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Weird version of DC comic 2 - possibly undocumented?


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So as a kid, I had a version of the Triumph of the Toa comic which I've later discovered was actually comics 2 and 3 condensed into one.


This comic was listed as number 2 on the cover, but otherwise it had the same cover as comic 3.


I'm pretty sure I received the comic with one issue of the UK's Lego Club magazine (or whatever it was called back then).


I'm posting about this 1) because I'm hoping someone will be able to corroborate my story and 2) there doesn't seem to be any mention of this version of the comic on the BS01 wiki. I may still have the comic, so I'll see if I can dig it out and take some pictures.

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early on the distribution for the Bionicle comic was weird. They seemed to get it all standardized by mid-2002 to the numbering of the full (US) series, but before then there were some oddities. UK also got this and then there's stuff like this.

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Oh yeah, that was the UK version, I've got it too; though I somewhat defaced mine as a kid, so it's not ideal for scanning anymore. I haven't seen it mentioned on BZ before, so I assumed it had just slipped through the cracks and been forgotten about - but now that it's been brought up, permit me to share what I remember?


It was mostly comprised of American comic #3, but had four pages from #2 - the Turaga telling the legend, Gali climbing the mountain, and Lewa getting knocked down by the Nui-Rama - tacked on the beginning. There was some additional narration from Makuta that covered those parts, where in the American version his narration only started at the beginning of #3 - and, perhaps most curiously, his dialogue was 'unfiltered' in the UK version,


By that I mean, where in the American one he said the Toa would "be defeated", or would "fall", in the UK version that dialogue instead was "be destroyed" and "perish".


Too, the bit where Makuta sends the sand against Tahu in the battle, through to Onua catching him, was cut - presumably to make room for the additional pages at the beginning.



I agree about the early distribution being weird; in my experience, though, that didn't stop in 2002. Maybe it wasn't the same for everyone, but where I was, we got the first comic of the Bohrok arc as per normal; then we didn't receive any more full comics until 2003. What we got, instead, was a few pages of the 2002 comics printed in each issue of Lego Magazine - sometimes with speech bubbles switched around too - meaning we got the bare bones of the story and no more. It was only in 2003 that we started getting separate Bionicle comics again, beginning with a combined issue of comics 10 and 11.

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