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Quadratic Elements Categorization



Greetings Readers.

This is a project which has been in a work for some time.

To Categorize the existing elements into a 4x4 structure, a continuation from my somewhat ill-fated color wheel.


Recently i had some interesting ideas about changing the placement of several elements from the categories and switching them around including plant-life, shadow, psionics and Magnetism.

The Elemental Diagram Below shows the results of my works.



This Diagram breaks down the elements into four interrelated groups.

I've nicknamed them according to core properties i've grouped them by.

Broken down into 4 Columns and 4 Rows.



Column one contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Fire and under the range of State of matter Plasma.

Group Name: Glowers

State of Matter: Plasma

Core Classical Element: Fire.

Secondary Supporting Elements: Plasma + Lightning.

Tertiary Powerful Element : Light.



As a member of the four classical elements, fire heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of Heat, Flame and Brightness. Fire's polar opposite is Water on the diagram.


In Earth Physics Plasma is a state of matter which actually encompasses Lightning and fire within itself, whilst in BIONICLE physics this is not the case. It's similarities of its core concepts to its Earth counterpart lands it a place in the group. BIONICLE Plasma is superheated ionized gas which burns through many substances much like fire. It also has much in common with the elemental lightning and electricity which it shares a group with.


Encompassing both Lightning and electricity, Lightning is a very similar element to both Fire and Plasma. All three produce Heat, light and burns upon their usage of the element. Lightning is a type of real world Plasma whilst also being a type of BIONICLE Energy. These similarities to the other elements gain it a place in the group.


As the Tertiary Powerful element, light governs over and is connected to the Plasmas Group via the production of light involved with the creation of each of the elements. Also the Raw state of Elemental Light energy acts very similarly and in a non-tangible way such as Plasma and Lightning do. Light's Polar opposite is Shadow on the diagram.

Column two contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Air and under the range of State of matter Gas.


Group Name: Aeriforms

State of Matter: Gas.

Core Classical Element: Air

Secondary Supporting Elements: Sonics +Psionics.

Tertiary Powerful Element: Gravity.




As a member of the four classical elements, air heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of aerial, ethereality and manipulation of the unseen. Air's polar opposite is Earth on the Diagram.


First of the Secondary elements of Air. Quintessentially those who wield and manipulate Sonics are in comes down to sending vibrations through the air in the form of Sonic waves. The manipulation of the unseen sonic and sound energy join this to the group as well as the ethereality of the element.


Psionics deals with the manipulation and reading of mental Psionic energy, which in itself is an ethereal form of energy that is also unseen. Psionic wielders have the ability to manipulate and read thoughts of others via transmission of an aeriform type of energy.


Gravity is the Tertiary powerful element of the group thus making it one of the most powerful elements in the BIONCILE Mythos. Wielders of this element have the ability to modify Gravitational energy to raise themselves or enemies into the air or bring them crashing down. This energy is also aeriform and invisible to the eye. Encompassing all three of the core concepts of the group, Gravity is a steadfast representative of the Aeriform. Gravity's polar opposite is Magnetism on the diagram.

Column three contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Water and under the range of State of matter Liquid.


Group Name: Fluids

State of Matter: Liquid

Core Classical Element: Water

Secondary Supporting Elements: Ice + The Green.

Tertiary Powerful Element: Shadow.



As a member of the four classical elements, water heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of the aqueous, fluidity and the natural. Water's polar opposite is Fire on the diagram.


As a derivative and alternate form of Water in both Earth and BIONICLE physics, Ice is a Natural inclusion for the group. Manipulators of Ice wield it both with fluidity, grace and in its natural form.


Inclusive of Jungle and all plant life, the green allows the user to take control of what is inside of the plant life and manipulate them with fluidity. In our world, a large percentage of most plants is made of aqueous compounds. In the BIONICLE universe, it is only logical to assume they also contain much liquid protodermis within themselves. These attributes combined with the core natural aspect of this element earn it a place in the group.


Probably the most controversial placement in the group is the element of Shadow.

Initially not associated as an evil element, shadow has always been a core part of nature. Without Shadow there could not be light. Every time we have seen shadow manipulated as an elemental force in the story, it has been wielded in a fluid-like aqueous appearing state. Whether it be Teridax's Shadow hand or Blasts from the Kardakuta. Shadow has been wielded with the same sort of finesse as that of water.

Shadow's polar opposite is light on the diagram.


Column four contains the Elements Derived from the Classical Element of Earth and under the range of State of matter Solid.


Group Name: Materialistics

State of Matter: Solid

Core Classical Element: Earth

Secondary Supporting Elements: Stone + Iron

Tertiary Powerful Element: Magnetism.


As a member of the four classical elements, Earth heads one of the four elemental groups. It holds together the group with the core concepts of the Solidity, Tangibility and Hardiness. Earth's polar opposite is Air on the diagram.


Stone holds true as a steadfast ally of earth and maintains the core aspects of the group. Stone users can Create and manipulate stone and non metallic solid protodermis of this kind.


Iron also maintains all three of the groups concepts. Iron is strong and hardy and wielders can manipulate any solid metal in the Matoran universe.


Magnetism may involve the manipulation of unseen aeriform forces, though the magnetic fields it manipulates are used to influence and control solid, tangible materials. Toa of Magnetism are often grouped with Toa of Iron and Stone for their similarities of manipulation solid substances. Although their methods may be somewhat different, they both achieve the same thing. albeit via different means.

Magnetisms polar opposite is Gravity on the Diagram.


The Diagram basically Groups the four groups together, with each elementally opposing element being located opposite each other whilst elements with things in common are grouped together. Which is the original Goal of the projects.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions you'd like to offer.


And again, thanks for reading.



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Guest kopakanuva13


This is great. It makes a lot of logical sense to me, and all seems to fit together well.
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Saw this in your sig, it intrigued me, and I clicked through. The logic of it was readily apparent even without reading the entry, though. I like this; good work.
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Very interesting! It's always cool when someone can add organization to a seemingly incongruous subject. Got my attention when I saw it in your sig, and reading your explanations was intriguing too. Good job!

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Wow, this is brilliant. I was actually thinking about a sort of 'periodic table' of Bionicle elements recently, so naturally I found it pretty darn cool to see this B)

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I really like this but the element that really seems misplaced to me is not magnetism or shadow (though shadow is kinda aeriform also) but gravity. In Earth Physics gravity is the three-dimensional bending of space-time created by large bodies of matter. This seems to me to fit well in the materialistics group. Despite my gripe I think that this is a great categorization of the elements and the image looks fantastic.

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Late coming on this, but I saw it in your sig, and it really does make a lot of sense. Shadow, to me, is the most difficult placement, but you state some good reasons for it. Also, even considering the way Gravity works IRL, I think you're good placing where you did. Awesome!

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I'm late late coming too, but I invent something. The legendary element of time is depend on the gravity.


I dont know where fit to the other two legendary elments... Maybe the life need all of that, so this element maybe go to the midle of the diagram, and all of this need a creator, so the creation just get a big box around the diagram i think.

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Mega-late but this really makes sense and is pleasing to look at. Pretty convenient how all 16 elements can be grouped like this with little conflict or "but what about"s. Just watch Bionicle 2014 screw with this though...

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I feel that some rearranging is in order, to show what elements rival each other like Fire rivals Ice, Water rivals Stone, Air rivals Earth, Shadow rivals Light, Lightning rivals Iron, Magnetism rivals Gravity, and I'me not sure how the others rival though. Other than that it makes sense for the most part.

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