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BZPower Leaked Content Policy

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BZPower Leaked Content Policy

Over the years BZPower has built up a strong relationship with LEGO. This does not mean BZPower is a 'corporate mouthpiece,' or that we only say good things about them and never anything bad. It does mean, however, that we choose to respect their wishes and cooperate with them when it comes to leaked content.


People are often eager to see what is coming out next from LEGO, and that's perfectly understandable. Sometimes though, either through an internal mistake or through the work of unscrupulous individuals, information about or images of sets make their way onto the Internet before LEGO was ready to share them.


As a fan of LEGO, you may see this as a good thing. From the perspective of LEGO, there are several reasons this is a bad thing. The below list is by no means comprehensive:

  • The sets may be prototypes or otherwise unfinalized, causing people to reach conclusions and make buying decisions before they see the final set.
  • Competitors can gain access to this information and use it to better compete with LEGO through various means.
Because of these reasons and others, BZPower has adopted a strict policy in regards to leaked content. If images are marked 'preliminary,' they are not allowed on BZPower, nor is information gained from them. If the images or information were not officially released by LEGO or a reliable source, they cannot be posted on BZPower. Discussion of new sets and other information can wait until they are officially announced by LEGO or through its partners.
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