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I reeled back as the Kraata jumped on my mask.

My eyes closed automatically, shielding themselves. I felt a liquid flowing down my mask, and a slight burning sensation. Soon, my head began to go numb. I grabbed desperately for the Kraata, but my head continued to numb. I felt all my desires to fight fade, and eventually I fell over, passing out on the spot.


I don't remember any of the little details I normally would, after I woke up. I can only remember feeling the sudden desire to obey.

A voice continued to echo in my mind. Kill. Kill. Kill. KILL. I couldn't fight the voice, and I suddenly felt the urge to walk forward, out of the cave. The normally bright light was dimmed, looking more like a dull green, than a bright white. Stumbling out of the cave, I took a look around. The closest Matoran village was beyond the trees directly outside the cave. All my inner instincts were screaming at me to stop, but the voice continued to control me. I stumbled my way through the forest, but I couldn't remember much beyond this point.


The most I could recover was walking into the village, and a few matoran starting to wave at my return, but soon running away.


The next memory was looking at a dead body of a Ta-Matoran, who had been apparently stabbed.


The last thing I could remember for a while was seeing the village from afar on fire.



I woke up again at the cave, once more, this time on my knees. The voice had stopped, but I still felt the innate desire to obey. I looked up, and saw a towering figure above me. He seemed to be made of pure shadow, as he constantly shifted slightly in shape. He laughed, and then removed my mask from my face. To my surprise, it was completely rusted, and looked old. He played with the mask a bit, before crushing it in his hands, and throwing the pieces at the wall next to me. I felt weak, and almost defenseless, without my mask. He chuckled, and then grabbed me by the neck, and slowly squeezed. My eyes began to close, as the air was choked out of me. I then felt my neck being let go, and a falling sensation, followed by the sound of leaves rustling, and black.



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