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burd0.jpg 1 2 3 4 5 Got a wonderful prototype part back with my BrickFair and immediately went about trying to think of something to use it in. This was originally going to be and old man or something with the part as his beard, but then I thought "bird tail" and it turned into this. Don't have a good camera with me so this is the best I can do.


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The FEET! Oh, that design is just so ... amazing. Simple but with perfect flow. The overall look of this avian Bionicle is great, although are the chronicler's staffs silver or gold? They ought to be gold. And the beak ... maybe not silver? If only that part came in gold ... but there are plenty other parts to choose from for a beak. Splendid MOC! a_peace.png

15037057692_2fb1ce338a_t.jpg     15034366641_d827682ab5_m.jpg     15037424595_cf284dac70_t.jpg


Toa Gali Nuva

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I saw one of those prototypes when I was at Brickfair, but I was like "Meh, looks cool, but nothing would match it". I never thought of Carapar parts. Great use of it.Anyway, I really like the general look of the thing, but I have mixed feelings about the gigantic feet and the lack of claws on them. Part of me says the bird should have claws, part of me says the claws wouldn't look good on those huge feet, and then another part of me says it shouldn't have huge feet, so I don't even know.I'm not the biggest fan of the wings, but I haven't any better ideas. I also wish that beak had a jaw, but not sure how to do.

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