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Shiny Chariot's Magical Fiesta



Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 13 2014 · 206 views


Doctor Who

Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 09 2014 · 210 views

To kill the Moon was one of the worst episodes of Doctor Who I ever seen. After Courtney walked onto to the moon it was stupid revelation after stupid revelation.

The spiders actually being bacteria (fun fact: bacteria lack a nucleus so they can't be that big or perform anything other than reproduce and eat) was a slap in the face. The alien "laying another egg" was gigantic cop out. Not to mention Courtney was kinda annoying.

Whoever wrote this episode needs to be fired and banned from taking any writing career.



Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 04 2014 · 320 views



Posted by Scanty Demon , Oct 01 2014 · 226 views
it inspires me, to write bionicle and 1 more...
It's starting to grow on me, I wonder why?


Oh good

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 28 2014 · 170 views

Turns out I'm sick. Waking up is when it feels really bad but gets better over the day. Hope it gets better soon.


I lied

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 25 2014 · 180 views

I am bringing Scanty back. Need a better picture IMO


What do you call a single thinker?

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 24 2014 · 283 views

>a feelosopher


After many moons... Part 2

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 23 2014 · 189 views

I finally managed to get the full version of paint tool sai. Gotta learn a couple new things now and might try adjusting my tablet to use it. Still reading loomis though and might read Hampton along the way. Any other words of advice?


After many moons

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 20 2014 · 272 views

I finally began learning how to draw. Basically started with Loomis and then may learn Hampton with it. Though the things that scare me are perspective and proportions. But I 'll worry about those later.


Bionicle 2015

Posted by Scanty Demon , Sep 19 2014 · 323 views

>Bionicle comes back
>Lego experiences huge sales
>Half-life 3 announced
>Lego doesn't care
>Half-life 3 release date around time Bionicle summer sets come out
>Half-Life 3 released
>People start buying Half-life 3 instead of Bionicle
>Bionicle sales plummet
>Bionicle is on verge of dying
>Small group of fans decide to get together to stop Half-life 3
>group grows
>Half-Life 3 fans fight back
>anarchy reigns in the street
>I'll never be able to buy a Bionicle or Half-Life 3

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