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Proto Energy FAQ

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Proto Energy FAQ


What is Proto Energy?


Proto Energy is BZPower's equivalent of a merit/demerit system. Administrators, Global Moderators, and Forum Leaders (within their forums) have the ability to adjust your Proto Energy level higher or lower should your activity at BZPower warrant it.


Every member's Proto Energy starts out as half full. If your level is about half full, then you're doing just fine and depending on your activity it may never change - and that's okay.


How can I gain Proto Energy?


Proto Energy may be increased for such things as (but not limited to):

  • Being particularly helpful or generous to another member
  • Coming up with a great idea which is implemented
  • Helping to keep a topic on track and thus reducing spam
  • Providing BZPower with an exclusive news tip
  • Becoming a Premier Member
What happens when my Proto bar fills up?


Members who get a full Proto Energy bar will be put into the Outstanding BZPower Citizens member group. Their name will be in a special color. In addition, they only have to wait thirty (30) days between display name changes versus forty-five (45) for Premier Members and ninety (90) for normal Members.


How can I lose Proto Energy?


Proto Energy may be decreased for things like (but not limited to):

What happens when my Proto bar gets empty?


Should your Proto Energy level reach empty, your posting privileges are instantly and automatically suspended pending review by an Administrator.


So my Proto Energy level may go up or down. Why should I care?


Well, you might not particularly care, but other members will. When you see a member with a very high Proto Energy level, that's an indicator that they are a very helpful BZPower member, and known to go out of their way, above and beyond to help the membership and strengthen the community.


A member running low on Proto Energy may indicate something else entirely. They likely have had issues following the rules or have not regained any Proto Energy after making an unfortunate mistake.


Additional Information


To find more information about Proto Energy or to ask questions about it, see the Official Proto Energy Topic in the BZPower Q&A forum.

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