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X-TREEEEEEME indifference.


To All The Haters On Both Sides

Posted by Janus , Feb 22 2008 · 91 views
General Crazy

Blah blab blah Mistika-debate-hate. It's gettin' old, people. CHILL.
I have no problem with meaningful discussion, but that is HARDLY MEANINGFUL DISCUSSION.
Listen to some Creed and CHILL.

I can't find the rhyme in all my reason
Lost sense of time and all seasons

I feel I've been beaten down
By the words of men who have no grounds

I can't sleep beneath the trees of wisdom
When your ax has cut the roots that feed them

Forked tongues in bitter mouths
Can drive a man to bleed from inside out

What if you did?
What if you lied?
What if I avenge?
What if eye for an eye?

I've seen the wicked fruit of your vine
Destroy the man who lacks a strong mind

Human pride sings a vengeful song
Inspired by the times you've been walked on

My stage is shared by many millions
Who lift their hands up high because they feel this

We are one We are strong
The more you hold us down the more we press on

What if you did?
What if you lied?
What if I avenge?
What if eye for an eye?

I know I can't hold the hate inside my mind
'Cause what consumes your thoughts controls your life

So I'll just ask a question
A Lonely Simple Question
I'll just ask one question

What if? What if? What if? What if I?
What if? What if? What if? What if I?
What if? What if? What if? What if I?
What if? What if? What if? What if I?

What if you did?
What if you lied?
What if I avenge
What if eye for an eye?
What if your words could be judged like a crime?
-Creed: Human Clay


A Most Humble Suggestion.

Posted by Janus , Feb 21 2008 · 85 views
I am staff, Hear me roar
Read this and you may survive. Do not read this and you may survive--you also may not.

I suggest you read it.




Getting To Know You

Posted by Janus , Feb 06 2008 · 155 views

I am Janus, I am ancient, I am ageless, I am omnipotent.

And I do not exist.

I am a shell, a false face that someone masquerades as, I am nothing more than a mask that allows a living flesh and blood human to do his work online. I do not, have not, and will never exist except in his mind, and perhaps in yours as well.

My name is Robert, a quaint name but the one that I am blessed with.

Why am I writing this? Is it ego? An overinflated sense of self?...That may be part of it, but the primary reason is simply to connect.

Each of us on this website lives a parallel life. We both do and do not exist.

One part of us lives a normal life and is known by 'real' people, a flesh and blood human who is a member of our own society. The other however is a mental construct, our own 'persona' that we can wear whenever we want.

However, Janus is not very connectable--not in his current position at least. Janus is simply one of my (Robert's) faces and while I try my best to help, neither I, or that aspect of me, has ever been too terribly outgoing.

Thus this entry, sometimes I think it's a simple matter of remembering this duality that we lead online. Each and every member of this website both does and doesn't exist--but when you are speaking to the digital construct that information is being perceived and filtered through the eyes of the real human who's looking at their monitor.

Each of us, blessed with this duality must also realize that we each have our own fractured view of the world--not to say that it's twisted, simply fractured, incomplete, missing portions. I can only see my own view of the world and not anyone elses--because I am me, I am Robert.

Basically in the end I believe it comes down to this: The moderating staff of this website may at times appear ruthless and oppressive to some members, I will not deny this.

But remember that sometimes members also seem alien and antagonistic to us.

What is the best solution to this?

Remember that our projection is not what we are, I am not Janus, you are not your screen name.

You are you, and I am me.

But together we can become We, and we're far stronger that way.



That's Just Your Opinion!

Posted by Janus , Jan 21 2008 · 77 views
I am staff, Hear me roar
There is a scourge across our fair board, a scourge so devious and so malicious that it seems to infect every last member. It's a parasite that seems to grow stronger and stronger as leaps voraciously from one host to another...

What is this deadly parasite? It's called an opinion.

An opinion is a deadly and cruel thing, and anyone with an opinion should be openly mocked and ridiculed, for this is the only cure for such an infectious disease. Only with this cleansing fire can the parasite be killed and those who began to think all sorts of strange things (Such as the fact that they should be able to think what they want!) will be returned to normality.

Should you see anyone with an opinion I implore you to attack them from a safe distance, barrage them insults and demean everything about them you can! Above all, however, do not engage them in intelligent conversation, that is how the virus spreads--and sooner than you think you'll find yourself infected with an opinion as well!

......For those of you cannot tell, the above is complete and utter sarcasm--but not really so far from what I've seen on the boards. EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion: Be it something you approve of or not, however lately I've seen the word "opinion" thrown around like it's the deadliest of insults.

"That's just your opinion!"

Understand that what you're really saying here is "Shut up and conform. Be just like me"

Well I HAVE an opinion and I encourage all of you who do to stand up for yourself and your opinion.

Oh yeah, and I greatly dislike the '08 sets and storyline.

That's opinion for ya


Dance Magic

Posted by Janus , Dec 02 2007 · 94 views
General Crazy
You remind me of the babe


Of Inferiority

Posted by Janus , Nov 29 2007 · 118 views
General Crazy
All the LAWSOME posers: Inferior
Janus: Superior.

Don't believe them, I was obviously the first one.


A Tragedy Of Electronic Proportions

Posted by Janus , Nov 28 2007 · 79 views
I am staff, Hear me roar
I've received exactly THREE reports for the ENTIRE day, guys.

It really doesn't take much to report innaproriate content, and it makes my life far easier, I can't browse every section of the forum every day, I still need to teach little ones how to kick serious butt.


I Am No Trend Setter

Posted by Janus , Nov 27 2007 · 89 views



A Word From The Fascist

Posted by Janus , Oct 16 2007 · 192 views
General Crazy
You wanna call BZP staff fascist, good for you.

You actually want to talk to someone and show that you're above the age of five, feel free to talk to me.

AIM - Janus262
MSN - Prince_Janus@Hotmail.com [I made it when I was seven, deal with it >= ( ]

Seriously folks, I suggest you stop demeaning the staff on this website until you do their work, we're not fascist, we're not dictators, and we're not mean-spirited. People who abuse their power are banned. Be they staff or otherwise.

Seriously, talk to me about this, show you have a brain.



Posted by Janus , Oct 09 2007 · 83 views
General Crazy
Okay guys, that's it. It's time to sit down, simmer down, and just CHILL.

I (as in I as a person, rather than I as a Global Moderator) am SICK of the constant bickering and back-and-forth going on all over the forums. Including right here in my own blog.

I FULLY support debates, and enjoy them quite a bit, truth be told. But this isn't debating, there is nothing respectful or even civilized. This is a constant nattering between two groups who refuse to listen to each other.

So stop talking.

That's the answer, guys. I have my opinion, you have your opinion. We are all entitled to our own opinions and should be encouraged to vocalize them, be they positive or negative. Vocalize them in a CIVILIZED manner, though.

Attacking someone for hating something, or for liking it--is frankly immature. Condescending to someone because they don't like something you do/like something you don't is utterly ridiculous.

Basically I'm issuing a call to reason. Use your brains and stop this pathetic conflict. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

We can do better than this.


Bionicle: Judgement (introduction)

Posted by Janus , Oct 04 2007 · 106 views
YES. UPDATE TWO IS SEMI-ON TIME. I still have half-an-hour my by clock. Hush.

I've also decided to split this group up more than I'd anticipated. This marks the Introduction to BIONICLE: Judgement, 2004 and 2005 will be covered in subsequent entries.

Not much preamble this time. In fact this is it, once this sentence ends the preamble ends. Period.

BIONICLE: Judgement
A Reimagining

For those of you wondering, BIONICLE: Judgement is the current name of my long-standing alternaverse--or AU. An Alternate Universe (AU) as most of you know is your own private story wherein you essentially do what you want.

You can design them around paticular ideas, rules, or plans--and can break them at any time, that's half the fun about AU's. However with BIONICLE: Judgement I set out with very specific ideas and rules. They are as follows

  • BIONICLE: Judgement is not a rewrite of the story, rather it is a replacement of certain portions. Others are kept in their entirety, for example 2001 and 2002 are untouched by the events of BIONICLE: Judgement--or rather their direct stories are not effected
  • BIONICLE: Judgement is my personal playground, most of my stories are incubated in here for a while before being shot into another universe, or my own original stories.
    BIONICLE:Judgement is all about taking the story in the directions I want it to go without altering it too heavily, as such we enter DA RULES.
  • RULE THE FIRST: Canon characters cannot be deleted, omitted, or removed for any reason. Natural deaths may occur but the character must be established
    ADDENDUM: This is only in place if the character has not been killed off in previous story and has only recently returned in the Official Universe.
EXAMPLE: I cannot decide that "Botar" is a stupid name and remove the entire character from the story. I can however kill him off--the addendum to this is if Botar takes a large role in 2008 and he's already killed in BIONICLE: Judgement. I will not resurrect him.
  • RULE THE SECOND: Settings must stay the same for every year they take place in.

EXAMPLE: I cannot be working with Mahri Nui in 2004--I can have events HAPPEN in Mahri Nui in 2004, however they will not be expounded upon until 2007.
  • RULE THE THIRD: Character personalities are fair game, changing things such as motivations and names are perfectly acceptable so long as the end character bears resemblance to the original
    ADDENDUM: Original Characters can be made, so long as their 'base' element is one of the canon stories.
EXAMPLE: I cannot have Pridak be motivated by a burning love of Carapar, and also have him control an army of fluffy teddy-bear sharks. It just doesn't work that way.--The Addendum to this is that I can create 'original' characters out of canon characters: Essentially what I've done with the Inika who are no longer the 01 Matoran but are my own original characters.
  • RULE THE FOURTH: Significant portions of story can be changed so long as all existing characters and backdrops are kept.
EXAMPLE: Takanuva no longer being Takua, that's a rather significant portion of the story (Considering it got a movie about just that) however I had to keep all the characters and the backdrops--IE: Mata Nui, Ta-Koro, Ga-Koro, etc.
  • RULE THE FIFTH: All deaths are final, none of this comic book stuff with me.
EXAMPLE: Takua dies in 2003. He does not return. Ever.

And now with that stuff out of the way, let's move on to 'altered' character profiles through the years. Please note that none of this is finalized, and is certainly not in final written format, as such I will only be giving brief outlines of each section of story. The character profiles will also avoid giving out spoilers--those will be given out in the outline quite readily.


Altered characters List:
  • Takanuva

Real/Original Name: Takanuva
Storyline: Takanuva is the previously nameless Toa of light. Cursed by the master of shadows to an eternal sleep in a near-death state he remains trapped his his tomb at the Kini-nui

Story Outline:

The first half of 2003 passes in the exact same way, the Kal steal Nuva symbols, Nuva gain them back and Tra-la-la-la, we go on our merry way. The big difference in this comes in the latter half of 2003--once again it's virtually the same but then we hit Mask of Light.

While the discovery and quest for the Mask are virtually identical there's a few key differences:

1. Tahu manages to take on multiple Toa and in the end is incapacitated for the final confrontation with the Rahkshi--why? Because four Toa just layed the smackdown on him, that's what happens when you have a rageful fire Toa setting fire to everything.

2. Jaller is critically injured during the quest and is forced to stay with Pewku at a critical part of the journey--little does he know that this saves his life.

3. As I'm sure you already realize Takua isn't Takanuva--this is the third big variation. At the final part of the journey they arrive at the same place, the Kini-nui...surrounded by all six Rahkshi. Definately a bad place to be.

However the big difference is that a CAVERN is revealed by the light of the Mask, Takua leaves Jaller and Pewku (See above) and journeys down the passage by his lonesome, Rahkshi in hot pursuit. At the end there's an inscription about sacrifice--I haven't worked out exactly what it says at this time and Takua desperately pushes his hands against the stone the inscription is written on (it's a dead end, by the way)--and unknowingly fulfills the inscription. The wall drains his energy and channels it to the near-dead Toa of Light revitalizing him and allowing to break free from his tomb.

Asking the dying Matoran his name the Toa takes on the prefix Tak in honor of the hero who rescued him. He then proceeds to go lay the royal smackdown on Makuta.

And there you have it, the beginning of BIONICLE: Judgement--sure it doesn't seem much different, but this is the humble beginnings of something that has blossomed far beyond my expectations.

Feel free to leave any feedback you like, good, bad, or ambivalent. I'm always interested in people's thoughts.

Additionally, I will try and get the other BIONICLE: Judgement entries up when I'm not sleep deprived, and thus make sure that they're more coherent.

Coming Soon: BIONICLE: Judgement (2004-2005)
Triad: Gundam SEED Destiny AU
BIONICLE: Judgement (2006)
BIONICLE: Judgement (2007)


Ruby Gloom

Posted by Janus , Oct 02 2007 · 222 views
General Crazy
Okay, so my schedule sucks. A lot. I doubt I will ever be able to actually commit to it.
yeah, I have issues with commitment.

But nevertheless, I am here again, and will HOPEFULLY hit every update this week (Hah, fat chance, Janman)



I love this show, I don't care if it's for kids, I adore it in every way that is humanly possible. I love it the way a man is supposed to love a children's TV show--exhuberantly.

For those of you not in the know, Ruby Gloom is a children's TV show made by the Canadian-based Nelvana.inc company(which in turn is owned by CORUS entertainment) which dreals with the title character, Ruby Gloom, the Happiest girl in the world (Seriously, I want to be this happy, she's awesome)

Ah heck, to make it easier I'll steal a synopsis:
In a Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Gloomsville lives Ruby Gloom and her off-beat circle of friends. Some kids might be afraid of the dark, the eccentric neighbours and the unknown things that dwell in the closet. But Ruby is different – she befriends these strange and sometimes scary creatures. In fact Ruby finds them all delightful. She pays no attention to their unusual appearances, perceptive only to their hearts and souls. Ruby is the happiest girl in the world, always trying to be cheerful in the face of gloom! Ruby's perfect day is a gloomy one, full of creativity and adventure with her offbeat circle of friends. Ruby Gloom is an ironic comedy with an emphasis on the importance of friendship.

I first stumbled across this strange and hilarious show whilst killing an hour before work. Flipping around the channels I caught it about halfway through and was amazed at the way they turned predictable cliche's into unpredictable--and comedic situations. There were also many references that it was quite obvious were not put there for kids, one of my favourites being from Poe: "If the button fits, you must acquit."

Hearing that from a kid's TV show made me burst out laughing--and even the ending credits had their own quirky charm.

Dissapointed in not knowing the name of this show, I did some research and of course found out that the incredibly adorable masthead character shared her name with the show, and thus my love was born.

But enough about that, let's the dramatis personae in this wonderful and quirky saga.


As I said before, this is the series' adorable masthead figure(ine?) and also the self-described Happiest Girl in the world. Her catchphrase (which isn't used to an infuriating degree!) is "Always look on the bright side, unless the dark side is your bright side--and that's okay too!"

I love this girl, she rocks <3

Okay, first off: If your heart does not melt hearing the name "Doom kitty" You are dead to me. Seriously, get out of this blog.

ANYHOW, Doom Kitty is a ridiculously intelligent and just plain cute cat (or rather, kitty.) Unfortunately, being not magical she cannot talk! (YAY) and thus must speak in awesomely adorable (The words "Cute" and "adorable" are going to be used a lot in this entry. Deal with it.) pantomime.

Unfortunately, most people can't understand this either and Doom Kitty is left on her own until Ruby pieces together what exactly it is that she wants. <3 you, Doom Kitty.

Boo Boo is a ghost who has utterly failed in every way inhumanly possible. Imagine he was one of the Ghostly Trio from Casper---except that he couldn't scare anyone, ever, period.

See, he was invisible until he made his first scare--unfortunately he couldn't scare anyone! So he accidentally got covered in flour and scared...well, Scaredy Bat. The most easily frightened thing that has ever lived. Thus Boo dedicated his life to scaring Scaredy as many times as is ghostly possible.

He kinda fails at everything else anyhow. So good on you, Boo Boo.

Scaredy Bat is in a rather parasetic relationship with Boo Boo. Boo Boo terrifies Scaredy, Scaredy gets scared, Boo Boo enjoys said fright and continues the process as many times as he can in a day.

My favourite moment between the two was in the first episode I ever saw, wherein they confiscated Boo Boo's notebook on what he'd been doing. It was as follows:
10:00 - Scared Scaredy in the bathroom
10:05 - Scared Scaredy in the Shower
10:07 - Scared Scaredy in the bathroom mirror
10:10 - Scared Scaredy in the bathroom again

And so on. It made me giggle.

Frank and Len are brothers--brothers in the same body, obviously, but brother's nonetheless. Frank is the smarter of the two--or is it Len? Nah, I think Len's the 'hipper' of the two.

Anyhow, these two brothers make up their own band, and in one episode put on a rock-opera--which wasn't really a rock-opera, but I digress. Frank and Len are some pretty funny characters, and little things like the way their clothes are always different from one another are pretty cool.

Also, Len looks like he's needs more sleep. Desperately

Iris is an interesting character. Hyper as all get-out and an absolute daredevil she'll do anything she can to get an adrenaline rush. This includes jumping on a trampoline on a high branch of a tree. Then grabbing an even higher branch and spinning around it madly.

Of course this means that Ruby occasionally has to bail her out, so she doesn't, y'know, die.

She's kinda crazy, really. But in a good way.

Poe is an intellectual who likes to think he's better than everyone else in the mansion. Naturally he's often smacked down and told (read: forced) to be polite. Ruby also discovers his secret, and sensitive side in one episode--his response?
"Tell anyone and I'll deny everything"

He also has two brothers, Edgar and Allen.

Yes, Mr. Buns looks both cute and creepy, yes it is possible. That's also his general character--Mr. Buns was made by Ruby out of old socks in a very involved procedure that involved a blowtorch, a hammer, scissors, glue gun, and I don't even know what else. He's also apparently alive--HE STOLE HER BUNS.

Ruby Loves Mr. Buns, though I'm unsure if this is because he's controlling her brain, really, he's kinda spooky at times. I love him though <3

Skullboy is awesome, I'm also fairly sure he and Ruby have a crush on each other. Everyone repeat after me.


Wonderful. Anyhow, Skullboy is a jack of a all trades, and is always trying to do something new, from private investigator to mad scientist to...well, I don't really know.

But I do know he made himself a robot dad!

Man, that was a weird episode.

Misery is my favourite character ever. Ever. EVER.

She's aptly named, everything bad in the world happens to her, consistantly. In fact I believe she was once struck by lightning twice.

She has a song written about her by Frank and Len, a freaking awesome song (As if there was any doubt) But the best thing? Even though she looks miserable, and even though all of this bad stuff always happens to her she doesn't let it get to her, she's actually quite happy. If anything bad happens to her she just gives off a resigned "Ow" and keeps trudging on.

<3 Misery <3

Go check it yourself

Coming Soon: BIONICLE: Judgement (2003-2005)
On Shivaree
BIONICLE: Judgement (2006)
Triad: Gundam SEED Destiny AU
BIONICLE: Judgement (2007)


On The Current State Of Bionicle

Posted by Janus , Sep 23 2007 · 109 views
Again I die and break my schedule, I know, I know.

Its been a crazy week, and I'm tired. In fact I should probably save this for the Monday update, but I wanna get it out of the way. Or something like that.


On the current state of BIONICLE

I'm not happy.

Strong words to start off with, I know, but it's true. I'm simply not happy with BIONICLE at this time.

Now, before the accusations begin pouring in that I've grown out of it, or I'm a 2001-2003 fan, or something like that. Allow me to head that off--yes, In a way I've grown out of it, however I still purchase and enjoy the sets, and still read the comics and enjoy some of the media, as for being a 2001-2003 fan? I'll admit it, I love the Toa Olda--and I think the Toa Nuva were the most ugly things ever, I also highly enjoyed 2004 and others. This is not about not being on Mata-Nui, or anything like that. This is simply my opinion on the current state of BIONICLE, and the main problem points I've found.

Problem point #1

Like many of you, I recall when BIONICLE first came out, and recalling the dissapointment that was Robo-riders and Throwbots/Slizers I warily stayed away--and then that accursed and beloved first comic appeared in mailbox and I was instantly hooked, the powerful story, the mysterious origin, everything was so very fascinating to me--and it continued to be throughout...until the first crash. Mask of Light.

Now, don't misunderstand, I liked the movie well enough, heck, I still have it. My problem laid with the gaps in the comics, "CONTINUED IN MASK OF LIGHT" well, that bugged me, but it was minor enough that I could overlook it.

2004 came with much fanfare, a return to the past and an interesting story of the Turaga we knew and loved as powerful (if somewhat unsure) Toa. It was an interesting story psychologically, going from the powerful and confident Toa Nuva to the unsure and frightened Toa Metru--and then that accursed thing appeared in the comics "CONTINUED IN LEGENDS OF METRU NUI"--or at least as far as I recall, as it was around this time that LEGO central seemingly forgot that I was to be sent comics as well as catalogues. Three catalogues, no comics. Frustrating.

Likewise with 2005, but at least this time they were organized and didn't send me ANYTHING. No catalogues, no comics. 2005 passed without much fanfare from me (minus of course, my own stories) I also managed to snare every toy from this period minus some the Rahaga and the playsets.

Ah, 2006 the return to comics and the return to the Nuva--or not. The Piraka were interesting, as was the new art style, but I couldn't help but feel that I wasn't getting the whole story, everything was being told in fragments, little tiny pieces of a greater whole. Where once I could pick up a comic and be quite up-to-date on the general going-ons in the mysterious world of BIONICLE, they started to become shallow, with little information and lots of fighting. (and this is a trend that's continued in my eyes.)

And so to come to the crux of the issue, I find it wonderful that the BIONICLE books exist, it's a great way to give the story some depth--however now I find that the BOOKS are what contain most of the story, and the comics are really there to showcase all the nice toys you can buy, and show how 'cool' everyone is.

A dissapointment, in my eyes.

Problem Point #2

A sensitive spot for many, I know. It is not that I dislike the characters, no, I quite enjoy many of them. It's more the fact that in my eyes in many ways they've ceased being just that, characters, rather they seem in many ways to be character-types.

One of the reasons I fell so madly in love with the story of BIONICLE was the rich characters woven seamlessly with the story. The Turaga while all wise were also all distinctly different, the Toa while powerful had different opinions on how power should be used, they fought, they lost, they argued and they seemed to live. Around 2005 I began to notice this changing, with the advent of the books much of the life seemed to be leaving from the characters--even in said books (I've read quite a few of them, thank you very much) they simply weren't diverse, weren't interesting. It was as though one archetype was chosen and simply given different colours and slightly different views.

I noticed this more than ever in 2006. Describe the defining characteristics of The Piraka, Vezon, and The Inika. Now describe the characteristics of the Toa Nuva--notice a difference?

It was also around this time that characters truly began to suffer--gone were the brave and diverse Matoran of Mata-Nui, no, upon transforming into Toa it was as though they'd lost their old personalities completely--and still feel this. The Toa Mahri to me seem flat and uninteresting. Now I will admit that I have not read any of the books, but I going back to my first point, I don't think someone should have to read all the books simply to feel like there's a real character, rather than a generic hero.

Problem Point #3

This refers to two things, one, the construction of the sets, while having a definate shakeup in 2007, has been growing more and more generic. Two piece body, plus head, plus limbs. The Toa Mahri and Barraki were a welcome change, but even then the "Warriors" as they're now called, seem like more of the same--not in that they're all the same, as Gadunka is just about the most different thing I've ever seen from BIONICLE ever--but in construction. The pieces seem to be growing ever larger ESPECIALLY in larger sets--now I am not at all advocating for a return to the "Technic" style of the 2001 Rahi, nor the Bahrag. I'm asking for a between-ground.

Back in 2003-2005 I could take any of my larger sets, and using only those pieces create something else, be it a Rahi or a Toa or another figure, I could create something.

So I decided to do the same when I bought Vezon and Fenrakk--and was absolutely shocked that there was little I could do with the pieces, they were simply too large to do anything good looking with.

Now I understand that that MOCers are not the primary market for BIONICLE--heck, we barely fit in at all, but as this is my opinion, I felt I should state it.

The second structure?


I believe that BIONICLE has a fascinating story, a story in many ways WEIGHED DOWN by the toys. While some of the toys are simply amazing, the fact that we have to constantly 'mutate' or otherwise change previously known Toa or 'create' them from somewhere is frustrating. Now I understand that LEGO is a play company, but I feel that the STORY should be at the forefront--Throwbots and Roboriders were good toys, but were utterly defeated by a lack of story. And now I feel that in many ways BIONICLE is fallling into the same trap, wherein Greg is forced to adapt sets into the story, rather than deciding
"This is where we feel the story should go, could you create _____?" Which I feel would be a far superior structure.

Problem Point #4

BIONICLE, in my eyes always walked a fine line. Mysterious and fantastical, yet tempered with the obvious technology of the world (I mean, they're bio-mechanical)...yet with the advent of Metru Nui we began to move away from that and technology began to rise to the forefront, gone were the trials of seeking for the mystical Kanohi masks--here you could simply create them as you pleased, this problem has in many ways fluctuated, as we managed to go to a more primitive location on Voya Nui--unfortunately the Piraka and Inika felt that they needed technologically superior weapons in order to combat one another--even in 2007 we see this trait, Toa with high-tech gattling guns?

It seems that in many ways BIONICLE has decided to stop walking that line and has sided unconditionally with Technology.

I will also admit that much of my problems come from the "Kanohi" from 2004 onwards. While the interesting characters distracted me from it, I now find that what I had hoped wasn't true was indeed--gone are the simple and almost tribal mask shapes, masks that look ancient and powerful, now there are complicated and elaborate designs that obviously have a more technological and futuristic bend to them.

For example, compare the Faxon of Hahli Mahri to the KauKau of Gali Olda, the difference is astonishing.

Now while there is much more that I could nitpick, that's not the point of this entry. I still quite enjoy BIONICLE in many ways and am thankful it continues, and am thankful for all the hard work that LEGO puts into making it, these are just my thoughts on its current state.

Finally, as many people will undoubtedly say "If you don't like it, why don't you do better", or even "LEGO is all about making your own stuff" To them I say, I can, I have, and will continue to do so.

If you want to see my take (Which I understand in many ways would be impossible for Greg to do) then you'll get your chance in my upcoming entry. BIONICLE: Judgement

Coming Soon: Ruby Gloom
BIONICLE: Judgement 2003-2005


Why My Room Is A Nightmare

Posted by Janus , Sep 18 2007 · 122 views
General Crazy
And hark I hear the angels sing!

Yes, up until now my computer has been sporadic and a general nightmare, interrupting my schedule and my planned updates (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, by the way)

BUT, now that I have a UPS (Universal Power Supply) for my computer I. AM. BACK. And it feels so good!

So without anything futher, I bring to you to the main purpose of this deranged entry.


My room is rather small.

Not super small, not by any great stretch, but it's a fairly small place...It's also missing a wall, but that's another subject altogether.

No, my room is a nightmare because it's so small, and because I have so much bloody stuff...Or rather, because I can't organize it properly.

Envision this if you will, My room is likely about 12 ft 10 ft. Not the smallest by any convential means, but certainly a rather small location.

Now fill it with a computer desk, a night table, a small rolling cabinet, two large clothes dressers, one large armchair, and a large set of shelves.

Then add in the MASSIVE amount of LEGO from Age 5 onwards, add in the rather impressive (If I do say so myself) book collection, add in the assorted odds and ends, add in the swords, add in the gargantuan amount of CD's and DVD's, add in the Comic books, add in the manuals, the models, the writing supplies scattered all across my room, and of course all of the assorted tech pieces that hang around.

Now take every last one of these and scatter them all across my room. Especially the floor.

That's why my room is a nightmare, because I've been cleaning it for the past three weeks.

BUT, I gotta say, it's also a dream. It's so much fun going through everything in my room, and reorganizing it. I still feel twinges of both pride and nostalgia when I crack open a plastic container and find a toy that I bought when I was maybe four or five. I still have little bits and pieces that I love to death, and don't plan to get rid of.

But I also feel I'm doing a good thing, not only am I making my room cleaner and more organized, I'm also helping others. I have two boxes full of stuff I'm giving away, and am already halfway through another bag. I'm also just plain getting rid of recycle and garbage that's sat around for forever.

So I suppose my room's a nightmare simply because it's not finished yet.

Coming Soon: On the current state of BIONICLE
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The Claidi Journals

Posted by Janus , Sep 06 2007 · 101 views
General Crazy
So I believe I'm actually attempting to get myself into some sort of warped and disturbed schedule. As though I was trying to give all two of you who read my blog some sort of regular basis on which you could read my disconnected and generally insane thoughts.

No, I don't know what I'm smoking. Chances are I shouldn't be, though...whatever it is.

So with enough lead-in, let's get right to the point of this entry.

The Claidi Journals

Now, let me go on record as saying I cannot believe I just took the time to colour all that. I mean, wow, that's lame. And it looks ugly, I know it looks ugly. Claidi would smack me over the head with her journal. Hard. Ow.

Now for those of you not in the know (AKA: All of you minus Lah) The Claidi Journals are in fact a series of four books--about a girl by the name of Claidi (SHOCKING!) Or possibly Claidi-baa-baa. If you're a brat.

The entire series begins (surprisingly enough) at the beginning, the first book (Which actually could have been the only book. It was that good)

Wolf Tower

In this book we meet the young Claidi, our heroine and possibly creator, depending on how you look at it. Claidi's story is told, interestingly enough more of an epistulary format, with everything happening just slightly after real-time.

Essentially the entire story is told through a series of messages to herself--hence the name of the entire series The Claidi Journals.

Now we meet Claidi as a young slave girl--and unlike a lot of slave stories I didn't find myself going "Dude, lame," or even "A slave would be murdered for that," or my personal favourite "This makes no sense." Nay, instead I found myself becoming genuinely interested in the world that Claidi painted before me--a very strict culture wherein RULES and TRADITIONS are ironclad and sacrosanct (They're really, really important).

Naturally, our young heroine manages to escape this prison-of-a-home (Oh come on, do you really want to read the real adventures of a slave girl? "On sunday I washed the mistresses' laundry--on Monday we had a scary experience, someone lost a shoe." I mean, I will be honest, Claidi's slave life is more interesting than most, but had the entire book been like that I would have been driven utterly mad.

Now I'll let you guys in a little bit more than you'll find on the back cover--Claidi's escape is done thanks to a mysterious stranger (Who isn't tall, nor dark--but he is handsome. Two outta three isn't bad) named Nemian. Now allow me a moment to say HATE. But nothing more on that.

Claidi and Nemian escape out into the world away from her harsh upbringing--why, praytell? Because Nemian plans to take her to the place of her birth...the Mysterious and (seriously) far away Wolf Tower.

Aaaand exit stage left.

No, the book doesn't end there, but I'm not going to tell you everything that happens, jeeze!

Suffice to say that I am a seasoned veteran of Fantasy and Sci-fi, I know what I like, and I know what I don't like--and the Claidi Journals (Especially the first and fourth) snared me like a fish on a hook. There's something intriguing and original about them that just keeps you coming. Be ready for plenty of twists though.

Aaaaaaand all the way to the next book

Wolf Star

The next book begins with Claidi Spoilering Spoiler, after that Spoiler manages to get Spoiler, and our unlucky heroine is taken to Spoiler to meet Spoiler.

Okay, I had to do that. I absolutely had to, just because I could. I HAVE THE POWER.

Aaaanyhow, the next book in The Claidi Journals begins with our heroine Claidi, fresh from her adventures in the world, and especially with the Wolf Tower....unnnfortunately for her (But lucky for us, so we're not, y'know, bored) she's KIDNAPPED and taken to a mysterious location far above a far off jungle. It's known simply as The Rise.

Now I must interject and say this, The Rise drives me absolutely insane. It is quite possibly the most inane place in the world that seems like it was made simply because someone went "I can do this, whee!" (Which of course it was. Lucky me)--Why do I say this? Why simply because The Rise moves around at random--yes, you heard me right. It moves. A room one ONE side of The Rise could be across the enormous complex overnight.

It would drive me Insane.

Anyhow, at the rise Claidi meets the mysterious (everything is mysterious in these books. EVERYTHING. A flower? MYSTERIOUS.) Prince Venn--who looks disturbingly like somebody she left behind. Of course it's left up to us (as the back cover says) to uncover why Venn and Claidi have been brought to The Rise and what purpose lays for them there.

Well, I won't spoil it, but I'll tell you this. The Wolf Star.

An unnaturally bright star that rises circles the sky and then sets in the same location.

Interested yet?

Too bad, next book.

Wolf Queen

First off, allow me to say: THIS IS TRICKY. Trying to explain all that's transpired in these books without giving away key things from the first is tricky. So here's the deal, stop reading this blog right now, okay? Good, go to www.Amazon.com. Awesome, now search for "The Claidi Journals" got that? good, buy them. Buy them all. DO IT.

And now on with the...talking? Typing? Explaining?

When we last left Claidi she had managed to escape the aggravating and active Rise, and return to her home (No, not the one where she's a slave. She's not that stupid)--unfortunately people lied about her, and now home isn't exactly home again. Leaving on the trail of her fast-moving lover she encouters all sorts of weirdness, such as a talking animal (Doesn't happen much in this story, sorry folks) and a weird town that tends to be either red or pink. <3 pink.

Soon after visiting the town, and being tailed by a MYSTERIOUS (There's today's buzzword, kids) and menacing JELLY (Yeah, I know, it's hard to be menacing with a name like that. Give him credit where it's due.) She's sent packing off to the North, where it always snows (No, it's not Canada. it doesn't do that here. I'm serious.)

In the North she finds something she never expected to find--people who could be her true family, and the respect of a people--but they're also people from a mysterious and supposedly defunct tower, like the Wolf Tower from so long ago.

Like before, I can't explain much about the title of this one, because spoilers freakin' abound. But I'll simply say this. A Wolf Queen who can control the towers is supposed to be born.

Exuent book the third, naturally there's plenty of stuff you're missing, but you need to BUY THE BOOKS.

Wolf Wing

First of all, yes, your mind is not playing tricks on you. That is a FACE MOUNTAIN. Second of all, yes, it creeped me out too. I mean, LOOK AT IT.

Now to begin with, Claidi, our dearest and darling heroine has grown up--nay, she has matured, and is now in fact married. Give her a hand folks!


With the applause out of the way, following her wedding, her new hubby and her fancy a trek back to her old crazyslavehome. Luckily a rebellion has occured, so their wedding present isn't forcing her into old rags and making her clean the toilet. (Lucky for her, huh?)

After catching up with some friends of hers, they are sent a communique from someone with power in the Wolf Tower--and we discover that a powerful force has been in existance all this time--perhaps manipulating and controlling Claidi and her friends, altering the way the world works for her own whims.

This woman, Ustareth, as she's named on the cover has incredible power and has managed to amass her own little world...but she asks that our heroine and her entourage visit her.

Now I gotta say, after reading through all the other books, I was scared about what might happen in this one. I mean, even once you get over the FACE MOUNTAIN there's a mysterious woman who's possibly been manipulating them since birth? Hello, creeped out much?

As for this title, I can't say anything on it, there's absolutely nothing that can be said.

Oh yeah, there is this.


Next up: Why my room is a nightmare
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Lego Star Wars Ii

Posted by Janus , Sep 03 2007 · 133 views
Games & Stuff
'lo all.

I'm actually going to make the odd attempt to update this blasted thing every once in a while. Especially as I have set out my entries ahead of time. I'm actually working on a deadline or something, it's rather creepy.

Now, first off, some things I neglected to mention about Gurumin:

A. The little girl fights with a DRILL. Giant magic drill, it's fairly awesome. In addition to this, every strike you make levels up your drill, and there are up to three levels to achieve--however it's not a set thing, if you're hit too many times at any level, you will be forced back to an earlier level. This is easily tracked on the drill gauge.

B. The attacks you learn are fabulous and awesome, in addition to the standard hilarious attacks (Pretty missile kick, etc) there are learnable attacks that you gain by purchasing drill upgrades--why are these so wonderful? Because they were made for the button masher. Lah and I button-mashed our way through more combos than ever before, but it was also very possible to learn the combos and execute them precisely. Plus there are elements for the drill, Fire parts, shock parts, and ice parts. It's a surprisingly customizable weapon.

C. Unlike most other games, Healing is awesome. Rather than taking a med-pack, getting a band-aid, drinking medecine, etc...there are two different ways of healing in this game. The first is the heal point, which looks like a stone platform which suddenly engulfs you in light and has a circle of runes encircling you. It's surprisingly cool looking. Two...you eat, but you don't just eat boring foods, no, you eat COOKIES and CHOCOLATE and STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (which Parin loves more than life itself) each of which restores a different amount of life. Of course the kid's also able to ingest GEMSTONES, which is slightly creepy..but hey!

Now to the main reason of this entry...

LEGO Star Wars: II

This game is also awesome, super-awesome even, it is basically TIED with Gurumin in levels of awesome--and I even have a slightly glitchy-slowish-annoying-at-times copy!

LEGO Star Wars II is fairly obviously all 'bout Star Wars--but in this case it is the ORIGINAL Trilogy (Which I adore, ew, prequels) AKA episodes IV, V, and VI.

The story naturally follows these three episodes, tying each together flawlessly. The central hub of this game is Mos Eisley Cantina, wherein you can go to various destinations. Listed here.
  • The Bar - where you can receive hints, unlock extras, input codes, and buy extra characters (As well as check your overall progress and time.) It also autosaves for you here
  • The Bacta tanks - where you can create your own terrible LEGO Monstrosity. I call mine Princess <3
  • The Outside - where you can look at your various spaceships and vehicles that you unlock.
  • Wireless cafe - which is fairly obvious. Here's your WiFi area for multiple players
  • The Episodes - At first only IV is available, but upon completing the first mission V and VI are unlocked, allowing you to play them in any order you want (I'm a purist, IV first!)
  • Extras - a PSP exclusive where you can fight the bosses of Episodes I, II, and III (As well as unlock certain characters)
But that's not all! If you're a character with a blaster, blow the stuffing out of the chairs in the Cantina and you'll receive studs--if you're a Sith or Jedi you can use your mumbo-jumbo on the lightymajigs and get more studs. (They're money, Puffin. Money, not men)

Gameplay is fairly simple, if somewhat disturbing in that you are an unholy ghost that posesses people's bodies--I'm semi serious. By pressing the triangle button a shock of blue light goes from one character to the other (If you only have two characters on screen) and suddenly you control the other. Kinda creepy o.o;

Luckily the fun doesn't end there! (Because if it did, this would be one lame game) as there's so much unlockable content--the game can be 'beaten' and then it can be Mastered. Beating the level does litttle unless you can find the various things hidden within. For example, in every one of the 30(!) levels, there are 10 Mini-capsule kits and One power brick, discovering each of these is worth one gold brick (There are seemingly 150 in all) Additionally beating the level gets you another gold brick, attaining True Jedi status (IE: Getting a lot of money. Apparently all you have to do to be a Jedi is get lots and lots and lots of money. I'm down with that) gets you a fourth, and finally playing the level in the PSP-exclusive Challenger mode gets you a fifth. There are five gold bricks in each level.

Naturally it would be too easy for you to only have to play through once to hit all the Mini-capsules, so the creators made it a wee more difficult--and fun. Once you've played through the story mode you unlock freeplay, in which you can choose which character you play as (7 or so additional characters will be randomly assigned in order to give you the best range of abilities) Which is incredibly fun, especially as each character is unique. For example: Captain Antilles does a strange little dance before removing his blaster, Princess Leia seems to enjoy slapping people a bit too much, and Imperial forces cannot double-jump--instead they fall flat on their face.

Certain areas are only accessible to certain members, for example some doors are locked by a Stormtrooper only camera, whereas some areas are available through certain abilities that you must discover, IE: Blowing up everything with thermal detonators until something finally explodes.

IN ADDITION TO THIS (Kind of scary that there's more, isn't it?) There are also vehicular levels--and vehicular levels with Freeplay, where you can play with the various ships and transports you unlock.--which is a lot--and getting all those Golden bricks let you build something else.

But wait, there's more! (It just goes on and on, doesn't it?) Each of the Power-bricks allows you unlock special abilities, for example I have thus far unlocked: Super blasters, (It's in the name, blow things up!) Super Lightsabers, (They turn purple and go scary powerful) Invincibility (You don't die from shots, or lose studs when you plummet off an edge), and Self-detonation (I'm fairly sure I don't want to use that one...yet)

As for the characters? Oh there's just a few, only around ONE-HUNDRED AND TWENTY to unlock. Additonally, for every character you unlock you gain more pieces for your Bacta-horror.

And then you finally get to the levels, the levels just plain rock, each is tricky and interesting and undeniably Star Wars--with LEGO humor thrown in, such as hot-tubbing Stormtroopers (Playable character, by the way!) And Darth Vader popping minifig heads off, rather than choking.

My personal favourite is the fact that there is not ONE utterance of dialogue throughout this game so you get to watch LEGO Star Wars characters act crazy with only facial expressions and the occasional grunt or groan--or unintenilligble mutter.

Overall, once again, BUY THIS GAME. It rules the PSP.

My only complaint is that, unlike Gurumin, LEGO Star Wars II is not a fan of you turning the system off in midplay to conserve battery power, and goes through a laboriously long boot-up phase.

Coming up next: The Claidi Journals
Why my Room is a nightmare
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Let's Guruguru~

Posted by Janus , Aug 30 2007 · 141 views
Games & Stuff
Okay guys, so I've been dead, I've been really, really, really dead.

Like, zombified even.

But I'm back now, I'm unsure who cares, but I'm kindasortamaybeprobablynot back.

And now that my preamble is out of the way, let's head into the main entry.


Now, no doubt somebody will accuse me of not using the proper title, as the subtitle of "A monstrous adventure" wasn't on the original PC version of Gurumin--but I don't care, I played the PSP version first, and I ADORE IT.

So here's the basic story. You play as a young girl, a young adorable girl (with a good voice actor!), who is smart and sarcastic and funny. You go into the world of MONSTERS where everything, EVERYTHING is cute. I'm serious, I couldn't bring myself to attack my enemies at first because they're so friggin' adorable.

Over time you discover more monsters, as well as fight the 'big four' villains. I'll take some time to describe them now.

Puku: He has leaves on his head. LEAVES. ON HIS HEAD. He also has a good voice actor and I love him.

Pino: She has a flower on her head. So last month. Also, annoying voice actor at times, still can't help but love her, though.

Pierre: He's a french monster, okay? He's awesome, so very awesome. He's purple, and has a hat, and a dove underneath his hat, and he's so very awesome. <3 Gentlemonster <3

Poco: Blueboy can't dance. At all. Fairly good Voice actor, but nothing to write home about.

Motoro: Big cat monster who runs away so much, he's adorable as heck--and his deep voice just makes him hilarious.

Rocko: He's got a bad case of erosion, it makes me laugh. His voice is fairly okay, and very funny at times.

Chucky: He's the youngest, and wants to be a grown up. He usually fails in his regard, he's adorable, though.

Doug & Digby: The mole brothers. One's a miner, the other's a rockstar--a half-blind directionally impaired rockstar. Oh man, I love these moles.

Pecky: He's creepy and weird. Look at him. LOOK AT HIM. We never hear him talk, I'm thankful.

Doc: He's awesome, he really, really is. He's also bubblegum pink <3

Parin: The girl you play as, she has all sorts of different headgear and outfits. She rocks so much.

And now for the VILLAINS (Sidenote: I was able to procure far better pictures of the big four than I was of anyone else. Oh the irony)

Now the villains in this game are known as Phantoms, another breed of monster that's been invading for some unknown reason, these are the four servants (Technically five) who serve their mysterious leader.

Bob: He's a musclehouse boxer who's not really that smart, I mean, really, not that smart. He speaks slowly in general aside from the word "Armor!"

Mosby: Mosby owns one third of my soul, Mosby is incredibly awesome, ONE: Because he's a moth, TWO: Because he's adorable, THREE: Because nobody can understand a word that comes out of his mouth. NOT ONE.

Roger: He's purple, he's a fish, he likes diamond rings and is rather...effeminate at times. He also seems to like the Prince more than he should. Put it together and you'll understand why Roger owns the second third of my soul.

Cream: She's so cute. SO CUTE. She talks with a valley girl accent, but nevertheless you can't help but fall in love with her. She also competes with Roger for the prince's affections, and seems geniunely worried about what's going on. She's also pink, and owns the third third of my soul.

Giga & The Prince: Giga is the big one, he doesn't say anything except his own name, and is apparently just a big scary floating monster killing thing. The prince on the otherhand is downright awesome, he uses weapons from hypodermic needles to fans to butcher knives. He's just plain cool, and his voice is fairly good too.

Nowwww that the characters are all out of the way. Setting:

Monster world: All of the levels have funny names, such as "Spinach Caverns", "Eggplant Caves", "Mile Palace", etc. They're fun.

Finally, the objective of the game? Well, obviously stop the phantoms--but what else?

Break stuff.

I'm so serious, LehvakLah and I played this game so much that we started looking at trees, walls, and columns in the real world and going "I'd love to drill through that."

Overall, the game just plain rocks. I'm going to say this, if you own a PSP and DO NOT own Gurumin, you're missing out.

Especially at only $19.99 USD.

Next up: Lego Star Wars II
Then: The Claidi Journals



Posted by Janus , Jan 22 2007 · 84 views
General Crazy
Mainly yours.

They're very tasty, you know?

I suggest you follow THE RULES

Or else I get to eat your sig. <3




Willows Shouldn't Have To Weep

Posted by Janus , Nov 15 2006 · 90 views
Crazy Writing
A young boy once asked a willow
“Why is that you weep?”

The willow replied with a heavy sigh
“I weep for those who sleep.”

“I weep for those asleep in the ground,
For they buried and forgot
I weep for those once fought bravely
But are now just left to rot”

“I weep for these gardens of stone,
A decayed and tragic lot.
And I weep at the thought that you,
Dear boy, may one day fill a plot”

“I weep for the foreign soldier,
so far from his home dear
I weep for his mother and brother,
For whom death must seem so near”

“For those who lay ‘neath bloody skies
For those who show no fear
For those with fire burning in their eyes
It is for them I shed a tear”

The boy was silent, too stunned to reply,
But he mustered his courage and asked
“Why is it so many must die?”

“For oil, for food, for pride
For land, and water, and to bridge a great divide.
For lies and deceit and treachery in all they do,
But also for hope,
and truth, and freedom strong and true”

“For orders given and orders received,
For angels and for dens of thieves
For weapons and cannons and endless gun rounds
This is why the death knoll so often sounds”

The boy fell silent and tears sprang to his eyes,
It felt like it was hopeless
As though he was trapped by the prince of flies

The old willow watched this and felt its boughs bend deep,
Then it held the boy in its many arms and asked
“Boy, why is that you weep?”

The boy looked up, his tears fell to the ground below
but in his eyes was a strength even he did not know
“I weep for the atrocities, the tragedies, the inhumanity of it all!
I weep for my mother, and my brother, and whoever else may fall!”

“I weep for the waste of creativity,
the tragic loss of life
I weep for my future enemy,
and she who may one day be his wife”

“I weep for ignorance, for lies like a spider’s web
for sadness itself and for the water’s flow and ebb
For life, and death, and for every question “why?”
these are some of the reasons for which I now cry”

The boy and the willow stood there,
in a silence profound and deep
“And for you too willow,
for you I also weep”

“The sins of this world are ours,
The burden’s ours to bear
That you must feel our mistakes
Simply feels unfair,
though I know that in a world like this
That fairness doesn’t exist
It is still something
that I must insist”

“And so tonight, in bed, before I go to sleep
I will tell god above, myself
Willows shouldn’t have to weep”



At This Time Called The End

Posted by Janus , Oct 19 2006 · 122 views
Games & Stuff
That's right, if you read that title up there you'll realize I'm tired of this blog and I'll be deleting it within a few days. This is the end.

Haha, no.

The title up there refers to The End, by master author Lemony Snicket of the Series of Unfortunate Events. In fact when we first discovered the thirteenth unfortunate book in the tragic tale of the Baudelaire orphans it was known as that At this time called The End. Frankly, upon retrospect and finishing the book myself I agree with this title more. The End conveys the finality that was had in this final volume but not the...feel of the book. It needs that more mythical feel of At this time called The End

I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the final iteration in the sad saga of the Baudelaire orphans. It was certainly unlike anything I've read before, and even managed to differ significantly from the other books in the Series of Unfortunate Events in the overall feel of the book. I knew it would be something that varied from the rest but I suppose I wasn't expecting such a large distance between the twelfth and thirteenth unlucky tales.

I won't spoil anything in the book, not only because I fear Puffin's wrath, but also simply out of respect for all of those who have yet to read it. It's one of those things that you need to actually read because of all that happens.

I will however say that I was left feeling slightly hollow at the end of the book, whether that was because I was feeling sick, frustrated with my impended progress on computer repairs/upgrades and slightly tired is unknown at this time. Perhaps I'll give it another read-through after my mom's finished and see what she thinks.

I'll also say that it's undoubtedly not what you're expecting. It is not a nice wrap-up of everything in a neat little bow. I'll give it a few more weeks before I post my actual thoughts, however. As I don't want to spoil anyone.

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