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Good News And Good News

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 05 2006 · 99 views
My really old website, Here, is finally going to be updated!More than that though, it will be redone, completely. From every image to every line of text. It will take a while but It'll be up in the future. (Most likely at a new web address.)

The other good news is my epic which has a cursed chapter three... will actually be updated with chapter three. It wil probably happen this weekend. Plus, I have most of chapter four written, not typed. Plus, I'm writting a short story which won't affect the epic in any way, that will be posted around the time chapter four is posted.

Just thought, I'd actually give you an update on what I'm doing. smile.gif



The Vs. Directory

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 03 2006 · 176 views
Updated: 10/5/06

In a new content block on the side is where you will find each VS. that has been posted so far.

The latest one will always be on the top. So, you can see just who is against who, with a link to the entry. And in a few days I'll post the current standings, in an entry.

I will also have it put into this entry, which I will be updating every once in a while with new information.

What, I've been doing with VS. is putting characters into battle with other characters. Then the members here can decide for themselves who would win. One of the things that you won't see is my opinion, I may post that when I feel a certian VS has been open long enough. I haven't decided on a time for that yet so please dont ask.

Plus, I will now be accepting other idea's for VS. Do you have two characters you would like to see battle? Send me a PM then, and I'll see what we can do. smile.gif

Roodaka Vs. Hexidecimal
Unicron Vs. Galactus
Naraku Vs. Makuta
Vincent Valentine Vs. Roland Deschain
Flame Alchemist Vs. Fire Toa
Pirate Vs. Ninja
Cloud Vs. Inuyasha Vs. Ichigo
Samus Vs. Master Chief

And all of this was because of a comment by Makaru. Thanks for the idea Makaru. smile.gif

No probs.

This Blog Entry shall be Locked, therefore send me a PM if you have questions and such. smile.gif



Vincent Valentine Vs. Roland Deschain

Posted by Kohaku , Oct 02 2006 · 289 views
Time for a new installment of Vs.

[Vincent Valentine]
Vincent is from FFVII.
Vincent appears as a tall, brooding man with long, unkempt black hair wearing a ragged red cloak over black clothes. His left arm below the elbow is covered by a metal gauntlet terminating in formidable claws. His cloak covers the lower half of his face and is held closed by a series of buckles. His eyes are distinctly coloured red. As of Advent Children, his weapon of choice changed to a triple-barrel revolver named "Cerberus", reflected in the silver chain that hangs from the hilt of the gun, as it is shaped in the form of the mythological creature of the same name and the fact that the creature Cerberus has three heads as the gun has three barrels.

Vincent, while not the most physically powerful character in Final Fantasy VII, is a skilled gunslinger and can cast magic well, making him an ideal distance fighter. His weapons include various firearms, each described in-game as "Long-Range Weapon".

Due to Hojo's anatomic reconstruction of Vincent and the presence of Chaos within him, he does not age and possesses a number of supernatural abilities, including metamorphosis and the ability to fly. In "Dirge of Cerebus" his melee attacks took on the form of purple auras. In Final Fantasy VII, Vincent transforms into four different creatures as part of his limit breaks: a bipedal version of a Final Fantasy VII Behemoth, the Galian Beast; the Death Gigas; the devil-like Chaos; and another creature...

In Advent Children, Vincent also assumes a previously unseen amorphous and intangible red form, evocative of his cloak. In Dirge of Cerberus, the Galian Beast was remodelled into a more humanoid form with the ability to shoot homing projectiles and unleash shockwaves, and Chaos was altered to resemble Vincent with demonic features, such as pale skin, yellow eyes, spiked hair, monster fangs, and frayed bat-like wings. Chaos had many powers such as a red/black beam that he used to kill Azul; was able to magically recreate his Death Penalty weapon which shot black/white beam; a melee attack that would release a red aura wherever he struck and ended the combo with a strange ball of energy, and an ultimate attack that he used to charge into Omega and destroy him.

Now for Roland Deschain...

[Roland Deschain]
Roland Deschain, is a fictional character, the protagonist of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

Roland is alone at the beginning of the series, following the way of ka, a variant of destiny that is similar in concept to other karmic ideologies. The term ka-tet is used for a group of people who are deeply bonded to each other through ka. The seven-book series is about Roland's acquisition of a new ka-tet and the completion of his quest.

Roland is a 30th-generation descendant of his world's version of King Arthur, referred to in the series as Arthur Eld. In Wizard and Glass, during a flashback to Roland's time in the Barony of Mejis, a letter from his father identifies Steven Deschain as a 29th-generation descendent of Arthur Eld from a side lineage. Even his guns were originally made of the melted-down metal from the legendary Excalibur sword. It is hinted that one must possess this sword in order to enter the Tower.

Roland became a gunslinger at the unheard-of age of 14. The big revolvers are described as long and heavy, with blued steel (originally from his world's Excalibur) and sandalwood grips.

So, I ask you this, Who would win?



International Omi Day

Posted by Kohaku , Sep 30 2006 · 123 views
Today was International Omi Day. A day which will be famous... forever. Cause I have turned into, Omi!

Mr. Link

I know... it's scary. tongue.gif



Bleach Download

Posted by Kohaku , Sep 30 2006 · 79 views
A while back it was requested that I put up a WMV format of the opening in this entry. I've done one better... while it isn't as good in quality, (Still good though) it has the lyrics in japanese and english (as subtitles)!

I forgot to mention that I didn't make this, it was sent to me by a friend.

[Bleach Intro - WMV] - "*~Asterisk~" by Orange Range

Also, I'm working on getting the FMA and Inuyasha Intros/Endings up too. So, get quicktime if to want some awesome intros and endings in the near future. smile.gif


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