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  1. Elements have been a topic of intense and frequent discussion since the very early days of Bionicle and BZPower, they’re pretty much a mainstay of the S&T forums. The addition of new elements and comparison with existing elements to justify their inclusion is something that is brought up time and time again. Before the great forum outage, there was a topic named “Official Elements Discussion” which was a mecca of theories, proposals and debates. I’ll see if I can dig up a link to the topic in the archives, as it’s an interesting read and went for over 250 pages from memory. The thread really took off once additional elements began to become canonized in the Legends books, typically by Greg describing in passing a cameo or death scene of a Toa of a previously unseen element. Everyone wanted to contribute to canon and to speculate on which element would be added next. There were a few proposals that kept popping up repeatedly: Kinetics – Movement based element based around manipulating speed and energy of attacks and using enemy’s strength and speed against them. There was a lot of people who wanted this, and a lot of those who didn’t including Greg who believed that the concept behind it was too difficult for kids to grasp onto. Though after many fans petitioning him about it there was a BZP official Poll on whether the fans wanted it added or not. Majority voted against it (Think it was around 57%-43%) and thus it remained uncanon.Vacuum – After the 5th Bohrok-Kalement became canon, the Vacuum debate wars reached a pretty intense peak with lots of people taking sides on whether it should become and element or not. Quite a few people disliked the idea whilst others came up with many interesting and creative uses for vacuum based elemental usage. This went on for a long time as Greg never really said No outright. From memory he said that he believed it didn’t have enough versatility to have a range of applications on its own to be made an element but was open to debate and ideas for how it could be expanded upon. Debate somewhat ended when the “Subpowers and NTE(Non-Toa Elements)” approach emerged.Acid – Similar to Vacuum, acid was thrown around frequently as a new toa element, however Greg was firm that he didn’t think that Lego would ever approve of having a ‘Good Guy’ character throwing around acid as a power. With the appearance of the Acid Elemental Monster in Lessovik’s Karzhani induced dream, acid became confirmed as the first official NTE.Void – After Vacuum got shut down, there was a lot of talk about Void being introduced as and element which would have access to many of the fan theorized powers that Vacuum would have. The proposals went through several iterations, one that stands out in my memory was made by Surrelity to have a Void as a neutral morality element based in between light and shadow. Greg said no at this point as he’d said that Psionics was to be the last new element.Crystal – Frequently suggested but shut down by Greg many times as it was covered by Stone( Lightstones and naturally occurring geode crystals) and Ice (Crystalline Protodermis is controlled by Toa of Ice inside the MU).Lava – Dismissed as it’s a combination element of Fire and Stone/Earth as shown by the Piraka in the books.Psionics – Proposed frequently and eventually canonized by Greg at the end of the MU arc.Organics / Biotics / Healing – Also showed up a fair bit, many theorycrafters had fun attempting to make them mesh well together. Sometimes Acid was lumped in with this group too. From memory, Greg’s stance was that the different abilities and powers that were included in these theories generally worked better as individual powers.I was a much more active poster and contributor in those threads than I am now and submitted quite a few proposals myself. I feel like it’s a bit too late to go adding in new elements to canon now, but I’m always up for discussion of new potential elements and finding ways to explain and justify the interesting variety of elements that exist in the canon. - Roki
  2. From what I've gathered, there was somewhat of a war going on of which meme would become the "Meme of the month" for the me_irl subreddit, someone posted a meme referencing this picture from a few months ago. This sparked a bunch of nostalgia from the posters of the subreddit who began to make all of the Bionicle crossover memes currently on their page. - Roki
  3. They do seem to be popping up all over the place today, particularly me irl, who appear to be having some form of meme of the month war. Haven't posted any myself yet, but a few of them have given me a good chuckle. -Roki
  4. Happy Birthday GaliGee Over 10 years ago your stories captivated my interest and contributed to my desire to stay here. -Roki
  5. I don't mind the color scheme, I feel it represents the element effectively and differentiates it from the other elements quite well. - Roki
  6. The selected elements sound quite Skylander-y. Still interesting. - Roki
  7. The mask of creation was made by the great beings as one of the first parts of the matoran universe. I would be plausible that it would be made out of elements from the 'real world' such as gold combined with the godlike 'magical' powers of the great beings. This would explain only the Great beings know how to create another. Having a competition for a solid gold one in real life would be rather great. - Roki
  8. You think they would have at least cooked the magic first. Raw Magic... Yuck. -Roki
  9. That moment when you realize that you're now a Turaga. - Roki
  10. It's possible... But, they used other masks to create the mask of creation? Somehow I don't buy it. - Roki
  11. Ugh. There's way too many gold pieces revealed so far. What is it, the new 2003 Silver? -Roki
  12. The mask being forged 'by magic' is an interesting point which I don't think has really been discussed yet. 'Magic' has never really existed properly in BIONICLE as named force as far as I can recollect. This might hint at a slightly new direction? - Roki
  13. It's already kinda International Talk like a Pirate day. We probably don't want to compete with those guys, I hear they're pretty cut-throat. As keen as I am to discuss sets, I can't wait for Lore more. - Roki
  14. A few people mentioned this in the other News topic, It makes sense as Artakha created the Nuva Symbols. I'd assume they are part of some sort of runic language of creation, possibly the writing of the great beings? - Roki
  15. Not only is there whispering, but if you listen carefully, you can also hear what sounds like some kind of Gregorian chanting in a deeper voice. Sounds somewhat harder to transcribe. -Roki
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