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So that was awesome

Posted by Meiko , Jan 16 2013 · 947 views

Oh my goodness, Chima is awesome (the TV show).
The characters are amazing.
Lagravis is awesome. He's like god and kicks butt.
Longtooth is like... how can I make this appropriate... kick... no bad... he's donkey 8D (Actually that makes me kind of want a donkey tribe)
The ravens are really, let's say "simple minded". Not much going on under the cranium cap there. Makes it pretty funny.
The gorillas, or at least Gorzan, are such hippies. Gorzan sees the battle and is like "Groovy". :P Also he seems a bit... high. No honestly. He seems to be acting like King Kong (heheh gorilla jokes) or something and needs to come down a bit. 
Crocs are awesome. Cragger is awesome, and his flashback story is great. Crooler... Oh my I didn't know LEGO would make such a seductive character with some appeal for "older audiences". Let's go with that.
Wolves seem pretty  cool. I really like Worriz's character. He's evil, and not a cheesy evil. He's evil, he knows it, everybody knows it, and it's a really cool evil.
Didn't see many eagles, but Eris is soooooo cute. Her voice and the way she acts. It's adorable and attractive. :inlove: 
Also, the "Legend Beasts" are awesome. More or less they are natural lions that never harnessed chi long ago, and didn't evolve like the others. "Legend says they will return when Chima needs them most." They are AWESOME, and I want a LEGO piece for the lion Legend Beast.
Anyways, the show is pretty awesome, and if you couldn't tell from the things I did my best to tone down the coloquial terms which I'd be able to describe it better with, it's entertaining for any age group. Hopefully the terms I used weren't too bad.  :mellow:

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I only got to watch the first 15 minutes...

Know when the first re-run will be? :D
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As much as I wanted to love it, It was just okay. The animation was weird sometimes and the VAing ranged from passable to downright awful. 
The lions are just uglyyyy. I want to punch Laval's voice in the face. Longtooth is pretty cool tho.
Eris, where are your quick wits?? YOU HAVE WINGS. FLY AWAY.Seems like they just needed a damsel in distress as opposed to common sense. Bleh. 
Yay Eglor & Ewald cameo, boo hoo no EUS.
Gorzan is pretty cool. He seems chill, but when the dung hits the rotary device, dude gets serious.
Rhino dude was neat. Think his name was Rogan? 
Bear guy was hilarious. Did not get his name.
The crocs where cool, but I have no idea why you think Crooler is ment to be sexy. The notion strikes me as zilly. Crominus was a boss tho. Crunket too.
Worriz: Actually pretty awesome. Like the fact that he's the universe's Butt Monkey, even if his portrayal goes against what we already knew about wolves.
Although I find Razar's portrayal disappointing, it was also hilarious. ( Trinkets  and treasure, guys!)
Legend Beast: Somehow uglier than normal lions. 
Not overjoyed, but it was okay.
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Keep in mind that Equila's Ultra Striker will likely appear later. This was just the first two episodes.

I think it was Rogon. Could be Rogan though.

I didn't say Crooler was sexy. She seduces Cragger so easily. LEGO hasn't really had a bad but awesome character in their TV shows. Kind of like a Catwoman.

OMG I missed Skinner I'm so sad.

And ET, there will be a rerun on Friday at 7:30pm Eastern Time. (I think, maybe at 8)
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Except. She used a flower thing, she didn't persuade Cragger so much as brainwas him. And your phrasing is not the best regarding Crooler.
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Alright, I'll try to catch it then. :)

From what I did see, though, I don't think I'm too crazy about some of the voice acting...
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Except. She used a flower thing, she didn't persuade Cragger so much as brainwas him. And your phrasing is not the best regarding Crooler.

I think the flower was the easiest way to make it child friendly. Ya know? I don't think parents would like to have their kids watch a show where a character sexually seduces another character...

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Except. She used a flower thing, she didn't persuade Cragger so much as brainwas him. And your phrasing is not the best regarding Crooler.

I think the flower was the easiest way to make it child friendly. Ya know? I don't think parents would like to have their kids watch a show where a character sexually seduces another character...

Isn't Crooler his sister? I'd say the phrasing could afford to be changed. o_O

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Yeah, Crooler is his sister, but she's a sassy sister, and I don't think that she's very close relationship-wise with her family. Before Crominus fell to his death, he told Cragger. "It's your turn to lead the tribe. I trust you, but whatever you do, don't listen to your sister."

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No. What Lychir (and I) are saying is that it's troubling that you seem to be implying that the flower is a child-friendly substitute for sexually seducing a sibling.

Pretty weird, dude.
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I'm not arguing with what you Lyichir said. I think you misunderstood what I was saying. What Crooler does is just a way of seduction in itself—not sexually specifically. Brainwashing falls into seduction by the word's primary definition, and is the most appropriate form there really is:


Attract (someone) to a belief or into a course of action that is inadvisable or foolhardy.


I only mentioned sexual seduction to say that brainwashing was more appropriate. I said Crooler might have some appeal for older audiences because her attitude is a bit different from the typical kids' show character. Most sisters aren't usually evil—or at least don't manipulate their brother.

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Technically your definition is correct, but seduction at the very least tends to imply subtlety, and I have to say watching that show it was anything but. "Oh, look at this giant flower that exists for no explicable reason, I'm sure it is completely innocent". My foot.


Obviously I'm way outside the demographic Lego is trying to hit with this show, but it had some serious issues when I watched it - first and foremost, the female character cast is non existent. The Eagle girl is definitely portrayed as helpless and the only other girl amongst what appears to be an extremely large cast is a generically evil sibling. The animation was okay, but where it really fell down was in giving things any kind of appropriate weight - the people and vehicles moved like they didn't have any mass. Frankly the story was really disappointing - not because it was bad, but because I actually thought it had some potential at first. Instead of what I was expecting, which was "oh, the crocs are bad because they are", we got one as a main character who is a best friend of the lead, who then is forced into opposition with him because the apparent death of his parents (although frankly having the croc cut that rope was so ridiculous. I don't understand why it couldn't have just snapped on its own.) Then evil sis shows up. Cue eye roll.


I did like that at least the crows didn't seem "evil for evil's sake". They just like shiny things, pretty funny stuff.

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The eagle girl (Eris), is portrayed as a 'damsel in distress', but so was Nya in Ninjago. Nya was captured by Lord Garmadon three times. It got incredibly repetitive. From descriptions of her character, I picture Eris developing into a much stronger warrior later on.


About the characters' mass: that's another thing Ninjago had as well. The ninja could literally jump 50 some feet in the air.


I don't really know how to respond about the story you criticized. I feel it wasn't as lacking as you said, but since it's your opinion, I see where you come from, but I don't want to come off as a jerk saying that I feel differently. :P


And yeah the ravens (not crows; everybody says crows. ._. ) are hilarious. "Trinkets and treasure".

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