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The Inner Workings Of The Matoran Universe



Just another Theory I've had sitting my Documents since September. Thought i'd post it up here for some thoughts.

MU Inner Workings

Each Element holds a key part of Functionality for the Matoran Universe.


When the Great beings initially created the matoran universe, upon planning the construction and design of the Robot a need for a robust nano-tech worker emerged. A Base template of a generic template matoran was designed. In order for the system to work as it was being constructed the base matoran template included an "Element" as which this worker would contribute sub-consciously as it worked inside and throughout the system of Mata Nui. These became the Matoran of Light which would both moderate power transfer throughout the MU . Initially They were programmed with several initial functions including self defence algorithms and an inner "System protection algorithm". We know this as the Moral light/shadow settings.

This system was implemented to prevent further damage cause by corruptions in the programming of the Matoran workers. For example; if a matoran becomes corrupted for some reason (Bad moral choices, virus, Error in programming, refusing to obey system parameters to build the robot) The System will enact physical and visible changes to the matoran which allow the other parts of the system to easily identify and quarantine the threat. Thus preventing further corruption.


At this point we have the two basic matoran types.

Matoran of light, the initial matoran created.

Matoran of Shadow, Corrupted matoran



After various successful and unsuccessful testing of the matoran and the construction was coming along nicely. Some changes were to be made to the further templates. Anti-Virus Protection would now be assigned to new improved dedicated system protection and maintenance modules known as Toa.


As the Matoran universe requires workers of many differing types to maintain functionality of the robot, the remaining 'elements' were created as differing templates assigned to the matoran AI programming . These templates contained passive systems maintenance subroutines which kept the varying systems of the MU working. These templates also spread throughout their biomechanical structure allowing them to be easily identified based upon whatever color scheme the template had.

The differing Templates had the following functionality of maintaining the MU.

Systems Maintenance

Psionics - Regulate and maintain programming of internal components, CPU Maintenance.

Lightning - Regulate and control flow of power through the circuits.

Gravity - Inertial Dampeners, Artificial Gravity Stabilisers.

Sonics - Engine and internal MU Noise Dampeners, Communication Circuits

Magnetism - Robotic Movement control, Control Resulting Magnetic Currents and polar stability.

Plasma - Weapons and Propulsion Systems

Iron - Internal Structural support maintenance, prevention of internal and external breaches.

Fire - Regulate Internal Heat levels, Maintain Temperature.

Ice - Regulate Internal Cold Levels, Maintain Temperature.

Light - Regulate Power flow in universe, Regulate Lighting systems esp. Day cycles, Systems running mode. Anti-Virus capability.

Shadow - Regulate Night cycles, System shutdown/Sleep/hibernate mode. Anti-Virus containment


Inhabitant Maintenance

The Green - Maintain Internal Organic and Mechanical Flora.

Psionics - Maintain Internal Mechanical Fauna's/Flora's Programming


Protodermic Maintenance

Earth - Maintain Fine Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Stone - Maintain Raw Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Water - Maintain Liquid Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Air - Maintain Gaseous Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Ice - Maintain Frozen liquid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Fire - Maintain Molten liquid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.

Iron - Maintain Pure Solid Protodermis throughout Ecosystems.



-Workers with increase functionality and Protection sub algorithms.

-Designed as an Anti-Virus System.

-Designed to be unable to destroy internal components(Toa Code/Do not kill) and harm inner workings of MU.

-Quarantine Viruses / Threats when able (Toa Seal/Capturing).

- Make sure Internal Systems function and keep working (Protect the Matoran at all costs)

- Have limited run time in order to maximize efficiency. ( Completing Destiny)

- Able to Create more Toa if Virus Threat too big to handle (Toa Stones)

- Still has Functionality to increase worker efficiency once no longer Toa ( Turaga mode).

- Once in this mode, able to warn and prevent against previously encountered Viruses and keep System aware of threats ( Prophecies about Bad guys, Telling Stories of Evil)


Kanohi Masks

- Backup / Residual storage system.

- Creates a temporary cached backup of the wearer in case of system corruption.

- Contain Extra Sub-modules/Subroutines which are able to be accessed by the wearer, like adding an extra function to a program or giving your body an immunisation which can help fight viruses.

-Legendary Kanohi Masks

- More advanced Kanohi which hold a program filled with many subroutines and maintain a core part of the matoran universe.



- Designed to integrate the varying MU Systems together.

-Hence why Can only use Elements in Tandem with each other.

- Located on Zakaz at the base of the MU Neck. A place Filled with nerves that link throughout a human body/ the MU robot.


Artakha and Karzahni


Were both Assigned the Task of Maintaining the Matoran's Physical, Biotic and Mechanical well being to make sure they continued powering the Matoran Universe.

The Great beings rewarded them for their hard work during the creation of the MU with the Mask of Creation to aide them in their duties. However they quickly fought for it and Artakha emerged the victor. After Artakha gained the Legendary kanohi he chose to continue his job via inspiring the matoran to work harder by rewarding them with a paradise of his Creation. Whilst the dejected Karzahni worked on repairing the broken and injured matoran so they could continue working. His Mask designed especially to show him visions of what could happen should he stop doing his job.



-Systems Internal Method Of Learning and adaptation.

-Equipped with 42 various powers for experimentation purposes.

-In charge of Studying "Shadow" Elements of the MU, to understand how they work, How they became corrupted, and create new ~antibodies~ to prevent further infection via the same methods or via methods discovered. They also Created Various other components to the MU in order to make it work more efficiently and keep the MU working.

- This is also known as their ability to Create Various Rahi to populate the MU.



- Originally designed to maintain the flow of Resources throughout the MU's Body.

This distribution of both tools and other materials allows the matoran workers to work more efficiently, whilst simultaneously providing a system somewhat akin to the human bodies resources systems . Though, due to Evolution of the programming in their AI, The production and Selling of Weapons eventually became their primary function.



-Rogue Creations of the GB's, Code was corrupted during the Krana Energized Process.



- Designed quite simply to Destroy the Active Camouflage Created to cover the MU robots Body.

-Originally The Av-Matoran had a Sub-module to turn them into Bohrok after they complete their destiny of creating the Robot. However, this was deemed as an inefficient management of resources by the GB's. As more matoran would constantly need to be created once they transformed. Instead the Toa/Turaga Destiny System was implemented with newer Matoran AI Templates, though it was never removed from the programming of the Av-Matoran.

The Bohrok at this time were programmed to be one of the preposed Six main elements the GB's believed to be used in the MU somewhat modified to be capable of destroying the active camouflage: Fire, Ice, Water, Stone, Earth, Jungle(Acidity). However later in the MU Design Process, it was decided that Air was to replace jungle as a primary element.


Tren Krom

-Primitive AI Designed to maintain the MU whilst under construction.



Yeah its a bit messy and all over the place, but i'd like some feedback if anyone can be bothered to read it all :)




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I'm left here in awe, but also thinking about some holes. For example, there's nothing in here about time or life.

Yeah, the theory itself is still a WIP.

Gotta add them in later.

Thanks for the comment :)




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Eh, as awesomely made as this is, and as much as i can see how this makes sense, it still makes me hate what Bionicle has become.


Besides that, this is a brilliant and excellent piece of work here. :)


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I don't know if you're still working on this, but from what I see here I'm impressed. I especially like how you managed to find a practical "system" application for what seem to be societal habits, like the Toa Code and the Matoran sense of morality. Very clever. The parts that involve the other species are a bit less articulate, probably because their role in-canon seems unclear as well. This and your Quadratic theory are a pleasure to think about. If you ever have any other ideas, please share them as well!

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