black dress and red cape slowly stepped out of the shadows.


"Who are you?" Megan's voice was demanding.


"Who am I? My dear, I am the High Sorceress Willa, and you are not welcome in my kingdom." The witch cooed as she adjusted the brim of her tall hat.


"You! You tried to have us arrested!"


"'Us'? And where exactly is the son of shadow?" Willa looked around before returning her gaze to Megan. Megan remained silent.


"Hmm. No matter. One on one is a fairer fight." And with that, Willa pulled out a red star wand and fired it at Megan.


Megan jumped to the side just in time to avoid the blast. Willa screamed with laughter as she continued casting spells. Megan dodged and jumped before finally flying into the air. Willa mounted her broomstick and gave chase. Megan turned around to see her adversary, and as she did so a spell flew mere inches from her face.


"You can't hide from me, deary!" Willa called.


Meanwhile on the ground, Jack and Sarah arrived on horseback. The sun had now set, and it wasn't hard to notice the bright lights cast by Willa's spells.


"What do we do?" Jack's voice remained calm.


"Well, neither of us can fly, so I'd say fighting is out of the question." Sarah scanned their surroundings. "Okay, listen up."


In the sky, Megan had started flying directly towards Willa. The spells were now more frequent and were getting closer to hitting her. Ten feet... then five... finally Willa was within reach. Megan punched Willa in the face so hard, it nearly knocked her off her broom.


"GAAAAAAAAH!" Willa was sent spiraling in midair. "... Haha... HAHAHAHAHAHA! You'll need to try harder than that, deary!" And with that, Willa gave chase. The battle lasted for only a few more moments. Megan spun and twirled, dodging a few spells, but then Willa caught up to her. The last spell hit Megan square in the back, and she started to fall. Willa flew downwards after her and a moment later she had captured the frog that had once been Megan. They were just above the ground. Willa laughed with glee. She had been so enamored with her victory that she didn't notice the footsteps behind her until it was too late. A sword ran through her torso from behind.


"Die, witch!" Sarah spat.


"AAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!" The scream was horrid. Willa melted away into black smoke before their eyes, and then she was gone. Sarah sheathed her sword and picked up the frog.


"Is she dead?" Jack's voice remained ever cold and collected.


"No. Unfortunately, she'll be back. It takes more than that to kill a witch." Sarah looked at the ground. "But, it looks like we have her wand and broom. Pick them up for me, would you?"


Jack picked up the broom and wand. His gaze fell on the frog in Sarah's hands.


"Is that really her?"


"You saw what she did. Honestly we're lucky we got off so easily. Not many can say they faced Willa the Witch with their original bodies intact." Sarah sighed.


"... What do we do now?" Jack asked plainly.


"... I don't know... Maybe mother has some ideas..."




"Yeah, you know, the queen."


And that's the story of how Jack learned that Sarah was a princess.



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Chapter 6:  Home


                 When Megan came to, the first thing she felt was the throbbing in her head.  She groaned as she sat up.  Opening her eyes, a familiar sight greeted her.  It was a small room, not large enough to fit five people.  The scent of freshly baked pizza filled the air.  The bed she was resting on was firm, yet comfortable.  She was at an impossible place, and she knew it.  She was home.


                Gingerly stepping downstairs, her ears caught the sound of muffled voices.  They were familiar.  They were ghastly yet comforting at the same time.  It had to be a trick, surely.  This was impossible, and Megan knew it.  And yet, she still called out.


                “Ma…  Papa?”  Megan poked her head through to the kitchen.


                “Well, look who’s finally awake!”  Her father laughed.


                “Oh, good timing!  We have an order that needs to go out!  Megan, be a dear and deliver it.  The address is on the box on the counter.”  Her mother chimed in.


                And there they both were.  In truth, it hadn’t been terribly long since she had last seen them both.  And still, it hit Megan so hard it seemed as if the wind had been knocked out of her.  Her heart couldn’t bear it.  She broke down in tears.


                “Dear, what’s wrong?”  Her mother walked over and placed a hand on her shoulder.  Megan hugged her tightly.


                “You were… you both were…”  Megan whispered to herself.  Then she tried to collect herself and regain her composure.  “It’s just really good to see you both.”


                “Hon, are you sure you’re alright?”  Her father gave her a concerned look.


                “I-I’m fine.  Just had a bad dream.”  Megan smiled.  She then quickly grabbed for the pizza box on the counter.


                “You don’t have to make that delivery if you aren’t feeling up to it.“  Her mother started.


                “Too late, I’m already on my way!”  Megan called as she left out the front door.  With her heart and mind racing, Megan took deep breathes.  She took a look around.  The pizzeria was still there.  The street looked the same as it always did.  She could even smell the fragrance of flowers carried by the light breeze.  It was unsettling.


                Megan looked down at the address on the pizza box.  It was only a few blocks away.  Closing her eyes, she concentrated on herself, only to find herself still on the ground.  Now that she had calmed down, she noticed it.  She didn’t feel the light inside of her, coursing through her being.  Its power, its might, was gone.  On the side of the pizzeria was her old bicycle.  She walked over to it, and placed the pizza on the back.  She mounted the bike and was off.


                Megan had ridden down this street hundreds of times, but never before had it felt so wrong.  The sun was setting, and the view of the ocean was breathtaking.  She had missed this place so much that it hurt.  But it wasn’t right.  None of it made sense.  She remembered it clearly in her mind; the darkness, the screams.  Her home had been destroyed.  Her parents had fallen into the void.  Only a handful of people survived.  As she was lost in thought, she found herself at the blue house with the same address as the pizza box.  She knocked on the door, and he answered.


                “You…”  Megan was in awe, and yet she felt a deep hatred rise from within her.  A bat shaped helmet covered his face, and he was dressed in armor.  His laugh filled her mind with every despicable act he had committed.  She dropped the pizza and sent her fist flying.  Her hand burned with pain as it hit the hard metal of his armor.  She saw the town turn to shadow and fade once again.  After that all that remained was laughter and darkness.


                That was when Megan opened her eyes.  She screamed.  Immediately, she felt a cold embrace.  It felt nice.


                “It’s okay.  It’s okay.  You’re safe now.”  Jack’s voice sounded like a symphony.  Megan held him tightly and cried.


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Chapter 7:  Magic


          Sarah and Jack mounted their horses.  The fight between Willa and Megan had just ended, and they were set to head back to the Blue Lion base.  Sarah held the frog that was Megan in a bag slung over her shoulder.  The stars were out now, and there was little moonlight to guide their way.  Sarah and Jack had only just begun their journey when the attack started.


          A flash of light hit Sarah’s horse and it stopped in its tracks.  Another flash hit Jack’s and it stopped as well. 


          “Show yourself!”  Sarah drew her sword.  Then she looked over at Jack “Brace yourself.”


         Jack focused.  He could hear movement close by, but he couldn’t pinpoint it.  Then he saw it; a figure in the corner of his eye casting magic.  It was too dark to make out, but this person was sending a burst of light in his direction.


         Hide.  Now. the voice in Jack’s head returned and his instinct took over.  One moment he was on his horse, the next he was a few feet away on the ground.  There wasn’t time to think.  The figure in the dark had moved close to Sarah, and she cast another spell.


          “No!”  Sarah cursed as the bag around her shoulder lifted itself up into the air.  Sarah jumped off her horse and chased after it, but the dark figure snatched it and tried to run off.


          “Hold on.”  Jack grabbed Sarah by the arm and focused.  He could hear the figure fleeing and focused his mind in that direction.  He and Sarah vanished and then appeared in front of their adversary.   Caught off guard, the duo was met with a blinding burst of light.  It was brief, but Jack could make out a face.  Their opponent was a young woman.  Jack and Sarah sheltered their eyes, but Jack continued to focus on his hearing.  Their opponent was moving again, and he let himself vanish again into the darkness.


          Sarah felt disoriented.  She wasn’t quite sure what was going on, and it was taking her eyes too long to readjust from the light.  She could feel herself being pulled along by Jack’s grip on her arm.  Blinking her eyes, she could make out a figure not far from them.  She thrust her sword into the darkness.  She could feel the blade graze against her opponent, but she could tell it did little damage.  She could see the outline of a figure spin.  It gained some distance and then a glow surrounded it.  When the dim light faded, the figure was gone.


          “That… That was a teleportation spell…”  Sarah felt defeated.  She hadn’t seen magic like that used in a long time. 


          Jack’s heart started racing.  The thought of losing Megan was terrifying. 


          Stop.  Clear your mind.


          “What… do we do now?”  Sarah sighed.


          “Shh…  Please give me a moment.”   Jack tried to clear his head.  He closed his eyes and breathed slowly.  In through the nose and out through the mouth.  Meanwhile, Sarah felt offended, but kept quiet.  She could hear Jack’s breathing.  It was strangely calming to listen to.  After a few moments, Jack had calmed down and let his mind be free.  In his mind’s eye, he saw the bag with a frog inside.  It was held by a young woman wearing green.  She wore a witch’s hat and had a book held to her torso.  The scene faded out to a cave opening, and then he saw a path to the cave’s entrance. 


          “They’re in a cave to the North.” 


          “How could you possibly know that?”  Sarah raised an eyebrow.


          “I just… know.  Come on.”  Jack grabbed Sarah’s arm again and they vanished further north.  It took Jack four tries to get to the entrance of the cave.  Sarah was curious.  Jack was teleporting them, however he wasn’t using any sort of magic that she had seen before.  She eyed the opening of the cave.  There was a light coming from deep inside of it.  It was dim, but it looked like there could be someone or something inside.


          “Alright, if they are here, then we are dealing with another witch.  We’ll need to be cautious.  We enter quietly in an orderly fashion and wait for an opportune moment.  It’s likely we will engage in combat, so stay alert and be ready.”  Sarah’s voice was collected and strong.


          “You’ve done this before.”  Jack stated it as a fact.


          “Yes.  Now come on.  We’re not losing Megan to a witch.”



Executive Vice President of Tomato Throwing

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