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Hey, guys.  I threw this together last night and then edited it just now.  I’m getting into making Bonkle fanon, something I haven’t really done in years.  I had my character “Hakura, Toa of Plasma” for a long time, but I never really did anything with him.  So why not start now?  Consider this little short story the beginning of my fanon.  I'm probably gonna write more of these.




Jion.  An island in the Matoran Universe located just northeast of the Southern Continent.  An island with a history of war.  The Fe-Matoran of the northern cliffs, the Bo-Matoran of the eastern forest, the Su-Matoran of the southern beaches, and the Vo-Matoran of the western plains all coexisted on the small island.  The four tribes fought each other for its resources for hundreds of years, until Toa Suno, one of the first Toa of Plasma, made them aware of the dangerous monsters of the center, and united them against it for the sake of their protection.


Having survived against the common enemy, the four tribes began to regard each other as friends, and built a city in the center of their home island.  In honor of the Toa of Plasma who united them, the city became called Su-Metru.  Though a handful of Matoran continued to live in the original villages, the majority migrated to the center, while those who remained in the villages acted as coast guards.  For thousands of years, Jion continued to prosper, with Su-Metru becoming an advanced city where Matoran of different types could work together and see each other as equals.  Soon, other types of Matoran, including Fa-Matoran, De-Matoran, Ba-Matoran, and Ce-Matoran, came to live in Su-Metru as it expanded from the center.


Though Suno remained the island’s main protector for these thousands of years, he felt that his destiny was complete, and that he needed successors.  Thus, he found one destined Matoran from each of the four original villages: Fe-Koro, Bo-Koro, Su-Koro, and Vo-Koro.


The four gathered at the Spirit Temple of Su-Metru to begin their new destiny.


Four Matoran entered the four doors of the Spirit Temple towards the Great Suva, each holding a glowing stone.  From the northern entrance, a Fe-Matoran in silver and rust-colored armor and a burnt orange Kanohi Kakama.  From the eastern entrance, a Bo-Matoran in green and cyan armor and a green Kanohi Miru.  From the southern entrance, a Su-Matoran in black and white armor and a red Kanohi Hau.  Finally, from the western entrance, a Vo-Matoran in blue and white armor and a white Kanohi Akaku.


“So,” the Bo-Matoran started.  “You three are gonna be my teammates?”


“Aggai?” the Su-Matoran called out to the Bo-Matoran.  “Toa Suno chose you too?”


“Hakura?” the Bo-Matoran replied to the Su-Matoran.  “I’d recognize that armor and that red mask anywhere!  You’re gonna be a Toa too!  This is great!”


The Vo-Matoran looked at the two, eyebrows raised.  “You two know each other?”


“Yeah,” the Su-Matoran replied.  “I’m Hakura.”  He pointed to the Bo-Matoran.  “And that’s my friend Aggai.”


“Charmed,” Aggai replied with a smirk.


“I’m Giyan,” the Vo-Matoran replied.  She motioned her hand to the Fe-Matoran.  “And who’s our friend over here?”


“Call me Zugok,” the Fe-Matoran replied, bowing slightly from the waist.  “Nice to meet all of you.”


“Well,” Aggai called out.  “Let’s do this thing!”


“You’re an assertive one,” Zugok replied with only a slight hint of sarcasm.  “Perhaps you’ll be our leader?”


“I know he looks pretty easygoing, but I can vouch for him,” Hakura added.  “I’m for it.”


“Let’s not hold this up,” Giyan finished.  “Shall we?”


“Right.”  The other three Matoran replied at once.  In unison, the four Matoran placed their stones into the nearest empty slots in the Suva.  The shrine glowed as it engulfed the four Matoran in a bright light.


The four began to examine their hands and the rest of their bodies, then each other.  "Hey, we got taller!" Aggai exclaimed.


"Well, yeah," Giyan replied.  "We're Toa now.  Of course we're taller!  And it feels great!"


“Wow…” Hakura quietly exclaimed.  “Not to sound vain here, but my armor never looked so good!” he added as he looked down at himself.  For a Su-Matoran, Hakura always had quite a unique color scheme, which transitioned beautifully into his Toa form.  From his chest down to his feet, it seemed as though his armor faded almost perfectly from black into white; his upper body covered in black with a dark shade of grey along his arms, and his lower body a lighter grey fading into white feet.  His red mask gave a contrast which made it clear that he was a Su-Matoran.  However, though not impossible, the red mask was still highly uncommon compared to the oranges and whites commonly associated with his kind.


Hakura looked over to his friend, who himself was covered in bright green armor with heavy cyan accents.  His overall build looked strong yet agile, fitting for one who spent much of his life climbing trees.


“Aggai!” Hakura exclaimed, surprised.  “Your hands!”


“What!?” Aggai looked down at his hands and let out a slight yell.  His silver fingers were much larger than he remembered, and ended in sharp points.


“Are these my...tools?”


Giyan laughed.  “You look just like Toa Suno!” she commented, referring to Aggai’s claws, as they were identical to Suno’s own.  “Maybe this is a sign that you’re our new leader after all!”


“Perhaps it is,” Zugok replied to the Toa of Lightning.  “I was only joking, you know.”


“Hey, where are your tools?” Aggai asked the other three.


Hakura looked to the middle of the Suva to see a curved sword, two large handheld daggers shaped like forks, and a spear.  “I’ll take this one!”  He reached for the sword and stabbed the sky, as he channeled a small surge of plasma along the blade.


“These look pretty nice!”  Giyan grabbed the two forks and twirled them while covering them in lightning, finishing in a defensive stance.


“In that case, I’ll take the spear.”  Zugok reached for the spear and took a firm, solid upright stance while holding it at a ready position.


“Well, what do we call ourselves now?” Hakura asked, looking to Aggai.


“We are the first actual Toa Team of Jion,” Giyan replied.  “The Toa Jion?”


“Works for me!” Zugok commented.


“What say you, o fearless leader?” Hakura asked Aggai in a slightly joking manner.


“I like it!” Aggai confirmed.  “Toa Jion it is!”


Zugok heard small footsteps over the other Toa’s banter.  “Hey!  Over there!” he called to the other three, pointing behind Hakura.  The three looked in the direction in which Zugok pointed.


There stood a small, hunched figure clad in orange and white armor, an orange Kanohi Pakari, and a staff with a claw-shaped head.  “Ah, it is nice to see you four getting along so well!” the small figure commented with a laugh.  His voice was firm, but with a sense of gentleness.


“Toa...Suno!?” the four Toa called out, immediately recognizing the small figure.


“No,” the elder replied.  “That’s Turaga Suno to you.  You are all Toa now.  I have completed my destiny by uniting the people of Jion, and now it is your duty to protect them, as I continue to serve as their guide.”


The four young Toa stood attentively.  “Yes, Turaga!”


“Now, follow me.  Your people are waiting for their heroes.”


Turaga Suno stepped out of the southern entrance, greeted by a crowd of Matoran of different types, all gathered to hear their new elder speak.


“People of Su-Metru!” Suno announced.  “You, the people of Jion, were once warring tribes.  I have completed my destiny by uniting you all against the beasts of this island, and upon our victory, we founded our glorious city together as a symbol of the unity and friendship between our peoples.  Starting today, our four new heroes will continue to uphold that, and to protect us from those who threaten it.  Come forth, Toa Jion!”


“The leader, Toa Aggai, the Spirit of the Green!” Suno announced as Aggai stepped forward, waving his silver clawed hand at his admirers.


“Toa Hakura, the Spirit of Plasma!” Hakura stepped forward as Suno announced his name, proudly raising his fist in celebration as he grinned at the audience.


“Toa Giyan, the Spirit of Lightning!” Giyan followed suit, simply stepping forward with a determined expression on her face.


“And Toa Zugok, the Spirit of Iron!” Zugok calmly stepped forward, appearing much calmer than his teammates.


“You four now represent the strength, the heart of the Matoran of Jion, as their new protectors!”


As the four Toa took turns bumping fists in celebration, the Matoran of Jion cheered their new heroes on.  Jion was about to experience a new era.




Trivia: Besides Hakura, the other three Toa Jion’s names are Gundam references.

EDIT: Fixed some typos.

Edited by Hakura: Toa of Plasma
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