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BZPower Advertising Policy

Black Six

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BZPower Advertising Policy


This is a statement of BZP policy regarding advertising.

  • Advertising on BZPower is defined as linking to or overtly mentioning a website in an effort to encourage others to visit.
  • Advertising for Bionicle or LEGO sites is permitted. Links to such sites can go in your signature, profile, or blog, or added to discussions as appropriate.
  • A link to your own personal website is permitted, provided it does not violate any of the above stipulations.
Please adhere to these guidelines. Repeated offenses could lead to administrative action up to and including the offender's removal from BZPower.


Special Note

Recent changes to the Advertising Policy now allow members to link to many more sites than they could previously. This does not mean you can link to any site though. The BZPower Rules & Guidelines must still be followed, which means links should not contain any content inappropriate for BZPower. This includes, but is not limited to, sexually explicit, graphically violent, religious, political, or discriminatory material. Such links will be removed and the poster of the link punished appropriately.

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