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Toasty Bones [LDD]


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The Legion is an inter-dimensional private security organization, which attempts to fight for the oppressed and spread liberty throughout the universe.  Normally, this means providing training, advisors, and weapons to already existing forces, but sometimes the situation calls for a more direct approach.
Toasty Bones is a member of the legendary team of giant power armor suits known as The Iron Guard, which is the most elite special forces unit within The Legion's formidable armies.  Armed with two massive flame throwers as primary weapons the mech is usually brought in to cook crews alive inside their vehicles or smoke infantry out of bunkers.  Additional armaments includes four front mounted 50. cal machines guns and duel rocket launchers.  The mech's current paint job is cameo left over from it's service in The Ice Revenant War. 
The Bones' current pilot is Manfred Klaus who was formerly a driver in the dreaded Condor Legion's tank division; at least until said unit's annihilation during The Red Intervention.

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