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Thoughts can be Dangerous.


Organic Protodermis and Toa of the Green

Posted by Roki , Jun 10 2014 · 467 views
Lore, The Green, Plant Life and 1 more...
It’s been some time since my last blog entry or even my last burst of activity on BZPower.
I may post this in S&T later once I’ve re-worked it into more a concrete theory and less of jumble of words my brain has spat out onto the blog post.

As a further development of my theory outlined in my previous blog post about the functions of different types of Matoran in the Matoran Universe, I outlined what I believed to be the function of the Bo-Matoran as a method of maintenance of the various flora made from organic Protodermis throughout the Mata-Nui robot.

The primary point of this theory is a look into the question: Why only flora?

We've been told by Greg and several references in the universe that the entirety of the matoran universe is comprised of various forms of Protodermis.

"Protodermis is the material which makes up the Matoran Universe and all living things and objects inside it." [BS01]

Now Matoran, like all other sapient species in the matoran universe are made up of a combination of mechanical and organic components. The mechanical components are comprised of pure solid protodermis whilst the organic components are comprised of what is reffered to as organic protodermis. 

"Organic Protodermis is a type of Protodermis that makes up all the organic tissue in the Matoran Universe." [BS01]

Organic tissue is not only found in the sapient species, but also is what makes up all of the Flora in the Matoran Universe.

"The plants of the Matoran universe are made entirely of Protodermis, distinguishing themselves from plants of other worlds."[BS01]


Toa of the Green are able to manipulate this Flora, tapping into the Protodermis which comprises the plant-life, manipulating and also creating it. Some of the Flora in the MU (such as Karzahni and Morbuzakh) even had varying degree's of sentience, making the only real difference between flora and fauna the presence of solid protodermis and shape of being.  This creates an interesting question, if a plant entirely made up of organic protodermis can be sentient, then that form of organic protodermis must be capable of forming at least some variety of brain equivalent capable of higher thought and function, similar at least in composition to the organic parts of the brain that lies within a Toa.
With the above knowledge I see it as a reasonable thought process that if the Toa of the Green are able to control the organic protodermis that comprises the various forms of flora throughout the matoran universe including those that are sentient; they should be also control and manipulate the organic protodermis that lies within matoran or any of the other humanoid inhabitants of the MU. 

As far as I know I don't believe we've had direct confirmation from Greg that a Toa of the Green can't do this. I believe that there are a few reasons which could plausibly explain why we have not seen such usage of the Green in the story-line thus-far whilst allowing for it's inclusion.
  • Unethical behavior / Breaking the Toa Code.  Toa are upright paragons of right and justice, manipulation someone's internal organs can quite easily be seen a fighting dirty or as unethical. This is the same reason why there were no elemental Toa of Acid, despite there being Bohrok of this element. Despite this being seen as unethical to use on enemies, I still believe this can work as a part of the range of powers that the Toa could utilize.
  • No significant Toa of Green in the Lore.  In the entirety of the BIONICLE storyline, we only ever encountered one Toa of the Green: A Toa from Lhikan's past team who died to an attack by the Frostelus. Also due to the Frostelus nature of being sentient Rahi, point 1 would aid in why we never saw him use this power. 
  • Experience required / Hard to control Power. The internal organics of a living humanoid integrated with machinery and programming would be incredibly complicated, it would take a lot of practice and finesse to do so and it may be something everyday Toa of the Green may not be able to accomplish.
  • Too complicated to explain to children. This is fairly self-explanatory, in the same way that psionics did not have large story presence, the green is easier to explain as being simply plant life to children, they can easily understand a plant Toa, but explaining that the plant guy can also manipulated organic components of the Matoran? Not so much. Luckily the ending of the official story line removes this restriction.
  • Possibly confusion with Life Powers. Toa of the Green were introduced during the 2006-2008 story line surrounding the Mask of Life, while the Mask of life doesn't explicitly manipulate organics in any way. It's manipulation of the "Life force" inside every living thing in the Matoran Universe could potentially cause some confusion with an element which could manipulated Flora and to a limited extent Fauna. However, Life is a very different "element" In that all of it's powers are in relation to "Life-Force" while the organic protodermis is simply another form of protodermis. A Toa of Iron, Psionics and the Green could create a being with organic, biomechanical and programmed components but the being would not have the "Life-Force" component analogous to a soul if you will. It would simply be a robot or a golem-like creation. 
With these five reasons in mind, I don't believe that they necessarily mean that non-flora organic manipulation is off the table for Toa of the Green, I've got a few reasons why I believe this would be rather a neat addition to the canon.
  • Interesting and more in depth power usage.  Self explanatory really, it could have a lot of interesting applications and could be used both in and out of combat and give Teams a reason for taking a Toa of the Green to environments which do not have plants.
  • Introducing a 'Healer' element. Aside from Gali Nuva in the 2003 Mask of Light movie, we have never really had the healer trope in a group of Toa, with the ability to create and manipulate the organic protodermis inside their allies. Toa of the Green could become healers for the group, repairing their damaged organics in the same way a Toa of Iron would mend armor. Gali's healing scene can be explained that the exposure to water was helping the organics that had been damaged in Tahu heal slowly with exposure to water. A Toa of the Green would have been able to heal him at a much greater rate. The Toa of Green's knowledge of poisons and toxins from various plants could aid in this role greatly.
  • Making the most of an ambiguous name.  Has Greg decided to name the element "Plant-life" or "Jungle" we wouldn't have this opportunity. The fact that's it's called "the Green" allows us to associate it not with just plants but all organic protodermis. This can easily be explained by having the raw form of organic protodermis take on a green color when channeled for creation of plants or healing. 
  • Possible explanation for lack of Toa of Green. The Makuta actively wiped out Toa of the most powerful elements that they saw as a threat to themselves. Magnetism, Iron, and Plasma were all hunted down. If the Makuta wished to hide their new lack of organic components from Toa in their continued masquerade, Toa of the Green would pose a problem.  
  • Completion of a Self-Maintaining MU. It's been stated before that the Matoran working is what keeps the Matoran universe working. In my previous blog post from 2010, I outlined the various matoran and the purposes that they fulfill in the robot. However there was one missing maintenance job as there was nothing responsible for organic protodermis in sapient beings.
     If the Toa of the Green gain the ability to manipulate and repair the organics within humanoid lifeforms in the Matoran Universe, all aspects of lifeforms inside the MU are now self-relying and maintaining. 
    Toa of Iron can maintain and repair armor and solid protodermis in the mechanical components of beings.
    Toa of Psionics can maintain and fix mental errors and programming malfunctions in the minds of beings.
    Toa of The Green can maintain, and heal injuries and organic protodermis in the bodies of beings.
I've gather a few further thoughts and references on why the organic components of Matoran and Toa would need some form maintenance.

We were told in 2001 that the original Toa Mata had all of their organic components decayed due to their prolonged inactivity and hibernation and possibly the environmental factors associated with being floating in a tube for 1000 years. The Toa also lost their memories as an effect of this, leading me to conclude that the majority of their memories must have been stored in their organic protodermis components or the majority of their 'brain'.
The Mechanical components, made of solid protodermis must have included at least some form of rudimentary secondary brain for survival reactions such as putting themselves back together and basic motion and lower brain function.This would be a core part of Matoran/Toa base programming installed into their machinery.
I'd imagine this would be a similar to how the human body can react to pain before passing on a pain signal to the brain itself, allowing the body to operate on its own in a limited capacity. Similarly the matoran/Toa can operate on it's own until the organics are repaired as seen by the Toa Mata and Matoran hibernated in the spheres . I'd imagine that the Matoran in Karzahni in disrepair were also in a similar state but kept this way as it was stated that Karzahni "stripped them of their identities". This would have been achieved by removing the organics and thus memories and a little bit of reprogramming.
The Toa Mata not only lost all of their memories but also their training and skills, this shows that the organic components are vital for continuing functionality of Toa. The organic components healed on their own slowly, but it was years before any of them regained their memories.
The Metru-nui refugee's also lost their memories and required the pure Toa energy of six Toa simply to awaken them. Potentially, we could still have six Toa Metru running around if there had been a Toa of the Green amongst them.
As I said at the start, this theory is still a work in progress and I'd appreciate any feedback and criticism that you may have to offer.
Thanks for reading.
- Roki


The Inner Workings Of The Matoran Universe

Posted by Roki , Nov 15 2010 · 642 views

Just another Theory I've had sitting my Documents since September. Thought i'd post it up here for some thoughts.

MU Inner Workings
Each Element holds a key part of Functionality for the Matoran Universe.

When the Great beings initially created the matoran universe, upon planning the construction and design of the Robot a need for a robust nano-tech worker emerged. A Base template of a generic template matoran was designed. In order for the system to work as it was being constructed the base matoran template included an "Element" as which this worker would contribute sub-consciously as it worked inside and throughout the system of Mata Nui. These became the Matoran of Light which would both moderate power transfer throughout the MU . Initially They were programmed with several initial functions including self defence algorithms and an inner "System protection algorithm". We know this as the Moral light/shadow settings.
This system was implemented to prevent further damage cause by corruptions in the programming of the Matoran workers. For example; if a matoran becomes corrupted for some reason (Bad moral choices, virus, Error in programming, refusing to obey system parameters to build the robot) The System will enact physical and visible changes to the matoran which allow the other parts of the system to easily identify and quarantine the threat. Thus preventing further corruption.

At this point we have the two basic matoran types.
Matoran of light, the initial matoran created.
Matoran of Shadow, Corrupted matoran

After various successful and unsuccessful testing of the matoran and the construction was coming along nicely. Some changes were to be made to the further templates. Anti-Virus Protection would now be assigned to new improved dedicated system protection and maintenance modules known as Toa.

As the Matoran universe requires workers of many differing types to maintain functionality of the robot, the remaining 'elements' were created as differing templates assigned to the matoran AI programming . These templates contained passive systems maintenance subroutines which kept the varying systems of the MU working. These templates also spread throughout their biomechanical structure allowing them to be easily identified based upon whatever color scheme the template had.
The differing Templates had the following functionality of maintaining the MU.
Systems Maintenance
Psionics - Regulate and maintain programming of internal components, CPU Maintenance.
Lightning - Regulate and control flow of power through the circuits.
Gravity - Inertial Dampeners, Artificial Gravity Stabilisers.
Sonics - Engine and internal MU Noise Dampeners, Communication Circuits
Magnetism - Robotic Movement control, Control Resulting Magnetic Currents and polar stability.
Plasma - Weapons and Propulsion Systems
Iron - Internal Structural support maintenance, prevention of internal and external breaches.
Fire - Regulate Internal Heat levels, Maintain Temperature.
Ice - Regulate Internal Cold Levels, Maintain Temperature.
Light - Regulate Power flow in universe, Regulate Lighting systems esp. Day cycles, Systems running mode. Anti-Virus capability.
Shadow - Regulate Night cycles, System shutdown/Sleep/hibernate mode. Anti-Virus containment

Inhabitant Maintenance
The Green - Maintain Internal Organic and Mechanical Flora.
Psionics - Maintain Internal Mechanical Fauna's/Flora's Programming

Protodermic Maintenance
Earth - Maintain Fine Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Stone - Maintain Raw Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Water - Maintain Liquid Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Air - Maintain Gaseous Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Ice - Maintain Frozen liquid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Fire - Maintain Molten liquid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.
Iron - Maintain Pure Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

-Workers with increase functionality and Protection sub algorithms.
-Designed as an Anti-Virus System.
-Designed to be unable to destroy internal components(Toa Code/Do not kill) and harm inner workings of MU.
-Quarantine Viruses / Threats when able (Toa Seal/Capturing).
- Make sure Internal Systems function and keep working (Protect the Matoran at all costs)
- Have limited run time in order to maximize efficiency. ( Completing Destiny)
- Able to Create more Toa if Virus Threat too big to handle (Toa Stones)
- Still has Functionality to increase worker efficiency once no longer Toa ( Turaga mode).
- Once in this mode, able to warn and prevent against previously encountered Viruses and keep System aware of threats ( Prophecies about Bad guys, Telling Stories of Evil)

Kanohi Masks
- Backup / Residual storage system.
- Creates a temporary cached backup of the wearer in case of system corruption.
- Contain Extra Sub-modules/Subroutines which are able to be accessed by the wearer, like adding an extra function to a program or giving your body an immunisation which can help fight viruses.
-Legendary Kanohi Masks
- More advanced Kanohi which hold a program filled with many subroutines and maintain a core part of the matoran universe.

- Designed to integrate the varying MU Systems together.
-Hence why Can only use Elements in Tandem with each other.
- Located on Zakaz at the base of the MU Neck. A place Filled with nerves that link throughout a human body/ the MU robot.

Artakha and Karzahni

Were both Assigned the Task of Maintaining the Matoran's Physical, Biotic and Mechanical well being to make sure they continued powering the Matoran Universe.
The Great beings rewarded them for their hard work during the creation of the MU with the Mask of Creation to aide them in their duties. However they quickly fought for it and Artakha emerged the victor. After Artakha gained the Legendary kanohi he chose to continue his job via inspiring the matoran to work harder by rewarding them with a paradise of his Creation. Whilst the dejected Karzahni worked on repairing the broken and injured matoran so they could continue working. His Mask designed especially to show him visions of what could happen should he stop doing his job.

-Systems Internal Method Of Learning and adaptation.
-Equipped with 42 various powers for experimentation purposes.
-In charge of Studying "Shadow" Elements of the MU, to understand how they work, How they became corrupted, and create new ~antibodies~ to prevent further infection via the same methods or via methods discovered. They also Created Various other components to the MU in order to make it work more efficiently and keep the MU working.
- This is also known as their ability to Create Various Rahi to populate the MU.

- Originally designed to maintain the flow of Resources throughout the MU's Body.
This distribution of both tools and other materials allows the matoran workers to work more efficiently, whilst simultaneously providing a system somewhat akin to the human bodies resources systems . Though, due to Evolution of the programming in their AI, The production and Selling of Weapons eventually became their primary function.

-Rogue Creations of the GB's, Code was corrupted during the Krana Energized Process.

- Designed quite simply to Destroy the Active Camouflage Created to cover the MU robots Body.
-Originally The Av-Matoran had a Sub-module to turn them into Bohrok after they complete their destiny of creating the Robot. However, this was deemed as an inefficient management of resources by the GB's. As more matoran would constantly need to be created once they transformed. Instead the Toa/Turaga Destiny System was implemented with newer Matoran AI Templates, though it was never removed from the programming of the Av-Matoran.
The Bohrok at this time were programmed to be one of the preposed Six main elements the GB's believed to be used in the MU somewhat modified to be capable of destroying the active camouflage: Fire, Ice, Water, Stone, Earth, Jungle(Acidity). However later in the MU Design Process, it was decided that Air was to replace jungle as a primary element.

Tren Krom
-Primitive AI Designed to maintain the MU whilst under construction.

Yeah its a bit messy and all over the place, but i'd like some feedback if anyone can be bothered to read it all smile.gif



Quadratic Elements Categorization

Posted by Roki , Oct 15 2010 · 5,532 views

Greetings Readers.
This is a project which has been in a work for some time.
To Categorize the existing elements into a 4x4 structure, a continuation from my somewhat ill-fated color wheel.

Recently i had some interesting ideas about changing the placement of several elements from the categories and switching them around including plant-life, shadow, psionics and Magnetism.
The Elemental Diagram Below shows the results of my works.

This Diagram breaks down the elements into four interrelated groups.
I've nicknamed them according to core properties i've grouped them by.
Broken down into 4 Columns and 4 Rows.

Column one contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Fire and under the range of State of matter Plasma.
Group Name: Glowers
State of Matter: Plasma
Core Classical Element: Fire.
Secondary Supporting Elements: Plasma + Lightning.
Tertiary Powerful Element : Light.

As a member of the four classical elements, fire heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of Heat, Flame and Brightness. Fire's polar opposite is Water on the diagram.
In Earth Physics Plasma is a state of matter which actually encompasses Lightning and fire within itself, whilst in BIONICLE physics this is not the case. It's similarities of its core concepts to its Earth counterpart lands it a place in the group. BIONICLE Plasma is superheated ionized gas which burns through many substances much like fire. It also has much in common with the elemental lightning and electricity which it shares a group with.
Encompassing both Lightning and electricity, Lightning is a very similar element to both Fire and Plasma. All three produce Heat, light and burns upon their usage of the element. Lightning is a type of real world Plasma whilst also being a type of BIONICLE Energy. These similarities to the other elements gain it a place in the group.
As the Tertiary Powerful element, light governs over and is connected to the Plasmas Group via the production of light involved with the creation of each of the elements. Also the Raw state of Elemental Light energy acts very similarly and in a non-tangible way such as Plasma and Lightning do. Light's Polar opposite is Shadow on the diagram.

Column two contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Air and under the range of State of matter Gas.

Group Name: Aeriforms
State of Matter: Gas.
Core Classical Element: Air
Secondary Supporting Elements: Sonics +Psionics.
Tertiary Powerful Element: Gravity.

As a member of the four classical elements, air heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of aerial, ethereality and manipulation of the unseen. Air's polar opposite is Earth on the Diagram.
First of the Secondary elements of Air. Quintessentially those who wield and manipulate Sonics are in comes down to sending vibrations through the air in the form of Sonic waves. The manipulation of the unseen sonic and sound energy join this to the group as well as the ethereality of the element.
Psionics deals with the manipulation and reading of mental Psionic energy, which in itself is an ethereal form of energy that is also unseen. Psionic wielders have the ability to manipulate and read thoughts of others via transmission of an aeriform type of energy.
Gravity is the Tertiary powerful element of the group thus making it one of the most powerful elements in the BIONCILE Mythos. Wielders of this element have the ability to modify Gravitational energy to raise themselves or enemies into the air or bring them crashing down. This energy is also aeriform and invisible to the eye. Encompassing all three of the core concepts of the group, Gravity is a steadfast representative of the Aeriform. Gravity's polar opposite is Magnetism on the diagram.

Column three contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Water and under the range of State of matter Liquid.

Group Name: Fluids
State of Matter: Liquid
Core Classical Element: Water
Secondary Supporting Elements: Ice + The Green.
Tertiary Powerful Element: Shadow.

As a member of the four classical elements, water heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of the aqueous, fluidity and the natural. Water's polar opposite is Fire on the diagram.
As a derivative and alternate form of Water in both Earth and BIONICLE physics, Ice is a Natural inclusion for the group. Manipulators of Ice wield it both with fluidity, grace and in its natural form.
Inclusive of Jungle and all plant life, the green allows the user to take control of what is inside of the plant life and manipulate them with fluidity. In our world, a large percentage of most plants is made of aqueous compounds. In the BIONICLE universe, it is only logical to assume they also contain much liquid protodermis within themselves. These attributes combined with the core natural aspect of this element earn it a place in the group.
Probably the most controversial placement in the group is the element of Shadow.
Initially not associated as an evil element, shadow has always been a core part of nature. Without Shadow there could not be light. Every time we have seen shadow manipulated as an elemental force in the story, it has been wielded in a fluid-like aqueous appearing state. Whether it be Teridax's Shadow hand or Blasts from the Kardakuta. Shadow has been wielded with the same sort of finesse as that of water.
Shadow's polar opposite is light on the diagram.

Column four contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Earth and under the range of State of matter Solid.

Group Name: Materialistics
State of Matter: Solid
Core Classical Element: Earth
Secondary Supporting Elements: Stone + Iron
Tertiary Powerful Element: Magnetism.
As a member of the four classical elements, Earth heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of the Solidity, Tangibility and Hardiness. Earth's polar opposite is Air on the diagram.
Stone holds true as a steadfast ally of earth and maintains the core aspects of the group. Stone users can Create and manipulate stone and non metallic solid protodermis of this kind.
Iron also maintains all three of the groups concepts. Iron is strong and hardy and wielders can manipulate any solid metal in the Matoran universe.
Magnetism may involve the manipulation of unseen aeriform forces, though the magnetic fields it manipulates are used to influence and control solid, tangible materials. Toa of Magnetism are often grouped with Toa of Iron and Stone for their similarities of manipulation solid substances. Although their methods may be somewhat different, they both achieve the same thing. albeit via different means.
Magnetisms polar opposite is Gravity on the Diagram.

The Diagram basically Groups the four groups together, with each elementally opposing element being located opposite each other whilst elements with things in common are grouped together. Which is the original Goal of the projects.
I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you'd like to offer.

And again, thanks for reading.




Posted by Roki , Oct 15 2010 · 330 views

First of all i'd like to welcome anyone to happens to pass by this page to my Blog.
I will be posting random thoughts and theories in progress and things i do not deem worthy of making topics about.
Generally speaking, random unnecessary theory-crafting about the lore of the BIONICLE mythos.

Thanks for Reading!

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