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BZPower Language Use Guidelines

Black Six

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BZPower Language Use Guidelines


BZPower is an English language website, and English is the language expected to be used by all members at all times. In addition, the Administration encourages all members to do their best to use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. In regards to the last item (spelling), using numbers and symbols in the place of letters (leet or chatspeak) is highly frowned upon and discouraged from use on this site.


Below is a list of some specific items that are prohibited on BZPower:

  • Do not use non-English languages or leet to bypass the word filter.
  • Do not use nonstandard characters in your login name or display name (characters other than a-z, A-Z, 0-9, and normal punctuation).
There are some exceptions to this policy. The occasional use of non-English languages or leet is allowed to add flavor or emphasis to your text. Examples such as, 'hola,' 'sayonara,' and 'hax,' would be fine as long as the majority of the post is made in clear and easy-to-read English. Excessive usage will be removed and repeat offenses with result in Administrative action.
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