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Walking the Dog


Five Bands

Posted by Javi , Dec 04 2011 · 314 views

Pick 5 bands / artists that you love before reading the following questions:
  • fun.
  • The National
  • The Airborne Toxic Event
  • The Hold Steady
  • Bright Eyes
What was the first song you ever heard by 1?

"Walking the Dog". I still remember the day my best friend showed it to me..like..vividly. =P I had no idea that I had just been introduced to an artist that was gonna have such a huge impact on my life..it's weird, thinking back on it, that fun. wasn't ALWAYS a part of my life.

Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad?

Hah..it's The National! All of them. =) "Runaway" once made me cry.."Mr. November".."Slow Show".."Baby, We'll be Fine".."Lucky You"..

What is your favorite song of 3?

Hah..basically all of them except "Neda". =P I guess I'd have to say my absolute favourite is and will always be "Wishing Well"..I was so blown away when I heard that song. It's hard to say that I like any Airborne song more than another, though...

What is your favorite song of 5?

Either "Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh" or "First Day of My Life". They're both pretty equal to me..

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?

Oh my God..I can't really describe the impact fun.'s had on my life. I happened to be introduced to them right before a period of ups and downs, lost friends, a crush on a certain girl I couldn't be with (but am with anyway)..fun. was there through all of that, making things better, whether things were good or bad. We drove six hours from North Carolina to Macon, Georgia to see them in concert. Words cannot describe the love I have for this band.

What are your favorite lyrics of 5?

"Besides, maybe this time it's different - I mean, I really think you like me."

How many times have you seen 4 live?

I'd love to see The Hold Steady live..but I'm still waiting for a concert in the area. =P

What is your favorite song by 2?

Oh, god. I would try to make a condensed list, but even that would come out to over thirty songs, I'm sure. I guess I'll just say "Slow Show", because I think I listen to it most frequently. Not that that's that much more frequently than the others. xD

Is there any song by 4 that makes you sad?

"First Night". Less because of the lyrics, and more because I fell in love with "Separation Sunday" and its characters: Charlemagne, Holly, Gideon, and the narrator. Hearing Craig sing about them like this - not partying, not being born again, not hopping from Stillwater to Ybor City, not doing hoodrat things - there's something incredibly sad about hearing how these characters self-destructed.

What is your favorite song by 1?

I can't answer that. It's fun.

When did you first get into 2?

Hah - I saw "Alligator" as a similar items listing on iTunes. I clicked it, read a really pretentious interview from some guy, and then listened to "All the Wine". I remember being unimpressed, leaving the page, and forgetting all about it. Later, I read about a favourable review for "Boxer" somewhere and decided to give them another shot. I immediately fell in love with "Fake Empire", and the rest of the album not long after. It was awhile before I got into their other records, but once I did, The National became one of my biggest musical influences. Since then, I've always been careful to never judge a band based on one song or one review. =P

how did you get into 3?

I'd been listening to "Wishing Well" for a week or so. I was staying up late one night. I happened to be sad, and I wanted to hear more songs like "Wishing Well", so I started the rest of the album. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed when I heard these upbeat indie-rock songs (it took awhile before I realised how dismal they really are lyrically). However, I came back to the album awhile later and slowly listened through the whole thing over the course of a few days. It just sort of grew on me and became a favourite record, and not long after that, a favourite band.

What is your favorite song by 4?

I guess I'd have to say "Your Little Hoodrat Friend". Though "How a Resurrection Really Feels", "First Night", and "Cattle and the Creeping Things" all might as well be tied, too.


The Weekenders

Posted by Javi , Oct 13 2011 · 248 views

Oh, wow..BZPower is up..I can start using my pointless blog again. :P

So..pff..is anyone who used to read my blog still there? No? OHWELL! =)

Ah, wow..my last entry was in April, after I kissed my girlfriend for the first time. xD Oh, how things have changed..

I think I'm just gonna use her name, cos "my girlfriend" gets annoying..

Corrina and I have been dating for..about seven and a half months? Uhh..8 months on November 1st. =P Things are actually still going really, really great. ^.^ It was nice to read through some of my old entries and remember what it was like to fall in love with her (sorry if that's cheesy. Or geeky. Or both. Cheeky. Cheeky? Geesy).


Another fantastic thing..I think I mentioned that Corrina and my best friend broke up because of me. Sorta because of me, anyway. It was..complicated. Their relationship kinda fell apart..I guess cos it wasn't really a relationship..ANYWAY! When I asked her out, my best friend stopped talking to me..completely ignored me..didn't speak a word to me for over three months. He wanted nothing to do with me..which excluded me and Corrina from our group of friends..which was, y'know..kinda mizzerble..but in June, I finally got the guts to try to talk to him. He was really mad at first..then we decided to try to just "get along"..he didn't think we could be friends again. And then..I managed to convince him to hang out with me..just see if it could work again..and it did. =P So we're friends again - probly even closer than we were before - and everything is going quite fantastically. All the people I want to be close to are close to me again..so, I'm happy. =)


Finally! Last Friday, me, my best friend, and three of our other friends went to see one of my favourite bands, fun., in Macon, Georgia. It was a 6-hour drive from North Carolina..fun. wasn't even the main act..but all of us were pretty satisfied. xD They played Some Nights, Walking the Dog, All the Pretty Girls, All Alone, Barlights, Carry On, At Least I'm Not as Sad (As I Used to Be), and We Are Young. It was amazing..I was singing along to every song..beaming from ear to ear and singing the parts I knew of the new songs..and I was just ecstatic when they played All Alone, cos I hadn't even heard it on ####### yet. It was a fantastic night.

We all camped out that night, and left really early Sahturday morning..me and another one of the guys had to be back home by 1:30pm to go to a marching band competition. xD We were late..our director was mad..but, ohwell.. WE SAW fun. =D


To anyone who read that - I am terribly sorry for the far-too-long message. I'm just excited to have a blog again. ;P


Everything Is Alright

Posted by Javi , Apr 16 2011 · 239 views
Well..I realised that I haven't been on BZPower in around a month..so I figured I'd post something. tongue.gif

Uh, everything is going great with my girlfriend still..other than the fact that we haven't had too many chances to be together, and very few alone..but that should change next week. Her mom has a friend that's been living with them for the past few months, and he's moving out tomorrow..and her mom doesn't get home from work until 6PM..so I'm gonna start biking over to her house after school. ;P So hopefully now, we can be together as much as we want to..

Also, we may be going to Carowinds (amusement park) today! biggrin.gif Just me and her..I'm still waiting for an answer..but it sounds likely. So, I'm rather excited..


Kissed Her =)

Posted by Javi , Mar 17 2011 · 278 views
Pff, I kept forgetting to reply to people's comments on my blog posts..I really wanted to..ah, well..it's been quite a few days; I'd feel odd going back to those now. tongue.gif

So - I kissed her yesterday! smile.gif (Well, really, two days ago - Wednesday..) It was rather pleasant; my first kiss. Today (uhm, yesterday)..we kissed again..and I said something like "I don't think that was good enough, can I try again?" And after that, we just kept kissing over and over again for a long time - it seemed like a long time, anyway - and..it was just nice.

I dunno - I guess what I'm saying is, things are going wonderfully so far. =)


Held Her Hand

Posted by Javi , Mar 07 2011 · 294 views
So we hug as a hello/goodbye...but today was the first day I held her hand, and I believe the first time I've ever held hands at all (beyond jokingly, anyway)..and I was surprised at how pleasant it was, and how warm I felt from it..I didn't expect holding hands to be that nice. tongue.gif

I believe that just leaves kissing - I'm not ready for that, even though she more or less told me that she'd be ohkay with it...ehh..I think that's something to wait for the right time for. We're going to an amusement park on April 9th - which is kinda far off - but it seems like a good time, potentially. But I'll probably do it sooner than that, assuming I get the chance..


So I Have A Girlfriend Now

Posted by Javi , Mar 05 2011 · 368 views
It's quite a complicated situation. She's the best friend I've ever had, and I've liked her since..October? November? I dunno..but she was dating my best friend until a few weeks ago (they'd been dating for nine months, since sometime last year, before I really started to become friends with her). Anyway..things weren't going so great for them for the last few months..it was practically like they weren't even dating..and I felt incredibly guilty for liking her so much while they were going out..but I finally made up my mind to ask her out, and it turned out she's liked me for just as long..so we're dating now.

Uhm..this isn't how I'd have liked to explain it..it just sounds dumb..but she's really a lovely girl, and I'm really happy to be with her. I wish I could explain the situation right..but oh, well. tongue.gif


Viciously, Deliriously, Disgustingly Pleasant

Posted by Javi , Jan 08 2011 · 255 views

The things that have not made sense...that I've known for a long time now...but seem perfectly clear right now.

First: I hate him. Not for anything he did to me, but for what he said about her, and for what it made her do to herself. And I wish I could make her see what a terrible person he really is, but I don't know how. I also remembered that I'm not him...for everything we both are, I'm not him. He hates kids..and in that, I can never be him.

Second: I love her. I don't know why, and she can't know, and I just don't care. I know she at least cares about me, and she likes to be around me, and she's the only person who ever seems happy to see me...and as long as I make her happy, that's all I care about. It doesn't matter if I can never have her...only I also know it does, and it breaks my heart to know that.

Third: I also love him. He's the brother I don't really have. He's my best friend, he's my closest friend, and both she and him actually care about me, I think. Whether I'm right about that or not, between the two of them, they are the reason I'm still around.

And I'm happy with the way we left things - I'm happy that it's all incomplete.


Sao Paolo

Posted by Javi , Jan 08 2011 · 247 views
Things will never be the same, she took the blame and took it out on herself - and I will never forgive you for that.

Anyway...I got ungrounded, since my PE teacher very kindly allowed us to take a few of the tests that we hadn't finished..my grade went up to a B..and, as promised, I was ungrounded, although my social activity is still gonna be limited until after end-of-course assessments.


Failing Gym..

Posted by Javi , Jan 05 2011 · 293 views
..and I got grounded for it. =/

It's a health/PE class, and we were on the health bit. We had open-book tests to take on our school's website - twenty-eight of them, I think, and a good five or six weeks to take them. I was doing really good with keeping up with it..but then there was that..and I spent most of the class talking to my best friend's girlfriend/one of my best friends...and by the time the last week before break rolled around, I quite simply did not want to work. So I figured I'd do it over break - only I forgot to write down the code for the online book. So I decided not to worry about it; figured that he gave us so much time already, and I assumed that we'd probably have another week to finish up. I was wrong - he closed all the assessments on Monday, and I'd only finished three of the eight I had left. Which counted as zeros, and brought my grade to a 72..which my mom saw, of course. Disadvantage to having computers in school - grades update online instantly, and your parents can see them. Which really sucks.

So I got my phone and computer taken away - although the worst thing she took was really my iPod and my small collection of CDs. But another good friend (I should really pseudonym people here..) gave me a Sublime greatest hits album for Christmas, which has been in my backpack, so if I can dig out my old CD player, I'll at least have something. I'm sure I'll get a little sick of Sublime over the course of three weeks - although the friend who gave me the CD offered to sync some music to her old Nano for me.

I've never been grounded - and the worst part is going to be losing the social life I just started to get...I have real friends, good friends, that I really enjoy spending time with - and now I'm stuck at home for half a month. Ah, well..there's always school to talk to people, I guess. And the occasional chance to get on the computer to do "homework" or "study". My mom said she'll give everything back if I can pull my gym and biology grades up to B's..biology's almost there, and definitely will be by Friday - it's just gym that I'm not sure what to do about. I'm gonna try asking the teacher if I can have one more chance to finish the assessments up, and if not, if there's any sort of extra credit I can do. Cuz it'd really be nice to have this weekend to go do something. =/


So, Uh..

Posted by Javi , Dec 30 2010 · 250 views
I don't know why I'm bothering to write this, since anyone who might have happened to read my blog has probably stopped checking. But eh.

Firstly: I never asked out that girl. At first because I was too nervous, and then later because I've been having feelings for someone else lately (only I can't have feelings for her). In any case, I blew it.

Second: The past month and a half has been terrible. And it's also been incredible. If there's one thing it's always been, though, it's busy..I wish I could describe it, but I think most of it would conflict with the rules on this website. Point is that I've cried for someone, laughed more than I ever have in my life, and loved my friends even more for everything we've all been through since this summer. I've lost a bad friend, but I've made a best friend that likes being around me as much as I like being around her. I've said and done things that I regret now, but if I had the opportunity to change anything that's happened, I wouldn't. Because everything is perfect the way it is now, and I wouldn't change that for the world.

Recent events have also had a very positive effect on my songwriting. tongue.gif I'm getting better, I think.

So this must be it - welcome to the new year.


Walking The Dog

Walking alone cuz the night is dead
Crossed my mind when I crossed the bridge

How you lost your mind and your wrist got bruised
And you wanted better love when it was sleeping in your bedroom
Hold on stay on my side, don't go

If you could see me, whoever I am
It's not like a movie, it's not all skin and bones
So come on love, come on come one come all and go
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

Now I'm walking alone cuz the night is dead
My feet don't glide like they did back then
When I'd call you up so we could shoot the moon
These days I'm left to howl in tune

Well hearts do break and I must admit
I got a better set of chords so I mighta been faking it
Think I really only cried just once

If you could see me, whoever I am
It's not like a movie, it's not all skin and bones
So come on love, come on come one come all and go
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

After all the shows, after all the boys of summer have gone
Amid all the confusion, these friends I've been losing
I always thought from the start I'd be the one moving on

I guess I'll never know where all the boys of summer will go
But I'll miss what we made and the days were not wasted
There are some things I may never know

How you lost your mind and your wrist got bruised
And you wanted better love, well it's sleeping your bedroom
Hold on stay on my side, don't go

If you could see me, whoever I am
It's not like a movie, it's not all skin and bones
So come on love, come on come one come all and go
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

If you could see me, whoever I am
It's not like a movie, it's not all skin and bones
So come on love, come on come one come all and go
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go

If you could see me, whoever I am (Walkin' alone cuz the night is dead)
It's not like a movie, it's not all skin and bones (Crossed my mind when I crossed the bridge)
So come on love, come on come one come all and go
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah, I will not let you go...