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Wardrick: Scourge of Spherus Magna

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The scourge of Spherus Magna. The tyrant of the universe.


Brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=522437


Mocpages: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/352208


In an alternate universe, Flaredrick had defeated Melvair, he gained the power to stop the Shattering. He then later constructed an empire, one that no one could imagine. The power of it, would make the Element Lords fall to their knees. The Great Beings made an attempt to stop him, and his empire, but he threatened to destroy the whole universe.


There was later an uprising going on inside his kingdom. He soon sent out an all out assault to stop this revolution from amassing. When the uprising was defeated, he had gotten word of who was its leader. He was shocked and saddened to hear hat it was his wife Seria.


He later changed his color and elemental powers to that of Water, and Death. He also took up a Kanohi Shelek, abandoning his Ignika, to a more fearsome mask.



Comments and Critisim are accepted.

Edited by Flaredrick: Forgotten One


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