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Fear Itself

Posted by Watashi Wa , Feb 08 2012 · 231 views

Staff BZPower
So I logged on and looked at the blogs and apparently everybody is afraid of the staff or something?

Do people really feel this way? I read a few entries and the consensus seems to be the opposite. It seems the staff identities some members have grown to fear are hugely hyperbolic and blown out of proportion.

Maybe I'm just biased. :P We're all pretty cool. We're humans too, y'know.

Anywho, I'm quitting my job (!). Hopefully I'll have a little more free time to dedicate to this site, after school work of course. And I have a lot of school things to do this semester.

Mass Effect 3 is a month away. I'm playing through Mass Effect 2 for the second time. I'm only just now getting around to a second play through because I wanted to preserve the memories and emotions of the first for as long as possible. Weird.

DAT AVENGERS TRAILER. Iron Maaaaaaaaaaaan! \m/

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Feb 08 2012 03:13 AM
I used to feel that way, but then I took an arrow to the knee but then I started talking (or playing halo) with some of you guys. Surprisingly, you're normal people too.

I cannot wait for mass effect 3. Since my xbox was stolen, I re bought both games, re-did my canon playthrough in both games with almost the same choices, then made MUFASA Shepard, a horrifying Femshep who makes the worst decisions and only Jacob and Morinth are alive, and am currently playing what I like to call "DEFAULT SHEPARD" in ME1. Default name, appearance, and am making him a complete paragon.

So stoked for the Avengers. "I have an army" "We have a hulk"

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Mass Effect 3 is a month away. I'm playing through Mass Effect 2 for the... er, fifth time. :blush:
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Feb 08 2012 02:35 PM
'Cause, you know, I can totally ban people.

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The staff are weak fools who revel in benevolence. An experianced unscrupulous being can easily tread fire around them.
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We were probably more aggressive as OBZPCs, way back when, than we are as staffers. :P

I've never played Mass Effect, but I have seen a whole bunch of people playing it in various streaming groups. I do feel like I'm missing out on it.
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@Kaleesh: I would NOT say we're "normal" :P

@Bunda: Every time you're on LIVE you're playing ME2. lole

@CF: Don't let that power go to your head, man. You'll start hallucinating.

@Roablin: It's easy to spot the trolls. ;)

@Windrsexydued: That's probably true. We were vicious back then. And ME is an amazing series, not only because its fun but the storytelling is beyond amazing as far as games go.
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Ramona Flowers
Feb 21 2012 03:54 PM
I'm not afraid of the staff.
Unless there's a rule against saying that. :fear:
*Cowers in dark corner*
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