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A Pinch of Rock and a Dose of Roll


I'm Pretty

Posted by Queen of Noise , Jul 04 2015 · 181 views
selfie oclock
I'm Pretty it true


Hey There 2015

Posted by Queen of Noise , Jan 01 2015 · 220 views
lesbian alert
Hey There 2015 I've been checking in the past couple weeks to spy on my lover, Windrider so here's a picture of me for those of you who don't remember me (all of you)


? ? ? ? ?

Posted by Queen of Noise , Dec 27 2014 · 296 views

Bionicle is coming back? ?? ???


"The Way Things Were"

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 29 2014 · 409 views

I know I can never go back to the way things were before and I’m not deluded enough to think that. That’d be damaging anyway because it’d mean I didn't learn anything. I just want to be able to have relationships with the people who matter to me again, with whatever changed boundaries are necessary as a result of our actions.

I don’t want to pretend nothing happened and I don’t want to ignore the consequences of what I've done. So I know it can’t just “go back to how things were.” That’s not what I’m looking for.

Some of the things that were done to me were not fair, but I also was unfair and wrong to do some of the things I did.


becca is weaboo trash

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 26 2014 · 308 views

me too though


Introducing the BZP Gender Squad

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 20 2013 · 1,451 views
gender, feminism, lgtbqa and 1 more...
I'm very proud to announce today something that's been in the planning stage for a while now, and recent onsite events show that the timing could not be more critical.  After many weeks of planning, we are excited to debut the BZPower Gender Squad.

Gender and sexuality can be complicated subjects, especially within the difficult social context of this world, but understanding them is critical to understanding each other and making that world an equal and safe place for us all.  Women, men, and non-binary persons of all flavors face enormous pressures regarding these issues, both conscious and subconscious - and the unprivileged face enormous discrimination.  

It's no secret that this discrimination exists on BZPower as well, as has been shown time and again.  Indeed, many feel particularly unsafe and unsupported on BZPower, which is a very sobering reality about a community that is supposed to be safe, welcoming, and family-friendly.  We can't call this a safe community when members are attacked and degraded for expressing or even merely mentioning a gender identity that doesn't conform to cissexual heteronormity.  

We want to do something about that.

Our main goal is to provide a support network for LGTBQA+ and women members on BZPower, a community of solidarity and support.  We want to make sure that no-one has to feel alone and no-one has to feel unsafe.  Whether you're casually mentioning something about your gender identity, or being hurt by bigots someone is here for you.  We know how you feel; we've been there too - and we've got your back.  

Do you need a support network to listen or help concerning your gender/sexuality issues?  Do you need to talk about something and have no-one to go to, onsite or off?  That's what we're here for.  Is someone spouting hateful things to you and you're too hurt or stressed to reply?  Talk to us.  No matter the situation, you are not alone and we care.  This support network is the most valuable thing we wish to provide.  We all want to feel safe and supported.

While support for LGBTQA+, women, and questioning members will be a mostly private affair, a more public application of the Gender Squad will be education.  As said, gender and sexuality are complex, multifaceted issues with lots of social context to examine.  We'd like to provide a resource for education about these issues here on BZPower - a visible, proactive presence in the community rather than just a reactive one.  We'll be posting essays and articles in the blogs as well as running a Gender Q&A where we'll do our best to answer any questions and clear up any confusion you may have.  We'll also be running an offsite blog as a headquarters for this operation, destroythepatriarchy.tumblr.com.  My blog, Camp Equality, will be the onsite HQ.  

We want to be a positive presence in this community.  We want all members to feel safe, supported, and equal; and we firmly believe that the first step to erasing ignorance and bigotry is education and example.  We're here for all of you, with glitter and kisses.  

I'm proud to be a part of this and looking forward to engaging positively with you all!  

Now it's time for me to introduce you to Team FEMME, the elite action committee of the BZP Gender Squad:

Andi is a punk princess who spends most of her free time playing guitar or reading feminist literary criticism.  She's also an accomplished cook whose banana bread is famous throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  Focus area: Feminism (incl. transwomen issues)

Becca is a gorgeous pansexual who only figured it out after entering a heterosexual marriage. She is a Sailor Senshi who will punish you in the name of animu.  Focus areas: Feminism; LGBTQA+ and Christianity
Bryan dies a little inside every time he hears "straight pride". Focus area: Teaching the 12 steps of Oppression Anonymous

Canama is a agendered or genderfluid - he's not 100% sure, because gender can be confusing sometimes!  He also suffers from Chron's disease and depression and may have a history of hositle hospital takeovers.  Focus area: Non-binary identities

Jessica is the proud mother of BAC.  She is the force of LIBERNTY GUIDING THE POEPLE.  Focus area: Transgenderism and people being shmucks

Ran is an angry transgirl who has absolutely zero time for your offal.  She's also adorable but won't admit it.  Focus area: LGBT issues and being steamed about all this stuff all the time

Rob is a useless piece of smut who has a thing for butts.  But he used to be known as the "BZP Staff Therapist" and that's because he's a wonderful listener.  Focus area: being cishet scum

Ryuujin likes music, science, and everybody being equal everywhere forever.  Focus area: sympathy and support for those facing the pressures of life in the closet

Shane is NOT Windrider's gay lover no matter how much he claims to be, because Andi has filled that role since 2004.  Shane, instead, is a lovable screwup.  Focus area: Gay and Bisexual issues

Destroy the patriarchy!


! Please Stop and Read This !

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 16 2013 · 670 views

This is just an open letter to, well, everybody, in direct response to the goings-on in the blogs currently.  Please take a moment to read it.
1. I understand this is probably all overwhelming for some of you and I don't blame you for that but please don't say that we need a "change of subject."  Because even if you don't want to talk about these issues, they are important and need to be tackled head-on if we want to work to make our community truly safe and family-friendly.  We're finally making some real headway towards safety and equality on this site and that should not be stalled just because you don't want to read about it.
2. It's not the right of the privileged to tell the oppressed how to act or be.  That's relevant both in terms of the actual oppression and in how you treat response to it.
3. Please don't confuse "everyone should be treated equally" with "everyone's views are equal."  We are all equal as human beings, and part of that means we all should be held equally responsible and accountable for our beliefs, words, and actions.  Some beliefs are toxic.  Some words and actions are harmful.  These things should not be "respected" or be exempt from criticism, because they hurt people and that is wrongDegrading a human being is wrong no matter what you believe.  Criticizing and calling out toxic and harmful beliefs, actions, and words, is NOT wrong - and in fact is necessary if we are ever to move forward as a safe, peaceful, and respectful society. 
All right, that's all.  Thank you for reading; carry on now and please remember these three points in your continuing discourse. 
Glitter and kisses,
Princess Grr
ps: destroy the patriarchy!


My Previous Entry in One Sentence for Those of You Who Thought It Was Too Long

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 15 2013 · 520 views

Princess Grr more like Princess Grrrl amirite haha


This was originally going to be a comic but I'm too wordy

Posted by Queen of Noise , Aug 09 2013 · 2,166 views
On my birth certificate it says "Andrew"

I never liked that name

When I was young, I asked my mother what "Andrew" meant and she said it came from the Greek andros, meaning "manly" or "strong."  I said I didn't want to be either of those, and she laughed.  She thought I was just being precocious.

I'm 24 years old and many of you have known me for about half that.  I've been hiding a secret from all of you for about two decades now.

I'm Transgender.

What does that mean?  Well, put simply, it means that my gender and my biological sex do not align.  I identify as a woman, but my body is male.  I experience what we call "body dysphoria" - extreme discomfort and disgust with the physical body I have.  Hearing my deep voice, seeing my hairy body, my broad shoulders - it makes me want to scream.  It's not me.  I feel trapped and twisted.

You see, sex and gender are two different things.  Sex is a purely biological characteristic - basically, it's what plumbing you've got in your pants.  Your body is born female, male, or intersexed.  But gender is a social construct - the characteristics of "masculinity" and "femininity" (and everything in-between) are invented by society and self-identification, and vary between cultures and eras.  

Gender is usually associated with your biological sex, but they aren't technically intertwined.  If the gender you identify as aligns with your biological sex, you're "cisgendered."  If it does not, you're "transgendered," like me.  In my case, I'm "a woman in a man's body."  

It was very difficult growing up like this.  Society puts a lot of pressure on us to conform to specific gender roles, even at an early age.  My parents were all right with me watching My Little Pony and playing Barbies with my sister, but anything beyond that was taboo.  I wasn't allowed to grow my hair long or play dress-up or play make-believe that I was a girl.  As early as kindergarten I remember starting to hide all the stories and comics and drawings I made constantly about boy characters (generally author inserts) being turned into girls.  I knew if my parents or teachers saw them, I'd be sent to counseling.  I knew if my friends saw them...I'd no longer have any friends.

At age seven I remember hearing the word "transvestite" for the first time...it was used as an ugly word, and it is (for different reasons), but at the time I thought "I know what I am now."  Now we use the term "transgender" instead, which is much more accurate and much less offensive

So what does a little girl trapped in a little boy's body do, to avoid ridicule and violence and being treated like a pariah?

She pretends to be something she's not.  She throws up facades the rest of her life to throw people off.  For years she pretends to be hyper-masculine, even as doing so churns her stomach.  When she's young, and still believes there's a god, she prays every single night, for years, that she'll wake up with the body of a girl.  In college she pretends to be a gay man, because the people around her are more accepting of homosexuality than transgenderism.  

For more than two decades, she does anything to keep people from knowing what she really is, inside.

And why?

Because despite being only 2 - 5% of the populations, transgendered persons make up 20% of all murder victims and 40% of all police violence victims.

Because only 16 out of 50 states in the USA have laws protecting transgender people from discrimination.

Because 90% of transgendered people suffer verbal or physical harassment and abuse when leaving the house, and nearly half have reported employment or housing discrimination - and there are no laws against this in most states.

Because transgender life expectancy is reported to be 23 years, and I'm a year past that and feeling worried.

Because 45% of transgendered people have attempted suicide, and I'm part of that percentage.

Society puts an unbelievable amount of pressure on LGBTQ+ people to conform to heteronormative expectations.  Life in the closet is a psychological ######.  Life out of the closet is an invitation to violent abuse.  When I say I live in fear of someone finding out - it's a fear for my life.

So I'm 24 years old, and I don't feel safe enough to tell my parents, or most of my friends, who I really am.  I live a lie and it kills me every day.

I don't even feel safe enough to admit this here on this site.  

But I know there are a lot of people here who also don't feel safe - a lot of people going through the same, or similar things.  And I can't tell them "it gets better" without the evidence to back me up.  And I can't say "it'll be okay" when things aren't okay, even here on this site, time and again.

But the least I can do is let them know they're not alone.  Let them know someone else understands, and someone else has their backs, when it feels like no-one else does.

I'd like to be proud of who I am and I'd like you to be able to be proud of who you are too.  Let's be in this together.

Glitter and kisses,
Princess Grr


BrickFair is Incredibly Stressful...

Posted by Queen of Noise , Jul 30 2013 · 207 views

BrickFair is Incredibly Stressful... ...but my band is super cool.  Come relax and have a great time at our free concert on Sunday, August 4th.  Special shuttle service provided to BrickFair attendees (free).  PM me if you've got any questions. 

Faces To The Names

In relative order of meeting and/or encountering them. There are definitely some missing but I'm bad with usernames. PM me if you've met me at a BrickFair or something but aren't on this list.

1989: ActionMasterBumblebee
1995: Cronua
2002: Antonapoulos
2006: Bionicle Rex, Kopaka's Ice Engineering, Kaiapu, Spoony Bard, Black Six, InnerRayg, ChocolateFrogs
2008: Swiftone, LehvakLah, Makaru, Deevee, Magpi, Kohaku, Roa McToa, speaknspell, Nikira, Twingding, krazyrapdude
2009: Janus, Friar Tuck, Senjo, Hahli Husky, Emzee, Alsru: Toa of Honor, Spink, Disky
2010: Nukaya, ToM Dracone, Arpy, Sisen, xccj, Nuju Metru, Primus, Vezok's Friend, Lloyd: White Wolf, Stubbed Toa, Waffles, dablackcat
2011: Brave Dragon, Brickeens, Toa Lhikan Hordika, and many more at BrickFair '11 who I do not remember!
2012: Tufi Piyufi, Takuma Nuva, Avohkah Tamer, and many more at BrickFair '12 who I do not remember!
2013: !!JOHN CENA!!, Ryuujin, Der Xaeger, probably more at BrickFair '13 that I don't remember
2014: Weasley Time Prison

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