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Shibuya Streets


A bit of relaxation

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, Video Games Nov 26 2012 · 148 views

So, having internet back has been great. However when the hurricane hit we all forgot about something we ordered and paid for.

We forgot until it arrived at a house that we can't live at as we were continuing the clean up. So we set it up at our rental house and finally had some rest and relaxation for the first time since Hurricane Sandy hit.

I must say, the Wii U has been a ton of much needed fun for us. (If anyone wants to add me on Miiverse my username is Kohakuchan)

Other than that, Aleks' grandfather's van has been taken away by a scrapper. The house is still there as securing permits has taken longer than everyone thought.

Everyday has been a bit better than the last, but honestly... at the end of each day we just want to go home. Today though has been a day with no running around and just some simple relaxation. It has been nice and much needed.


Hurricane Aftermath Updates

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life Nov 22 2012 · 163 views
Hurricane Sandy
So, I've got some updates.

Aleks' grandfather's house is going to be torn down probably tomorrow. This is a job that will cost probably around $10,000. That house didn't have insurance and FEMA isn't giving a dime for it. We do need help paying for this as we don't have the money for it.

If the town were to take it down though it would cost probably $50,000. Which would be very bad.

I must continue my plea for help in terms of donations to help tear it down. If you can't donate, please spread the word about this.

In terms of how donations are being used:

1. Donations will only be used to replace essential items lost by the hurricane, they will be used for repairs and for in some cases demolition. All donations will be receipted.

2. Not only will there be a receipt, but each one will be put into a receipt book and logged with the information on each donation.

3. Any donations that are left over will be used to help neighbors in the area.

Those are the basics on it, I don't have a degree in legalese so this will have to do for now. If you have any questions please send me a message.

I do have good news and will be able to give updates now as we do have internet back!


Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life Nov 07 2012 · 816 views
hurricane sandy
(Gallery is up here! Donations can be sent here! The images are huge and have not been resized. I am limiting the amount of images for now while we deal with the insurance company and FEMA(who hasn't really been helpful, neither has the Red Cross.) Due to power issues with the nor'easter I'm not direct linking too many images at the moment. More images might be uploaded later too.)

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy our house suffered a large amount of damage. Things are really difficult at the moment. Gas is hard to come by and food is so much more expensive after the hurricane.

The extent of the damage to our house is great. Everything on the first floor that survived Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, did not survive Sandy.

All of the furniture is a complete loss, such as the couch and table, the refrigerator which we got this year was tipped onto its back and is currently laying on the new pots and pans we got after Irene. Our stove was about 20 days old, we just got it. It had water in the top of it. The air conditioner which was on top of the table was on the floor. The water made the entire thing float.

This isn’t even mentioning the food. All of the food in the house (about two months worth) is garbage. Trash.
That isn’t even the worst of it. We are lucky the house didn’t explode as we weren’t able to turn off the gas to the house. The house has shifted on its foundation by a few inches and there are some major cracks in the foundation. All of this has to be repaired. I’m not even at the worst part yet.

Aleks’ grandfather lived next door. His house lifted up with the surge and floated. All of the lawn furniture and even the lawn mower have been crushed by the house. His electric wheelchair is gone. Everything in that house is gone. Everything. He is 83 years old and he lost everything.

The house is so bad that we can’t even enter it. The fire department checked it out during the storm and even the local police know about it.

His house is so badly damaged that it was condemned.

There was a boat in the front yard and a paddle boat in the back yard. The entire boat yard floated and is blocking one of the streets. Not to mention the two downed trees on that street. We can’t even get trucks down to our road.

Our neighbors have it very bad too. This is how things look all over our street.

The sad thing is, FEMA has been very slow with their response. They were quick with Irene. The Red Cross is apparently here but we haven’t seen them at all. Everytime we’ve seen the national guard… they’ve just been standing around! This is chaos.

The devastation is really bad and we don’t really know what to do. The insurance deductible because it was a Hurricane is $20,000 which is money we don’t have. We don’t know how much we will get from FEMA nor do we know of other ways to get some help for the costs.

Aleks grandfather’s house has to be torn down and we can’t afford that. The damage is far too extensive for us this time. Irene we recovered from ourselves. Hurricane Sandy… we cannot recover from.

Sadly, I have to ask for donations to help. This damage is too great and far too bad. Anything would help us. I’ve opened my paypal for direct donations as the way it looks we might not even see the Red Cross. At this point I don’t know how things will turn out. Things feel pretty hopeless right now.

Anything you can give would be a huge help. Anything that would be left over would go towards helping our neighbors recover too.

Please donate to us here.

Thank you all so much for the help.

Joseph Miller / Kohaku


Hurricane Sandy 2

Posted by Kohaku , in Uncategorized, Real Life Oct 30 2012 · 150 views

just want to say that we are okay. no power though.

I'll give a better update when I can


Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life Oct 26 2012 · 228 views
Save us
Hurricane Sandy is on like a direct path to us. Don't expect much in terms of posting.

I really don't want to deal with this again. I can't stand this stuff. We still aren't fully back online from Tropical Storm Irene last year!

I do want to say I love you guys ;_;

Here is hoping for the best.


Spirit Day

Posted by Kohaku , in BZPower, FABULOUS, Real Life Oct 19 2012 · 332 views
Purple, Bullying
I was bullied as a kid, I don't want others to go through the same thing. It sucks and it leads to depression and even suicidal thoughts.

I'm going purple and you are free to join me.


Posted Image



Posted Image


Any insensitive comments of any kind towards anyone shall not be tolerated. Especially not today.



Pokemon Launch Party At NYCC

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, Pokemon, NYCC Oct 16 2012 · 361 views
Pokemon, NYCC, New York Comic Con
So, on Saturday (or Day 3 for NYCC) Nintendo had a launch party for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 just outside the convention. There were ice sculptures, adorable Pokemon, and free stuff. We each got a Pokemon bag and I got a shirt with White Kyurem and Aleks got one with Black Kyurem. They were free because we played Pokemon at the show floor at NYCC and got a ticket for them.

Not only that but by getting tickets at the Pokemon event we were able to get a free download of Pokemon Dream Radar for our 3DS Systems.

During all of this, we arrived at about 7:00 PM which was just in time for the second I Fight Dragons concert they had.

Posted Image

A Pokemon ice sculpture.

A giant inflatable Pikachu. Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig.

And now, I fight Dragons:

Posted Image

Posted Image

There were also some people in full Pokemon costumes and a few more things that can be seen in the gallery.


NYCC 2012 Cosplay

Posted by Kohaku , in Cosplay, Doctor Who, FABULOUS, Manga/Anime, NYCC, Pokemon, Real Life, Video Games Oct 16 2012 · 676 views
NYCC, New York Comic Con, Cosplay
Okay! Thanks to Aleks being fabulous at making some of the images smaller and such, let us get this show on the road with some cosplay!

New York Comic Con was a ton of fun, we hung out with some friends we went with and then I even got to hang out with Disky for a bit. Not to mention all of the free stuff that we got and our cat ears. (OMG I WANT THE TAIL THAT IS COMING OUT TOO) :3

I'll be posting some and linking to the gallery with the rest.

We'll start with some of our own cosplay!

Posted Image


Oh hey look, it is Rhyme! Doctor Horrible will be erased!

Posted Image

A wild Disky attacked!

New-Gen hired some professional cosplayers to promote one of their comics.
Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.
Vash the Stampede and Wolfwood.


Posted Image

I love the way the Ghost Rider turned out.

And look who we saw in Castelia City! I wonder if I can get an Oshawott?
Mr. Freeze.

Four Swords unite!


These are only a few of the cosplays we saw, you can see a ton more here and here.


Bowser has attacked!

Posted by Kohaku , in Video Games, Real Life, NYCC Oct 14 2012 · 198 views
mario, bowser, toad, nycc and 1 more...
And... and... something is on my backkkkk......

Posted Image


My Aunt

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life Oct 01 2012 · 184 views
Man, I spent part of this morning crying as I found out from my mother that my aunt has passed away.

I'm more worried for my mother than anything. :/

I wish could get back home to see her, but it sucks that things are so tight around here.


Look what I got today!

Posted by Kohaku , in FABULOUS, Real Life Sep 26 2012 · 197 views
Posted Image


(Also excuse the bad picture quality I took it with my phone)


How Homophobia Hurts Everyone

Posted by Kohaku , in BZPower, FABULOUS, Real Life Sep 21 2012 · 2,164 views
Tolerance, Love not hate
First off, before I start I would like to point you all to a fantastic entry by Gato on the problem with the redefining of homophobia.

Let’s face it, homophobia can be really damaging for LGBT youths and even for people who identify as straight. Intolerance hurts everyone. Even if you think you are right in terms of using religion. To tell someone that you don’t accept a part of them means so much more to that person, it means you don’t accept them.

There has been a lot of homophobic bullying in the world and it leads to a lot of tragedy. Intolerance accounts for the reason so many LGBT youths are homeless and it is a leading cause as to why LGBT youths have one of the highest rates of suicide. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center synthesized these studies and estimated that between 30 and 40% of LGBT youth, depending on age and sex groups, have attempted suicide. That is an alarmingly high amount of youths considering that the rate in the general population is around 1-2%.

Even such phrases as, “That’s so gay!” are proven to be harmful towards LGBT youths. Just recently there was a study on the effects of the phrase conducted by the University of Michigan. Those who heard it more frequently were more likely to report feelings of isolation, as well as negative health symptoms, such as headaches, poor appetite, or eating problems.

Study author Michael Woodford, assistant professor of social work at U-M, describes the results:

“Given the nature of gay-lesbian-bisexual stigma, sexual minority students could already perceive themselves to be excluded on campus and hearing “that’s so gay” may elevate such perceptions. “That’s so gay” conveys that there is something wrong with being gay. And, hearing such messages about one’s self can cause stress, which can manifest in headaches and other health concerns.”

Clearly even simple phrases can be so hurtful. I ask you, please think before you speak. Or type as is the case on BZPower.

Homophobia Hurts All of Us

(The following list has been adapted from Warren J. Blumenfeld, ed. Homophobia: How We All Pay the Price.)

Within the numerous forms of oppression, members of the target group (minority groups) are oppressed, while on some level members of the dominant group are hurt. Although the effects of the oppression differ qualitatively for specific target and dominant groups, in the end everyone loses.

1. Homophobia locks all people into rigid gender roles that inhibit creativity and self-expression.

2. Homophobia compromises the integrity of heterosexual people by pressuring them to treat others badly, actions that go against our basic humanity.

3. Homophobia limits our ability to form close relationships with members of one’s own sex.

4. Homophobia generally limits communications with a significant portion of the population and, more specifically, limits family relationships.

5. Homophobia prevents some lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people from developing an honest self-identity, and adds to the pressure to marry and/or have children, which places undue stress on themselves and their families.

6. Homophobia results in the elimination of any discussion of the lives and sexuality of LGBT people in the curriculum, keeping important information from all students.

7. Homophobia can be used to stigmatize, silence, and, on occasion, target people who are perceived or defined by others as lesbian or gay, but who are, in actuality, heterosexual.

8. Homophobia prevents heterosexuals from accepting the benefits and gifts offered by LGBT people: theoretical insights, social and spiritual visions, contributions in the arts and culture, to religion, to family life, indeed, to all parts of society.

9. Homophobia (along with racism, sexism, classism, etc.) inhibits a unified and effective governmental and societal response to HIV transmission and AIDS.

10. Homophobia takes energy away from more positive activities.

11. Homophobia inhibits appreciation of other types of diversity, making it unsafe for everyone because each person has unique traits not considered mainstream or dominant. Therefore, we are all hurt when any one of us is disrespected.

(End list, back to Kohaku’s ranting.)

Why did I choose to add this list? Honestly, in its current form, I can’t really see a way to improve upon this list. It shows the ways that homophobia hurts everyone. It hurts me, it hurts you, it hurts your best friend. It just plain hurts.

Now, I’m going to tell a bit of a story that I haven’t told anyone. Ever. I’ll keep it short and to the point.

When I was in middle and high school, I was bullied. I was bullied all the time, I was called derogatory names and in some cases physically assaulted. At the time I honestly didn’t know why I had been singled out. I didn’t even know what being gay was. I lost a lot of innocence back then and it continued for years. I hated school and I honestly hated life. I thought about suicide plenty of times. And came close to attempting it.

However as time went on I gained two important friends on BZPower, Alku and Kinali. How important were these friends? Honestly, they helped me keep things together more than they know. Even after I became staff here they helped me keep it together. If it weren’t for them and their support I might not be here. Those two friends gave me some much needed support and through every experience with them we have grown as people and as friends.

Homophobia in any sense hurts us all. So please think before you speak.

Think about it.

“How will this hurt people around me?”

“How will this hurt myself?”

“How would I feel if I was in their shoes?”

Please, think about how the words you say can hurt others. Think about your beliefs and how they can be hurtful. Think about it.


It needs to be said

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life, BZPower Sep 17 2012 · 253 views
Okay guys, I said this elsewhere but I'm saying it here too.

If anyone wants to discuss any topic regarding homosexuality/transgender/other topics please send me an IM. Any discussions will be confidential and I am literally willing to talk about any topic on this, I'm not shy. If you need a friend or just someone to rant at then by all means send me a message.

If you want to take me up on this offer my IM addresses are:
AIM: BZPKohaku
YIM: BZPKohaku
MSN: king_masterj@hotmail.com

Small edit to add a relevant image from The Trevor Project.
Posted Image


You guys

Posted by Kohaku , in BZPower, Real Life Sep 03 2012 · 209 views
love, insane
I love you guys. All of you.

And I must say I love my close friends, especially after the awesome discussion we had last night.


The End of the World

Posted by Kohaku , in Real Life Aug 24 2012 · 296 views
I think we all know about the Mayan predictions.

Well... here is the cause of the end of the world.

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