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Quest for the Avohkii - A Retelling of the Hordika Animations


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I started this wanting to create a simple novelization of the Hordika Animations for my novelized collection. However, I ended up not really liking the animations as a story, it turns out they're pretty dry when translated into a medium that doesn't have cool Samurai Jack esque action and animation. So, I decided to make something a bit more divergent from canon, a retelling of the same events with some changes. Here I have chapter 1, I will update the topic with each consecutive chapter. Hope you all enjoy!


Chapter 1: Ta Metru


Norik and Gaaki quivered, holding their staffs up as they backed up against a pile of rubble. Surrounding them was a group of Visorak, charging viciously with venom dripping from their pincers. The two Rahaga jabbed at them with their staffs, but the attacks were futile. Gaaki lamented for a moment the loss of her Toa powers, before a shadow suddenly swept over them. In an instant, one of the Visorak was flung to the side, landing on it’s back.

With an enraged huff, Vakama stomped his large right foot onto the belly of the spider, pressing down until the beast stopped squirming. His gaze turned with a jolt to the other two, who had shifted their focus to the new opponent. He charged at the second, a blue boggarak, and jabbed forward with his blazer claws, sending the creature flying upon impact. 

Seeing a window of opportunity, the final Visorak leapt through the air in an effort to surprise the Toa Hordika, but Vakama was too quick. He swiftly dodged to the side, and in an instant, fired his Rhotuka spinner, sending the beast flying off into the streets below. His enemies defeated, Vakama released a howl of victory.

“Well done, Vakama,” Norik said, helping Gaaki to her feet, “but mind your anger. The beast inside thrives on your rage.”

Vakama glared at the short elder, but said nothing for a moment. “What were you two doing all the way out here, anyway?” he finally asked, with ill disguised annoyance.

The two Rahaga shared a look. Gaaki nodded to her brother. “We were searching for something we had hidden here long ago,” Norik began, “something which would be beneficial to keep out of the Visorak’s clutches.”

“Before we took this form,” Gaaki continued, “we had liberated a powerful Kanohi mask from the Makuta’s fortress. The Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light.”

Norik nodded. “Long ago, we kept it hidden in the Archives. But now, with Metru Nui compromised by Visorak, it would be wise to move it’s location.” He retrieved a tablet from his satchel, and placed it in Toa Vakama’s clawed hand.

The Toa Hordika of Fire simmered as he read over the tablet. “That,” he said, pointing to a circular depiction on the tablet, “what is that?”

“That,” Norik replied, “is the Makoki stone. It is divided into six fragments. Only when all six are collected can you unlock the seal that holds the Avohkii. The first was hidden in the Great Forge, here in Ta-Metru. I recommend starting there.”

With a pause, Vakama set down the tablet and nodded. In an instant, he had taken off once more, darting across the ruined city and leaving the Rahaga behind.

“I worry for him,” Norik sighed, “I can sense his anger building.”

“We all have that anger,” Gaaki said, placing a hand on her fellow Rahaga’s shoulder, “it is what we do with it that determines who we are.”

“Then, for all our sakes, I hope he’s learned what to do with it.”

* * *

Not too long ago, Vakama had often walked through the metallic halls of the Great Forge, in his previous life as a Matoran mask maker. He had often spent his time hours after the other Matoran had returned home, toiling away at his seemingly impossible task of completing the Mask of Time for who he had believed to be Turaga Dume. Through the hours, he had grown used to the ambient metal groaning that echoed through the darkened halls.

Now, the Forge was in a state of eerily similar ambience. The midday suns bathed the halls in a warm orange light, but it did little to alleviate the cold air that hung over the ruined building. The dilapidated ruins made it difficult for any normal observer to pass through, and the Visorak webs only made it more hazardous. 

Vakama walked in silence as he entered the main area of the Great Forge. The furnace, once constantly exhausting flames, now sat in silence. The Toa of Fire paused, scanning the area. The silence was eerie, yes, but it would work to his advantage. So long as he stayed still he could hear anything sneaking up on him. 

Sure enough, the chittering sound of metallic fangs caught his attention.

* * *

Onewa ran at full tilt. Through a hole that had formed in the wall of the Great Forge, he watched as a swarm of Visorak spiders charged at Vakama, backing him up ever closer to the pit of idle magma below. His brother had been vigilantly fighting off the swarm, but sheer numbers had overwhelmed him. The Toa Hordika of Stone had just leapt through the gap in the wall as the Toa of Fire was shoved off of the edge, plummeting down into the lava pit below. 

Thinking quickly, Onewa fired his Rhotuka launcher directly below Vakama, solidifying the lava into stone upon impact. Just in time, Vakama landed hard on the stone floor, only for Onewa to land on his feet right beside him.
“Too much for you to handle, brother?” Onewa laughed. “Come on, get up. These beasts are no Makuta.”

Vakama took a heavy breath, and chuckled as he grabbed his brother’s hand. “True enough, but there’s much more of them.” He got up to his feet with a grunt, and assumed a battle stance back to back with Onewa. “But against two Toa, how bad could they be?”

Onewa nodded with a chuckle. “Against these two, no less. We’ve got nothing to worry about.” With that, they charged their weapons back in unison as a seemingly endless sea of Visorak poured out over the upper level of the Great Forge. Onewa batted off the first few beasts that came charging down, swinging his claw clubs at the horde. Vakama charged his blazer claws, and unleashed a barrage of fire, reducing a few Visorak to ashes. Two keelerak landed at the Toa of Fire’s feet, but were just as quickly stomped upon.

The Toa of Fire let out a groan. “We’re getting nowhere. They just keep going.”

Onewa concurred as he looked up at the balcony from which the Visorak continuously threw themselves. “I’ve got an idea, though. Boost me.”

If Vakama was confused, he didn’t show any hesitation.  He held out his clawed hand, and waited for Onewa’s foot to land on it. As soon as it did, he heaved up, tossing his fellow Toa into the air. Onewa waited until he reached the apex of his jump, and fired his Rhotuka at the balcony. As soon as he did, a wall of stone emerged from seemingly nothing, separating the two floors.

As soon as the barrier was created, the two Toa defeated the remaining Visorak with relative ease. At last, surrounded by a litter of spider corpses, the two sighed in exhaustion, taking a seat on the stone platform that had been created.

“What were you doing here, anyways? Aside from nearly getting yourself killed, that is.” Onewa finally asked.

Vakama handed him the tablet that he had been following. “I’m on a mission for the Rahaga. These Makoki stones will lead us to a great mask of power.” He let out a disgruntled groan. “Clearly, the Visorak have already found out about it.”

“Well, I’m surprised the mask isn’t in here. Look at this mess!” He gestured to the hundreds of discarded, incomplete Kanohi laying around in massive piles throughout the Forge.

Vakama’s eyes scanned over the vast hordes of masks. As a mask maker, he had gone through several failed attempts of masks he had made, but the most discarded attempts by far were results of his mission to craft the Mask of Time. The piles were mostly populated by discarded shards of what would’ve been the Vahi, but something within the pile of rejects seemed to be… glowing? 

Vakama looked over to Onewa, who had apparently already seen the same thing, as the Toa of Stone picked up a rock and chucked it at the pile of masks. Before Vakama could protest, hundreds of Kanohi masks flooded the floor, the pile spreading out everywhere. He gave Onewa a sarcastic smack against the head. “Proud of yourself? Now this place is even more of a mess.”

Onewa smirked, and gestured towards the remains of the pile. “Well, what’s that?”

Vakama looked to meet Onewa’s target of attention. Sure enough, laying on the floor amidst the masks, sat a small box, letting a golden light emanate from within it. The two Toa slowly approached, being careful not to step on any of the scattered masks, before at last Vakama picked up the box and slowly removed the lid. Inside, they discovered a small stone, seemingly a slice of an orb, faintly glowing golden.

Onewa glanced at the tablet that Vakama had handed him. “Sure enough,” he remarked, “looks like a Makoki stone to me.”

Before they could fully comprehend the new information, the sound of crumbling earth turned their attention upwards. Two Visorak fangs broke through the wall of stone. It wouldn’t be long until the barrier came down.

“Here,” Vakama said, handing the tablet to Onewa, “head to Po-Metru and find the next stone. I’ll take this one and head to the Archives. I’ll meet you there.”

Onewa hesitated, but took the tablet into his hands. “Okay,” he said, “try not to die while I’m out.”

Vakama groaned, holding back his frustration. “You won’t have to worry about it.”

With that, Onewa ran for the entrance of the Forge, leaping across rubble and earth.

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Each chapter is planned, confused piraka. Apologies for the wait, I had some more typed up, but finals have handily taken up all my time. Thankfully, I’m now out for the summer, so these will be coming out much faster!

Chapter 2: Po Metru

Toa Hordika Whenua found himself gasping for air. Once, when he was the hero he had so often dreamed of being, his control over the element of earth and his mask power of night vision had made traveling underground a breeze. Now, mutated into this beast like state, his mask power taken away, his elemental control restricted to his Rhotuka spinner, Whenua found himself struggling to stay alive in the expansive caverns beneath the city. Evidently, the stasis pods in the Archives had been compromised, given that Whenua now found himself face to face with a silver armored Rahkshi.

The Rahkshi breaking out of their pods alone was bad news. But the creatures making their way to the underground of Po-Metru? Whenua knew that was cause for panic. As if the Visorak weren’t enough trouble, the Toa of Earth groaned to himself. He had raised his weapons in a battle stance, prepared to fight the escaped beast. The Toa Metru had dealt with Rahkshi before, so this surely wouldn’t be anything new. Just as Whenua thought this, the Rahkshi slammed its double pronged staff into the ground, and the entire earth was electrified in an instant, sending a jolt of pain through the Toa’s body.

Chain lightning, Whenua reasoned as he collapsed to the ground, great. And here I thought I could catch a break. The enemy stomped its foot onto the ground and began marching toward the fallen Toa, gripping it’s staff tightly. Whenua clambered to his feet, his legs still wobbling like water. Okay, he told himself, time to fight. Summoning his strength, he leapt forward, thrusting his weapons straight in front of him until they collided with the silver armored opponent. The impact knocked the Toa back a few feet, but the Rahkshi seemed entirely unfazed. Whenua looked dumbfounded as he returned to his stance. Plan B, then. Looking upwards, he noticed some crystalline objects jutting outward from the ceiling. Saying a quick prayer under his breath, he charged his Rhotuka spinner, and fired.

The Rahkshi was only a few strong steps away from Whenua when the ceiling began to crumble upon the spinner’s impact. The beast looked up, and was just as quickly crushed by a pile of falling rubble. The entire tunnel shook, rocks and metal and crystals collapsing left and right. Whenua gulped, and ran for any cover he could find. The tunnel began to be illuminated by the rays of daylight, which only further highlighted the rubble collapsing all around the Toa of Earth. He realized what he had to do, as much as he dreaded it. There was nowhere to go but up. 

Dodging a falling metal beam, Whenua leapt upwards to a chunk of rubble in midair, and kicked off using his feet, aiming for the next platform he could find. Staying airborne would keep him safe, but it was a job much better suited for a Toa of Air. He rushed as he grabbed onto the ledge of rock that made up the surface, only for it to break off and begin its descent. His hands held on tight, but to no avail, as he plummeted back down to the bottom of the tunnel. It seemed he spent an eternity in midair, contemplating if this was the end. He looked back on his short lived time as a Toa, the many adventures he had been on to save Metru Nui. Would the Matoran be safe? Would Vakama and the others be able to save themselves? And what would become of the Visorak? 

In the moments before his body reached the ground, Whenua closed his eyes and came to realize that this was no place for a Toa to die. And sure enough, he never felt the impact.

Opening his eyes once more, he found himself back on the surface of Po-Metru, the rubble having finally stopped it’s collapse. Looking upwards, he saw the familiar, if mutated, face that belonged to his fellow Toa, Onewa.

“You’re the second Toa I’ve rescued today,” the Toa of Stone remarked, “some Toa heroes you lot are.”

“Thank you, brother,” Whenua panted, ignoring the insult, “I would’ve been crushed without you.”

“Yes, you would’ve. You’re lucky I was here.” He grinned and held his fist out to Whenua. 

Whenua did nothing to return his gesture. “What brings you all the way out here, anyways?”

Onewa reached into a satchel that was slung over his shoulder, and pulled out a faint golden stone. 

“A Makoki Stone?” Whenua asked.

“So you know what this is?”

“Of course, there’s one of those down in the Archives.” Whenua paused, thinking back to the escaped Rahkshi. “At least, there was last I saw. It’s supposed to be one of six pieces.”

Onewa’s eyes lit up. “That’s perfect,” he remarked, “Vakama and I found one each, the Rahaga apparently scattered them around not long ago. Care for a field trip to your old stomping grounds?”

Whenua nodded, though a bit hesitant. “Sure I would. But if you’re expecting this part to be easy, I’m afraid I have bad news.”

As if on cue, the sound of moving debris alerted the Toa. The two looked down into the massive hole in the ground, and watched as a silver armored fist emerged from the earth.

“Rahkshi,” Whenua spat, “we should really get moving.”


As the two moved swiftly through the Construction Fields, Onewa explained the mission to his fellow Toa, gesturing to the tablet that Vakama had given him.

“Fascinating,” Whenua mused, “the crypt in the Archives has been sealed for as long as I can remember. Mavrah always had his theories, but he never thought there’d be a Great Kanohi locked inside. And to think, the key to opening the door was inside the city all along…”

“Puts things into perspective, I’m sure.” The Toa of Stone looked distantly as he slowed down to a saunter. “Makes you wonder what else we don’t know.”

The Toa of Earth chuckled. “You sound like an Archivist, friend.”

Onewa scoffed. “Me? Never. Let’s just get to the Archives and get this over with.”

“I dunno,” Whenua teased, “you seem pretty excited about this expedition.”

“You wish, dust keeper.” Onewa groaned, and the two continued on their journey to Onu-Metru.


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Chapter 3: Onu Metru

Toa Vakama was in a house of horrors. All around, the still faces of inanimate Rahi seemed to stare deep into his soul, but it was the empty holding spaces that struck fear into his heart. Yes, the Visorak had pillaged the Archives, turning the once state of the art building into a shadowy nest of evil. The Toa of Fire’s mind played tricks on him, panicking over moving shadows in the distance. Metru Nui had been plagued by creatures loosed from the Archives more than once before. What threats could be waiting to strike at the Toa?

He tried to quell his fears, focusing on his current mission. There was a Makoki Stone hidden somewhere in the Archives, and he was determined to find it. Unfortunately, despite the short time he had spent in the building before, he had no idea how to navigate the expansive halls, and found himself wandering aimlessly through the shadowy mist. 

Vakama’s footsteps echoed all throughout the vast room of the Rahi storage area, kicking up dust with each step. The webs of the Visorak hung ominously over all, the distant chittering of fangs kept the Toa alert, but no attack had come yet. The silence hung heavy in his mind. Something was coming, he knew. He kept his blazer claw lit by his side, which served to illuminate his path, but was also prepared to strike at anything that came.

His clawed hand idly brushed off the plaque of a nearby exhibit, the text reading “Krana Vu”. A strange, fleshy creature sat in stasis inside the pod. Vakama groaned, and began heading for the left to check the next floor. If Whenua was here, we’d have found the mask ages ago.

Suddenly, a clattering sound grabbed Vakama’s attention. In an instant, he had swung over and thrust forward his weapon, only to discover that there was nothing behind him. Instead of hitting his would-be foe, his claw had made contact with one of the shelves, knocking over an old artifact and shattering it instantly. Vakama looked dejectedly at the shards on the ground, and then glanced to read the plaque on the shelf. 

A carving depicting the Matoran Civil War.

Great, Vakama thought, destroying priceless artifacts. Some Toa I turned out to be. Vakama’s head flooded with memories of his failures. His teammates were mutated, the Matoran were trapped, and worst of all, Toa Lhikan was dead.

Lhikan. No matter how hard Vakama tried to forget, his thoughts kept drifting back to that fateful moment. The Turaga leapt in front of the Makuta’s shadow hand, saving Vakama’s life. “No,” he had said, “this is my lifetime’s journey. Yours lies beyond…”

Is this what my journey is? Vakama fumed in anger as his thoughts grew more and more negative. Am I destined only for failure? How many times must I lead my team into doom?

He felt a clawed hand upon his shoulder and leapt forward in shock, his state of wistfulness broken.

“Woah!” Whenua exclaimed, taken aback by Vakama’s sudden reaction. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Vakama snarled, not moving from his battle position. He saw Whenua and Onewa, his fellow Toa, both standing before him. He recognized a piece of the Makoki Stone in the Toa of Earth’s hands. His chest heaving, he at last rose to his feet. “Sorry,” he finally said, “I was lost in thought.”

“Don’t get too lost in there, fire-spitter,” Onewa snarked, “you’re needed in the real world, like it or not.”

Vakama said nothing, only glaring down at the ground. Whenua took note of the shattered remains on the floor. “A Night of Great Consequence,” he sighed, citing the name of the artifact as he crouched down to pick up the pieces, “a shame to see it broken. The Visorak have taken so much.” 

“Yes,” Vakama sighed, looking at his own clawed hand in disgust, “so much that we’ve lost.”

Onewa cleared his throat quite loudly. “If you two are done reminiscing, we should really get looking for that next piece. That mask’s not going to find itself.”

Whenua rose to his feet. “You’re right, brother. Time to focus on the present.” He nodded to Vakama, and headed toward the lift.

Vakama took a minute to think about Whenua’s resolve. Yes, the present it is, he thought. As he went to follow Whenua, Onewa walked up to his side. “You know,” he said with a sly smile, “you’re really lucky we found you. You got pretty lost.”

* * *

As the lift pulled upwards to the main floor of the Archives, a destructive scene was slowly revealed to the three Toa. Water was pouring into the chamber through every open sewer vent, dozens of Visorak swarmed around, and Toa Nokama was slashing through each and every one of them. 

Vakama, Onewa, and Whenua quickly leapt forward into action, each taking out a Visorak on their way to their sister. Within moments, the four Toa were united in one front, and the Visorak’s forces had dwindled.

“Sister!” Onewa exclaimed, “What brings you to the Archives?”

“Oh, is this the Archives?” she said sarcastically, “It looks like a giant nest to me.”

“It’s hard to tell the difference now,” Whenua remarked, “they’ve destroyed so much.”

“Well then,” Vakama said with a renewed confidence, “let’s do some renovations!”

Rhotuka fired left and right, only to be batted away by the Toa’s weapons. Visorak after Visorak lunged forward, but were forced back. Before long, the army of spiders had been reduced to a mere dozen. The few that remained scurried away into the sewer system, leaving the four Toa surrounded by nothing but scattered carcasses.

The four caught their breath individually, taking their time to process the events of the battle.

“We’ve really got to stop getting ambushed like this,” Onewa remarked, “it’s unbecoming of Toa.”

“If you were smart, you’d watch what you say,” Vakama quipped, “short tempers are unbecoming of a Toa.”

“Enough, both of you!” Nokama barked, breathing heavily, “What’s going on in here, anyways?”

“Long story,” Whenua began, “we’ll tell you on our way to the crypt.”

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Chapter 4: Ga Metru


As the three Toa explained the Rahaga’s quest to Nokama, they came upon a large circular door towering over them. The only sign of it being accessible was a small hole in the center, it’s shape perfect for an orb to slot into.

“This is the door,” Whenua stated, “all these years and I finally find out what this leads to.”

“I take it that the indentation is for the Makoki Stone?” Onewa asked.

“Most likely.”

“Then that settles it,” Nokama announced, “you three stay here and protect your pieces of the stone. I’ll go find the other pieces, and gather our fellow Toa.”

Whenua and Onewa both looked shocked. “But, sister,” the Toa of Earth began, “shouldn’t we be going together? We’re stronger when united, after all.”

“And when we enter that crypt, it will be as one unit,” she assured, “but it is imperative that the pieces we’ve already collected are kept safe, and out of the Visorak’s hands. If we fall while on our quest, the Visorak may be able to obtain the mask, putting Metru Nui’s fate in jeopardy.” She hesitated for a moment, shifting her expression to be more soft. “I know it’s not ideal, but I believe this is what’s best for us.”

Onewa glanced to his side at Vakama. “Fire spitter, you’ve been awfully quiet. Any thoughts on her plan?”

Vakama seemed annoyed at having to acknowledge the question, but his voice was calm. “I agree.”

His two brothers stood in shock once more, but said nothing.

“The Makoki Stones are a powerful asset,” Vakama continued, “we should prioritize protecting the ones we already have. Nokama will find the others.” As if sensing some distrust, Vakama rolled his eyes. “If you’re going to ask my opinion, don’t be surprised when it’s not something you like. The team leader’s vote takes priority.”

Whenua guffawed. “Well, I guess you can’t argue with that,” he said, without any effort to hide his sarcasm.

Nokama almost smiled at Vakama. “Thank you for your vote of confidence,” she said, “now where am I going?”

“Not far,” Onewa stated, showing the tablet to the Toa of Water, “if you take the tunnel system to Ga Metru, you’ll end up in the area of the next piece.”

“One thing to note, though,” Whenua added in, “there’s a Rahkshi on the loose. Chain Lightning. I had an encounter with him earlier. Don’t try to fight, just put as much distance between you as you can.”

The Toa of Water nodded, taking all of this information in. “I understand. Thanks for the heads up.”

With a smile, the Toa of Earth, Stone, and Water all clanked fists together, saying their farewells. Nokama turned to leave, but made sure to visit Vakama first.

“I don’t suppose you’ll wish me luck?” she inquired playfully.

“I know you don’t need it.” Vakama replied.

“I suppose. Well, best of luck, brother.” She held up her fist toward Vakama. The Toa of Fire was hesitant, but slowly clanked his fist to hers. “Lead them well,” she added with a smile, “you have nothing to prove.”

Vakama looked somber, but said nothing, only replying with a nod. With that, Nokama made her way to the sewer entrance, and soon was obscured by darkness. Turning around, Vakama met the eyes of the other two Toa.

“You didn’t tell me about any Rahkshi,” he pointed out.

“Didn’t get the chance,” Whenua replied cheekily.

* * *

Nokama trudged through ankle-deep water in the sewers of Ga-Metru. The system was old and rusted, the sounds of groaning metal echoing down the tunnels. She held up a lightstone to assist her vision, but it did little to fight off the overwhelming darkness, and even less to combat the terrible stench. 

At last, she came upon the circular grate that barred off a section of the sewer. This section, she knew, would take her to the liquid protodermis pools of Ga-Metru, and to the hiding place of the next Makoki stone. She would have to be fast, she realized, as even a Toa of Water cannot hold their breath for very long. 

Without hesitation, Nokama plunged into the water below, and instantly thrust through the pathway of the sewers. Before long, she had exited the metallic system, and entered a much larger pool with no visible bottom. Soon, the darkness of the water enveloped her sight, save for a faint glimmer far in the distance. The Makoki Stone, she reasoned, it has to be. She dove through the depths, at a slower speed than she would normally progress. As she learned how to master her Hordika form, she became much more capable, but her speed in the water was still quite hindered.

Nonetheless, she reached out her clawed hand as she drew closer and closer, and at last wrapped her fingers around the Makoki Stone. The Toa of Water celebrated briefly, but quickly remembered the lack of air, and quickly progressed toward the surface. The lopsided arm made swimming seem like it took forever, so much so that even the normally patient Toa found herself growing frustrated at her slow speed. Soon enough, however, her speed seemed even slower, as though she wasn’t any closer to the surface at all. Glancing around, she quickly realized that, in fact, her arms weren’t moving whatsoever, and were in fact incapable of doing so. She struggled, but came to a haunting realization.

She had been frozen.

Nokama’s eyes darted around in panic. She had been perfectly preserved in ice, but still with no air to speak of, and her lungs were quickly depleting. The Makoki Stone was still in hand, yes, but what good would that do if she was dead? She cursed herself silently, knowing her brashness had cost the Toa a member of their team. This feeling of regret stuck in her mind as her vision slowly faded to black.

* * *

Nuju frantically struck at the ice with his weapon. When he arrived in Ga-Metru, he had cooked up a genius plan to freeze the Visorak that had been pursuing him in a pool of frozen water. Sure enough, the plan was successful, and the horde of spiders that had been pursuing him were rendered immobile as soon as his Rhotuka had made contact with the water’s surface, but as he admired his work, he recognized Nokama, his fellow Toa, also trapped within the ice. 

Immediately, he began wailing on the ice with his Crystal Spikes, hoping to break her free. In his previous state as a Toa, this would be no cause for concern, but deprived of his elemental control, Nuju had no other option but to destroy the ice directly. Each consecutive strike formed another massive crack in the ice, the integrity slowly giving way. 

At last, Nuju wound back his arm, and struck hard into the fractured ice. At once, the surface he stood upon shattered into several chunks, and the Toa of Ice plunged into the freezing water below. Wasting no time, he strode forward as best he could, and wrapped his right arm around Nokama’s unconscious body, still half frozen in a chunk of ice. Kicking fervently with his large feet, he struggled slowly over to the edge of the pool. After some struggle as the two bobbed rapidly up and down, he finally tossed the Toa of Water onto the metallic floor, and soon followed in exiting the pool. 


Nokama coughed up some water as her eyes slowly adjusted to take in her surroundings. The bright white of Ga-Metru’s architecture soon came into view, a scenery she was quite used to, but even at this state it was clear to see the erosion that Makuta’s attack and the Visorak’s takeover had caused. With a groan, she rose up to a sitting position.

“Careful, sister,” she heard a voice say, “you must regain your strength.”

Turning her head, she recognized Toa Nuju standing beside her. She took a moment to process this fact, and then smiled. “Thank you, brother,” she said, “I take it you saved me?”

“I’m also the reason you needed saving,” Nuju muttered sheepishly, “but nevermind that. What brings you here?”

At that question, Nokama began frantically searching her surroundings, until she at last laid her hand on the Makoki Stone, still frozen somewhat in ice. Triumphant, she displayed her finding to her fellow Toa. “This,” she stated proudly, “the Rahaga have us searching for them. One in each Metru.”

He nodded, examining the stone with his scope. “I see. Fascinating, this seems to be much older than most of Whenua’s subjects in the Archives. I suppose Ko-Metru’s hasn’t been found yet?”

Nokama nodded. “Ko-Metru and Le-Metru are the last two we need. After that, we can return to the Archives with them.” 

In reply, Nuju suddenly whistled loudly, startling her. Out of seemingly nowhere, a small Taku bird landed on the Toa’s large shoulder, and whistled politely in return. He returned a few notes, and seemed to enter a conversation with the Rahi, baffling the Toa of Water. “Are you… talking to the Taku?” she asked, almost jokingly.

“I’m not fluent,” Nuju replied, without a shred of humor in his voice, “but I’ve picked up a few things.” After saying a few clicks, he nodded to the bird, and it took off into the sky. “This one can scout out the area for us. I’m not sure he can find the stone all by himself, but he can track down Matau, so that will lend a hand.”

“Or a talon,” Nokama chuckled, “you never told us you could talk to Rahi! Almost makes the Rau seem obsolete.”

Nuju smiled, taking Nokama’s words as a compliment. “Well, you never asked. But it’s just the birds, if that makes you feel any better. Shall we take off?”

Nokama nodded, and rose to her feet. “Yes, let’s.”

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There's a lot to like here. You capture the feeling of the 2005-era Bionicle novels well, especially in your descriptions of post-apocalyptic Metru Nui. Your introduction was true: I personally imagine a prose description of the Hordika animations to be rather boring, but your additions have kept it interesting to read.

There are some elements that could be improved. Your writing would benefit from a final proofread before posting. One example jumped out at me early on:

On 4/18/2023 at 3:56 AM, LostHead said:

The two Rahaga jabbed at them with their staffs, but the attacks were futile. [...] He charged at the second, a blue boggarak, and jabbed forward with his blazer claws, sending the creature flying upon impact. 

Using jabbed twice in such a short passage stuck out to me, and furthermore it only really fit the first time, describing the Rahaga's ineffective attacks. Vakama's attack ought to be a strike, or another descriptor with more power. Avoiding repetitive word choice is one thing to keep in mind.

There are some aspects of your characterization that are excellent and some which are not as much. The scene of Vakama alone in the Archives, accidentally knocking down the carving, was excellent. It felt right out of Vakama's characterization in the Web of Shadows novelization. However, for the most part, I found your descriptions of the characters' interactions with each other far too soft and buddy-buddy:

On 5/12/2023 at 7:07 PM, LostHead said:

“I have to say, I’m on a roll today,” the Toa of Stone remarked, “that’s two Toa rescued so far!” He chuckled as he helped his brother to his feet.

“Thank you, brother,” Whenua panted, glad to be back on solid ground, “I would’ve been crushed without you.”

“Well, as much as I’d like to take the credit, you shouldn’t sell yourself short, either. That cave-in took out a bunch of Visorak that were surrounding me.” He grinned and held his fist out to Whenua. “Seems we rescued each other.”

Reading this, I could not help but think, this just isn't how Toa Hordika Onewa talks. Even before becoming a Hordika, he could be acerbic and even mean. When I remember the Great Rescue, I recall how even Nokama got annoyed with those around her. The Toa Hordika presented here are too sentimental, and it detracts from what was in my opinion the most interesting conflict of the Great Rescue, the Toa's struggle against themselves.

There is still much to like here, just a handful of little problems that compound as the story goes on. I am excited for the next installments and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Thanks for the feedback Master Inika! I see what you're saying about the Toa being too friendly with each other. Admittedly I wanted to avoid just writing them all being angsty throughout, but I might have gone too far in the other direction. This next chapter will introduce some debate within the team, and some questioning of Vakama's leadership, so when I revise the story I'll see if I can work some of that in earlier. Onewa should definitely be much meaner than I had him here. And you're very right about the attack descriptors. I'll be posting the remaining chapters soon, then going back and revising based on feedback, so I really do appreciate any feedback!


Chapter 5: Ko Metru


“This mask,” Onewa mused, “it must be pretty powerful, given all the security. Why haven’t we used it?”

“Some powers are better kept here,” Whenua replied, seemingly distracted by the endless archives, “better locked away than in the hands of evil. Vakama, didn’t Norik say that they had taken it from the Makuta?”

Vakama nodded. “And it’s not hard to imagine why he’d want it. The Makuta are creatures of shadow. Light is a power that could destroy them with little effort, so a Kanohi that controls it would obviously be a threat to them.”

“That doesn’t exactly sway me to ‘team archive’”, Onewa retorted, “it sounds like we’ve been deprived of a trump card.”

“You saw what happened with the mask of time,” the Toa of Fire shot back, “powerful masks can be more than one person can handle. Maybe it’s best that they’re locked away.”

A silence hung over the room. The memory of the mask of time had, naturally, brought back the memories of what they had lost that day. Standing in what was essentially a giant tomb, the Toa were forced to reckon with their past.

“It’s been a while,” Whenua muttered, trying to break up the monotony, “maybe we should go after them?” 

“Best not to risk it,” Vakama replied, “we stay here and guard the stones. Have faith, the others will be here soon.”

* * *

A large blue gear marked the door that towered over the Toa of Water and Ice. The marking stood out among the transparent door of the Knowledge Tower, and had a faint glow to it.

“This must be it,” Nuju remarked, “now just to figure out how to get this open.”

“Have you ever been inside this one before?” Nokama asked. 

“Not this one. I can’t recall ever seeing this door.” He placed his larger right hand on the door gently, as though feeling for something. At once, the gear lit up in a brilliant blue color, and the ground beneath them began to shake. “That did something,” he noted.

“A good thing,” Nokama commented, “or a bad thing?”

“We’re about to find out.” As the two Toa watched on, the gigantic illuminated gear slowly turned, clicking into a new position. At once, it halted it’s turn, and proceeded to split apart into two halves, turning into a doorway that revealed the interior of the tower. Slowly coming into view through the gap in the door was a crystal pedestal, atop which rested a golden glowing stone.

The Toa of Water turned to her brother. “How did you know it would do that?”

He only stared at his own hand in confusion. “I’m… I’m not sure.”

Nokama shared his confusion for a moment, but quickly turned her gaze back to the Makoki Stone. “I’m afraid it’s a mystery to be solved later. We have more pressing matters to attend to.”


With that, the two proceeded into the main room of the tower, and approached the crystal pedestal. Nokama reached to grab the stone, but Nuju grabbed her hand to stop her. “Here,” he warned, “let’s try this.” Bending low to the ground, he picked up a small piece of debris, around the same size as the Makoki Stone, and held it next to it to compare. “This feels too easy,” he said, as he measured the size and weight of the rock he picked up, “if there’s any sort of trap here, this should fool it.” 

Nokama slowly nodded her head in agreement, and hovered her hand over the golden stone. The two locked eyes, and in an instant, she had grabbed the stone, and it was just as quickly replaced by Nuju’s rock. 

The pair held completely still for a moment, waiting for something to happen. After a few moments, Nuju breathed a sigh of relief, and the two made their way for the door. With one step, however, the floor beneath them began to shudder. The stone Nuju had placed on the pedestal quickly rolled off and clattered onto the floor. The Toa looked around frantically, trying to determine the source of the shaking, but soon found their answer when they looked back to the doorway. Sure enough, a horde of Visorak had begun flooding in, moving to attack the two Toa.

Thinking quickly, Nokama turned to Nuju, and the two shared a knowing nod. She fired off a Rhotuka, instantly spawning a wall of water between them and the Visorak spiders. Before it had even touched the ground, Nuju’s Rhotuka fired off as well, striking the wall and freezing it instantly, creating a thick barrier of ice between them and the horde.

“That will hold, but not for long,” Nokama warned, “are there any other ways out of here?”

“If there were, we probably would’ve taken one,” Nuju replied. “Let’s make our own exit.” Instantly, he struck at the wall with his weapon, making a loud thunk sound.

“That’s too thick, you’ll never get through in time!”

“Do you have any other ideas?” Nuju shot back. Thunk, as he struck the wall again.

Nokama paused, her eyes scanning the room. Aside from the two Makoki Stones in her hand, the only object of note in the room was the pedestal that she had removed one from. She quickly ran over to it and examined the object. Nothing about it seemed functional, but she had to try. Grabbing ahold of the base, she found it surprisingly light as she lifted. A spark in her eyes, she heaved the pedestal above her head.

“Nuju!” she shouted. “Stand back!”

The Toa of Ice turned to see her, and quickly flung his body over to the side, as the crystalline pedestal flew through the air and struck the wall, making only a small dent as it clattered to the floor. 

There was an awkward silence for a moment, before Nokama stomped her foot in anger. Right after, the sound of something breaking rang through the room. Nuju looked up in hope, but said hope was just as quickly squashed as he saw the Visorak fangs breaking through the ice wall.

“Fantastic,” he groaned, “we’ll be dead thanks to the poor architecture of the Ko-Metru Matoran.”

Nokama sighed, but just as quickly noticed something. “Nuju, look!” Sure enough, where the pedestal had once stood, there was now a hexagonal hole in the floor, big enough for someone to slide into with ease. 

Nuju clambered over to peer down into it, and could not see the bottom. “Do we risk it?” He asked.

“What choice do we have?”

The two Toa reluctantly nodded, and in an instant, Nuju had slid down the hole, with Nokama following close behind. At last, the wall of ice had shattered, but the Toa had already evacuated, plunging down into the unknown darkness below…

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6 hours ago, LostHead said:

Thanks for the feedback Master Inika! I see what you're saying about the Toa being too friendly with each other. Admittedly I wanted to avoid just writing them all being angsty throughout, but I might have gone too far in the other direction. This next chapter will introduce some debate within the team, and some questioning of Vakama's leadership, so when I revise the story I'll see if I can work some of that in earlier. Onewa should definitely be much meaner than I had him here. And you're very right about the attack descriptors. I'll be posting the remaining chapters soon, then going back and revising based on feedback, so I really do appreciate any feedback!

Yeah, given how they were actually written in canon, having them be angsty all the time is really the only way to write them in-character. This chapter was much better in that regard, and both sides do have valid points in their debate. This is just my pedantic fan knowledge, but the Avohkii is not a Legendary Mask like the Vahi; allegedly any Toa can use it as easily as any other mask, but the Toa wouldn't necessary know that.

I really don't mean to be a stickler for language rules, but I do find your improper use of it's distracting. It's is exclusively a contraction for it is. Possessively, the proper term is just "its."

I approve of your Indiana Jones reference. The action sequences in this series are pretty good in general, but the Toa's escape from the Ko-Metru tower was especially well-written and cinematic. I could see it happening in the animation style of the original videos.

Is there only going to be one more episode? If so, have you considered giving the Piraka animations the same kind of treatment? They could also be a fruitful project.

(Just as a side note, this should really be in Epics as opposed to Short Stories, since it is a multi-party story, just fyi.)

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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That's definitely true looking back. I did try to make sure and not refer to the Avohkii as Legendary, but just comparing it with another mask of great power. I might make a further distinction, but tbh I don't quite understand the difference myself, and the Avohkii I'm pretty sure was retconned when the Ignika came into play. 

I'm looking to revise the grammar too, I've noticed I have some trouble with it and the spell check only picks up so much. When I get the time I'll try to go in and fix it.

(Side note, is it Ko Metru, or Ko-Metru? Same for the Koros too.)

I'm glad the action sequence worked! I was trying to invoke pulpy cinematic feel to it, so I'm glad it went well. (And I think a bit of my Indy 5 hype snuck in here)

The plan is for 3 more episodes. Le Metru will have a chapter, then the Toa will regroup in the Archives for the final battle chapter, and then there will be an epilogue of the Turaga hiding the mask on Mata Nui. But once I'm through with my current wave of stories, I may check out the Piraka animations, and giving them a similar treatment.

Didn't realize about the category, still a bit new to BZP haha. I'll probably post the revised version in Epics then, just to avoid confusion.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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23 minutes ago, LostHead said:

That's definitely true looking back. I did try to make sure and not refer to the Avohkii as Legendary, but just comparing it with another mask of great power. I might make a further distinction, but tbh I don't quite understand the difference myself, and the Avohkii I'm pretty sure was retconned when the Ignika came into play. 

I'm looking to revise the grammar too, I've noticed I have some trouble with it and the spell check only picks up so much. When I get the time I'll try to go in and fix it.

(Side note, is it Ko Metru, or Ko-Metru? Same for the Koros too.)

I'm glad the action sequence worked! I was trying to invoke pulpy cinematic feel to it, so I'm glad it went well. (And I think a bit of my Indy 5 hype snuck in here)

The plan is for 3 more episodes. Le Metru will have a chapter, then the Toa will regroup in the Archives for the final battle chapter, and then there will be an epilogue of the Turaga hiding the mask on Mata Nui. But once I'm through with my current wave of stories, I may check out the Piraka animations, and giving them a similar treatment.

Didn't realize about the category, still a bit new to BZP haha. I'll probably post the revised version in Epics then, just to avoid confusion.

Thanks again for the feedback!

I think the conversation makes sense, just because the Toa themselves might not know the distinction.

It is Ko-Metru. I didn't want to be pedantic and mention it, but that has bugged me, too. Generally, the islands themselves (Mata Nui, Metru Nui) do not have hyphens, but elemental prefixes do (Ta-Koro, Ta-Maoran, Ta-Wahi).

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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Apologies again for the delay in updates, life has been very hectic. Hopefully come August I can return to a semi consistent schedule for my writing, but until then I'll do the best I can. The final chapters for this story are almost written, but I've also revised much of the dialogue and will be updating the previous chapters shortly. Until then,

Chapter 6: Le-Metru

“Begone, terrible-bad creature!” Matau yelled as he swung his arm at the silver Rahkshi. 

The beast roared, its staff surging with lightning at the tips. The Toa of Air had kept a good distance from the creature so far, but now he found himself backed up against the cold metal wall, and the Rahkshi hadn’t slowed its advance in the slightest.

“Back!” his bladed arm slashed back and forth in the air, but did very little to dissuade the attacker. He gulped, running out of options but to confront the beast. His previous clash with it had failed, his Rhotuka blasts had barely scratched it, and his weapon was useless against its armor. He glanced over to the side, and gazed down the seemingly endless drop. The interior of the Le-Metru vehicle factory was steep before, but the cataclysm had made traversal near impossible. His best bet would be catching onto one of the traveling gondolas of spare parts that occasionally made their way over the abyssal drop on automated paths.

The Rahkshi hissed again, drawing back its spear. Matau closed his eyes, and flung himself off of the ledge. His plummeted through the open air between floors, praying for one of the automated carts to arrive. To his luck, machinery whirred as a cart began to make his way towards him, only a short distance below. He reached out his clawed hand, aiming to grab the edge of the cart on his way down. He just barely missed, his fingertip scraping against the edge as he passed it, but it made all the difference as he continued plummeting down with no end in sight.

He screamed, as that was all there was to do. He shut his eyes tight, flailed his arms and legs around rapidly, and screamed at the top of his lungs. If Nokama could see me now, she’d be ever-disappointed, I’ll bet, he thought to himself. Actually, I don’t think my last-dead thoughts should be bad-worse. I’ll just close-shut my eyes tight, and it’ll all be happy-smooth sailing.

With his eyes shut, he seemed to fall for an eternity, endlessly careening toward his certain death. And yet, it never seemed to come.

“Charming,” a familiar voice suddenly remarked, “how graceful for the Toa of Air.”

Matau let one eye creep open, and suddenly came to the realization that he wasn’t falling. No, he hadn’t been falling for some time now. A sphere of water had been dangling him in midair, directly in front of his fellow Toa. It was now that he was aware that the floor was only a few feet below him.

“Nokama!” Matau exclaimed with a grin, “Only the latest in one of my quick-daring escapes. But ever-thanks for the rescue.”

Nokama was unimpressed. “Brace yourself. The Rhotuka will wear off soon.”

As if on command, the water dissipated immediately, and landed Matau’s face square onto the metallic floor. The dark underbelly of the vehicle factory was littered with scrap and broken machinery, and lit only by some stray lightstones that had scattered across the floor.

“Should I even ask why you were falling?” asked Nuju as he came into Matau’s line of sight, “Or should I just chalk it up to your general clumsiness?”

The Toa of Air groaned as he rose to his feet. “For your information, I was about to be Rahkshi-bones. Nowhere left to go but down.”

The others locked eyes with each other. “Whenua mentioned a Rahkshi,” Nokama said, “apparently gave him some trouble as well. Best to avoid it.”

Nuju nodded in agreement. “Let’s get what we came for and get out.”

“Now hold-stop just one moment,” Matau interjected, standing between his two comrades, “what-ever are you even doing here in my city?”

“We’re on a mission from the Rahaga,” Nuju said, without bothering to look at the Toa of Air, “a tunnel in Ko-Metru brought us here. Now we only have one more stone to find.”

“Stone?” Matau looked frantically between the two, but they had already begun moving past him. 

“Makoki Stone,” Nokama replied as she held up a lightstone to see, “one of six we need to find.”

“Great,” Matau sighed as he jogged to catch up with the others, “just let me know if I can quick-help.”

“Just try not to fall again,” Nokama groaned, “I can’t be there to catch you every time.”

* * *

“Alright, I’ve had enough of this,” Onewa huffed, “surely we’re not just going to wait around here all day? We’re Toa!”

“Yes, we are,” Vakama said flatly, “Nokama will be back soon.”

“I’m tired of this. I’m going out.”

“Don’t,” Whenua interjected, “have some patience, already.”

“Maybe you’re more used to slowness, archivist, but I’m a Toa. My time is wasted hanging around some old relics.”

Whenua stood up straight at the last remark. “That’s enough. Sit down and wait with the rest of us.”

Onewa chuckled as he began clearing rubble from an opening in the wall. “I’ll leave that job to you! You’re so good at it, anyways.” As he removed a stone from the wall, a green claw suddenly slammed onto the ground from where it had been. Onewa leaped backwards in surprise, as a Visorak spider emerged from the ground beneath him. He quickly stomped on it, but to no avail, as more and more of the creature’s companions emerged from the same area. 

Vakama, glancing over, finally noticed what was going on. “What did you do?” he shouted at Onewa.

“I just picked up the rock!” Onewa retorted as he warded off the spiders with his weapon. “I’m a Toa of Stone, I’m allowed to move rocks.”

“Well, look where that got us,” Whenua snarked as he and Vakama ran up to the scene of the action, “outnumbered once again.”

Swarming around the Toa now was a seeming endless stream of Visorak, pouring out from the underground. Vakama fired his blazer claw, scorching a few spiders. Whenua rammed his weapons into the ground, and Onewa struck directly at his opponents, but their numbers were simply too great, and the Toa were slowly backed up further into the Archives.

“Any other bright ideas?” Whenua asked Onewa, not disguising the contempt in his voice.

The Toa of Stone batted away some more Visorak as he stepped backwards. “Wait for Nokama?”

* * *

Chunks of scrap metal and stone flew through the air as chain lightning pulsated through the ground. Nokama and Nuju both collapsed, the attack ripping through their bodies and paralyzing them. Only Matau had seen the silver Rahkshi descending from the upper floors, and jumped into the air just as it landed with a strike from its staff. Now, he found himself face to face with the beast once more, with his fellow Toa neutralized.

“Say, maybe we can peace-talk this out,” he said nervously, “we both did some things. Truce?”

The beast hissed, stomping towards the Toa of Air.

“Didn’t think so.” Matau flipped backwards through the air, putting distance between him and his opponent. Bending his knees, he began charging his Rhotuka spinner. As the Rahkshi moved forward, he allowed his spinner to fire, traveling directly above the creature’s head. Once it was out of sight, Matau immediately turned around and began running, only to stop when he heard a loud crash behind him. 

Turning around, he saw the silver Rahkshi, but only the top half. Behind it was a large metal container that had seemingly fallen on the beast and bisected it. Matau reasoned that his Rhotuka had struck it, and shook it loose. That hadn’t been the plan, of course, but he would be telling Nuju and Nokama that it was.

The top half of the silver Rahkshi hissed as it crawled forward on its claws, but it came to a quick stop as Matau placed a foot firmly on its head. Reaching down, he opened up the casing on its spine, and allowed the slimy kraata to slither out of its shell. With the armor deactivated, the beast posed no more of a threat. Its glowing red eyes faded, but Matau noticed another glow, coming from the creature's right hand. Pulling apart its claws, a smile spread across his face.

The Rahkshi had carried the final stone right to him.

Edited by LostHead

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Another solid chapter. I especially liked Nokama's rescue. It captured the comedic scenes of him slamming into things very well, which I wasn't expecting and am surprised translated so well into prose. Looking forward to the next one.

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"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 7: The Confrontation

“Wait, how did you know where the container was?” Nuju asked incredulously.

“Sheer smart-memory, my friend,” Matau replied in a smug tone, “I ran tests in this factory for ages.”

“But the factory was falling apart! There’s no way you could possibly-”

“Nuju, that’s enough,” Nokama interjected, “Matau saved us, by the looks of it. Let’s be grateful and move on. Now, can you use one of your bird Rahi to go and contact the others.”

“Huh?” Matau looked confused.

“Nuju’s been practicing communicating with bird Rahi,” she clarified, “one was able to help us find a Makoki stone.”

Matau’s eyes widened, as though they were about to pop out. “Nuju, my quick-smart friend, I’ve got a smart-plan.”

* * *

“If this is the end,” Onewa snarked, “I want you all to remember how aggravating you both are.”

Vakama took a short pause from fighting off the encroaching Visorak to silently glare at the Toa of Stone.

He chuckled nervously, and turned away to attack a Visorak on the other side.

“Focus up,” Whenua snapped as he slammed his weapon into the ground, creating a crevasse in the floor that swallowed up five of the spiders, “we don’t want Nokama returning here to see three dead Toa.”

Onewa chuckled, but was immediately tackled to the ground by a blue Boggarak. He threw his arms out in protest, and surprisingly, the spider seemed to crawl off of him, and carried on its way past him. Rising to his feet, he glanced around in confusion.

“Hah, I guess they’re not so tough after all,” he bragged to himself, dusting himself off with his hands. He patted the satchel that he had slung across his shoulder, and his smug expression suddenly dropped. Looking back, his suspicions were confirmed: the spider he allowed to escape had stolen his Makoki Stone, and was making its way to the Avohkii’s crypt. 

Suddenly, the three Toa’s attention was grabbed by a shattering sound from above. Turning their heads to the sky, even the swarming Visorak seemed distracted as another set of three Toa Hordika descended through the air and landed in formation in the center of the conflict, a Rhotuka spinner creating a gust of wind to break their fall. 

Matau launched another Rhotuka into the crowd, dispersing a half dozen spiders with a victorious cry. “Good thing we quick-jumped in, eh?” He snarked to the other Toa. “You were almost Visorak bones.”

“Matau?!” Vakama said in a mix of relief and confusion, “Where did you come from?”

“We rode a Gukko,” Nokama replied, not disguising her exhaustion as she fought off Visorak after Visorak, “Nuju wasn’t terribly impressed.”

The Ice Toa angrily shot off a series of whistles and clicks as he fired his Rhotuka into the swarm.

Whenua slammed his mutated fist into the ground, creating a tremor that disrupted the swarm. “You rode a Gukko?” He stammered for a moment. “Nuju, was that… Rahi language?”

Nuju clicked in a somewhat excited tone.

“We’ll get to that later,” Nokama interjected, “we have all six stones.”

“Five,” Onewa pointed out sheepishly, “we have five.”

Vakama glared, as though his own elemental fire filled his eyes. “What do you mean?”

“The Visorak took mine, carried it off to the big door.”

The other four Toa glared at Onewa with disapproval, but Vakama’s expression was that of dread. “They knew this was coming,” he said, his voice dropping, “they let us do the work.” For a moment, he dropped his weapons, and Nokama rushed ahead to fend off the Visorak from attacking him.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Don’t you see? We brought them the Makoki Stones. Now they can kill us and get the mask.”

As the other Toa fought, Nuju was the next to be felled by the Visorak, and sure enough, the spider stole the two stones he held and carried on to the door. Whenua reached down and helped him to his feet, and then fired off a Rhotuka into the ground, creating a circle of rock that closed them off from the swarming Visorak. The six were quick to crouch down, huddling into a circle.

“They have half of the stones,” Nokama reported, “I fear Vakama is right.”

Onewa smirked. “Wow, there’s a first time for everything,” he said, before the Toa of Water smacked him in the head.

“So the Visorak fooltricked us. Who cares?” Matau interjected. “We can still grabsteal the mask, we’ll just have to fight the Visorak inside. And we’ve been fighting Visorak this whole longtime.”

“Oh, just that?” Onewa asked, not hiding his sarcasm. “Run in, let the Visorak into the cavern, and beat them to the mask? Great plan. For once I’m open to Vakama’s idea.”

“Actually,” Vakama said with a sigh, “I agree.”


“The Visorak are here. They can’t be stopped now. Our best option is brute force.”

Onewa guffawed. “Are you serious? Is he serious?”

But the other Toa simply looked downward, and nodded their heads. For once, nearly the entire team was in agreement.

“We’ll die trying,” the Toa of Stone protested, “is that something you’re all okay with?”

Nuju let out a low whistle. “Our Toa career has been ripe with failure,” he said, “what’s one more?”

“We owe it to the Matoran,” Nokama added, “to at least try.”

“If this mask is as strong as they say, it’s worth the effort,” Whenua said.

Looking at all his teammates, Onewa gave a defeated groan. “Fine. Let’s go die in the name of duty.”

With one last nod from each member of the team, Whenua broke down the wall of earth, and the six Toa charged forward through the swarm of Visorak. Each fought back a spider and cleared the way as they finally arrived at the door to the crypt. Nuju moved to the front of the group, ruffling through his satchel, and hastily interlocked the remaining pieces of the Makoki stone into the slot. At last, the stone was complete.

The Toa and Visorak alike came to a stop as they watched the massive door creak open, stone and metal grinding against the floor, until the chamber was open. A sole light illuminated the pitch dark room, right in the center. For just a moment, all parties paused in awe of the mask.

After a sole moment of stillness, a mad dash for the mask began. Visorak began pouring into the room as the six Toa leapt inside, treading across the narrow bridge that led the way to the center. The walls and ceilings were covered in spiders, with Rhotuka firing left and right. Vakama shot forward his own Rhotuka, the fire lighting the way across and scaring off the Visorak. Matau, in the back of the line, turned back for a moment to bat away two Visorak encroaching on the bridge. Nuju fired a Rhotuka at the ceiling, encasing a few Visorak in ice. 

At last, the six managed to arrive at the center platform, and beheld the glowing Mask of Light, resting upon a stone pedestal. Vakama took it into his hands, admiring the design. The former mask maker in him couldn’t help but marvel at the craftsmanship. For a moment, he thought about what Onewa said. Could they use it against the Visorak?

“Firespitter!” Onewa shouted. 

Vakama’s attention refocused, he watched as the Visorak surrounded the platform they stood upon, prepared to attack.

“This is far more than we can handle,” Nokama lamented.

Vakama glanced around his team. No, he concluded, this power isn’t ours to possess. He handed the mask to Onewa, the light beaming in his face. “Encase this in stone,” he ordered, “if we die, at least they won’t use it.”

Onewa nodded pensively, and made a stone layer around the mask. The room instantly grew dim, the eyes of the Visorak piercing through the dark as they grew closer.

Vakama turned to the others. “We’ll have to do this quick. Whenua, fire a Rhotuka at the ceiling. Bring the place down. Matau, use yours in the opposite direction of the entrance. Do we all understand?”

Whenua nodded, a bit of sadness behind his eyes. 

Matau was much more enthusiastic. “Hoo, this’ll be fun.”

Nuju whistled. “Let’s act now.”

Nokama placed a clawed hand on Vakama’s shoulder. “We’re with you.”

The six Toa joined hands in a circle, preparing for the worst. Onewa held the stone tight under his arm. With a nod, Whenua fired his Rhotuka into the air, and the ceiling began to crumble upon impact.

Just as quickly, Matau fired his, and a gust of wind rocketed the six towards the doorway. Large chunks of rubble began collapsing left and right, and the Toa weaved gracefully towards them. The Visorak immediately changed directions, realizing what was to come. As Vakama and his team finally slid out the doorway, landing on the Archives floor once more, a chunk of the ceiling sealed the door one more, crushing the swarm of Visorak inside.

The six took a moment to lay down, breathing heavily. Matau let out a triumphant laugh, jumping up on his feet and celebrating. The others didn’t show nearly as much enthusiasm, but the sentiment was shared.

The Mask of Light was theirs.

So No Head?



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“Easy! Easy!” Whenua urged Matau to be careful as he rested the stone atop the pedestal.

“Relax, dust-keeper, I’ve got this!” At last, Matau set the stone on the pedestal, and took a step back. Sure enough, the trap was set. Nuju had laid out the schematics well, apparently something he had seen in Ko-Metru. If anyone removed the stone containing the Mask of Light, the path they had created would give out, and a wave of lava would come crashing down.

Nokama warmed her hands over the river of lava. It felt good to have her own hands again. First they changed from Matoran to Toa, then into Toa Hordika, and now, finally, with the help of Keetongu, they had regained their Toa forms. At last, they had returned to the island above, taking with them the rest of the Matoran population. Finally, everything was in place for them to reawaken the Matoran. Almost everything, that is.

Nuju let out a low whistle and two clicks as Matau and Whenua hopped back across the stone pathway.

“What’s that mean?” Whenua asked. The bird Rahi language still took some getting used to.

“What we’re all thinking,” Onewa interjected, “Vakama’s been gone for a while.”

The rest of the group nodded pensively. Vakama had taken on a journey to recover the Mask of Time from the Sea of Protodermis. Most of the other Toa had hoped it would be a quick trip, but none of them had expected it to be.

“I’m getting a bit tired of all-powerful masks,” Whenua sighed, “the Vahi, the Avohkii… the Matoran are enough to protect, now we have to hide these masks?”
“Better we have them then our enemies,” Nokama replied. “There’s so much more out there than we know, that much is certain. The Matoran need us to protect them.”

“And protect them we will.”

All five Toa turned their heads in unison. Standing on the other side of the lava river, Toa Vakama had returned, holding a rusted Mask of Time in his hand.

Wordlessly, the six Toa came together and laughed. After so long feeling like failures, everything seemed to be alright. They all were united, the Matoran were safe, and the masks were kept hidden from the clutches of evil. For once, all seemed right with the world.

* * *

Vakama remembered this moment often. It was one of the last times he stood with his brothers and sister as Toa, before they sacrificed their power to save the Matoran. It was a moment of pure triumph.

Now, as he stood on the shores of Metru Nui once more, he found himself watching the Toa of Light speaking with Rahaga Norik. It felt surreal, two friends from a thousand years apart interacting and getting along. He couldn’t hear the conversation they were having, but as he watched Norik examine Takanuva’s mask, laughing audibly in that peppy tone he remembered, he knew exactly what was going through his mentor’s mind.

No matter how dark things seemed, hope had survived.

So No Head?



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