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Posted by Pahrak #0579 , Mar 17 2014 · 600 views

Hm, now seems like a good time to update y'all on my Bravely Default progress.  Spoiler-free as possible.
Made it to Chapter 2, where I'm finding much irritation, but at least I got the satisfaction of killing that wretched Red Mage in the sub-quest.
Not to mention said quest gave me the first sign that Ringabel isn't a complete son of a brakas!  Character development!  Anything else I'd have to say about him, well...let's not and say we did.
Tiz is...boring?  I mean, all I've seen of him thus far is a set of pretty common Hero tropes.  He's nice.  But...eh.
I like Agnes, though.  She's very driven and dedicated, so I have a lot of respect for her.
Edea's probably my favorite at this point.  She's hot-tempered, but still really friendly and has a strong sense of right and wrong.  Mrgrgr...!
Oh, I should probably mention Airy too, maybe?  I don't find her annoying like some other fairy guides.  She's humorous and helpful, but I don't know that I've seen any actual character yet.  Though, voicing her disapproval of going out of the way rather than just doing the thing with the Water Crystal has earned her a special spot in the "calling out their genre" region of my heart.
On to jobs!
-Agnes is on White Mage Lv 9.  It'll be a while before she reaches Lv 10, it seems...aside from that, she has two levels on Freelancer, but that's all--you gotta have a White Mage, so she's only been in that role.
-Tiz is currently set as Red Mage Lv 4 with level 3 Time Magic as his ability (though I can't purchase the third tier spells yet).  Previous efforts leave him with Summoner Lv 6, Time Mage Lv 7, Black Mage Lv 7, Monk Lv 2, and Freelancer Lv 2 Jobs.  He's primarily functioning as my offensive mage, so I'm changing him around a lot.  Still working on getting it quite right...
-I just got my hands on the Valkyrie asterisk and equipped that on Ringabel, but I have yet to fight any battles with it.  His extra ability going into this is Thievery, which should be pretty effective since he was a Lv 9 Thief.  Prior to that he was a Monk, which advanced to Lv 5 so I could equip him with Knuckle Lore so he could still kick butt as a Thief.  One of my two physical attackers, previously designated as the "agile attacker", though that's clearly out with Valkyrie now.  I didn't want to mess up Edea's set-up!
-Speaking of Edea, when she joined the party, I left her as Freelancer for a while (she made it to Lv 2).  Once we got the Knight asterisk, though, I was sure to give her that so she could learn the Two-Handed support ability.  After equipping that and netting her Knight Lv 7, I switched her to Spell Fencer because, as in Final Fantasy V, a Two-Handed Spellblade/Sword Magic is painful as karzahni.  She's currently sitting at Spell Fencer Lv 8, and I don't imagine I'll be switching her any time soon.
...Well, I have been thinking about spending a little time grinding so that Agnes and Edea can learn some support abilities and commands from other jobs.  Agnes only has Examine and Treat aside from her White Magic--I use both, but letting her get some more Miscellany skills (and the Dungeon Master support skill) might be nice.  As for Edea, I don't think I've used any of her Chivalry commands since changing her to a Spell Fencer.  I'm not sure if I should get her some more Chivalry commands or go for another job...Two-Handed Sword Magic is really all she needs, to be honest.
It's interesting to acquire Jobs by fighting bosses.  Hooray for Megamanning!  Provides some real satisfaction, and eliminates the mixed feelings and, to a degree, plot spoiling that came with Final Fantasy V granting Jobs through Crystal fragments.  Although I'm hoping they go more into what the asterisks actually...are.  The journal just says "semi-precious stones" that grant you Jobs.  But...why?!  I need details!  Though it could end up being something...horrifying...
So anyway.  Norende Village.  Using the internet, some Streetpass, and that glitch from the demo, I currently have 45 villagers!  Even those imposing 99 hr tasks take less than 3 hours to complete!  I've been leaving it on during class and while I'm at work, so I've made a lot of progress on everything, including unlocking all the special moves.  Now I just need to get the hang of customizing them...
Overall, I like the game so far.  I'm at the stage where I want to accumulate a ton of knowledge on it, but, well, even only a quick glance at Final Fantasy Wiki ended up spoiling something for me, and I refuse to let anything else be spoiled!  This is my time to practice patience, I suppose.  I could never get the hang of that Job.

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Chroma Champion JiMing
Mar 17 2014 10:01 PM

I don't think this is spoilery, but asteriks grant the wielder all the knowledge and skills of the previous holder. Doesn't explain where they get a costume change from, but eh, what can you do. =P 

Jobs apparently take a massive amount of Job Points to advance past Level 9, because the game wants you to experiment until you reach a point later on when enemies start dropping much more JP. But you as a player can just continue to grind. =P

It's nice hearing that others are enjoying the game. For as frustrating as the demo was early on, I got hooked, and am now looking forward to the point when I can actually buy it myself! But until then, I'll be listening to other's experience with the game.


(also Edea is best finally someone agreeeeees!)

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Mar 18 2014 08:38 AM

Yeah, I did end up getting the demo.  So far I`m enjoying the steampunkness of the city, though becoming a giant on the world map always made me feel powerful and strange in these sorts of games.  =P


Really, the only other game I played similar to this has been Golden Sun Dark Dawn (Which was pretty great in battle, but the story was sooo odd)


Anyway, I only just started the demo, and I`m not that far along as of yet.  Normally I like to rush through the gameplay to finish the story, but with these sorts of games, it`s important to do ALL OF THE SIDE QUESTS! to actually level up and destroy things.  Kinda like Shin Megami Tensei IV, which I loved playing.  


As for a fairy guide, I would love this game eternally if it even just made ooone reference to Navi.  HEY!  LISTEN!  would more than suffice.  =P

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The Asterisks are indeed explained later on in the game as a part of the plot (including their origins).


I had Tiz as a Thief (mastered) with the Bow for a long time; he was easily my most consistent offensive character and would almost always land the KO blow. I swapped him to Freelancer recently to get the "mime" ability but I might switch him back, because I am sorely missing the speed of a Thief.


Ringabel is a Level 13 Performer and a Level 9 Merchant; I want to upgrade him beyond Level 4 Monk so that he can have more attack power.


Agnes is a Level 13 Summoner, which has been useful for consistently high elemental damage against bosses with those weaknesses. 


Edea is a problem for me right now; she's been a high level Red Mage and a Templar, but I'm getting to a point where I'm paying dearly for my lack of a high-levelled White Mage.

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