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Review: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

Peach 00


So, I decided I'd finally check out the first episode. I only watched about roughly fifteen minutes of it, because I started to skew my attention more towards writing. Anyway, onto my thoughts.


At first, I saw it being more of a feel-goodery type of story, because it being ponies and all the pink colors and whatnot. That aspect I started to pull away from when watching it, but it still keeps it. That may just be because I've only just been introduced into the show, but that's the kind of vibe I first got when watching the beginning.


You can't exactly expect it to be awesome when you first see it, so I wasn't entirely impressed in the first few minutes. The whole evil sister story wasn't exactly the choice of story I would have had, but it's a show for girls around eight years old. So, again, you can't expect it to be great when first watching it. Still, it wasn't like it was stupid right off. It wasn't too bad, but it's not the best cartoon I've ever seen.


When I was a kid, I liked watching shows like The Flinstones and The Jetsons, as well as Cyberchase and Bugs Bunny cartoons (I never saw a lot of them, sadly) because they had a more unique sense of humor than Cartoon Network's cartoons nowadays. Adults could laugh with the kids at some of it because it wasn't stupid cartoons. I found MLP to be similarly amusing to that of old cartoons, but not as good. However, I would prefer it over CN's cartoons any day of the week.


It had an interesting cast of characters. Twilight Sparkle seemed like a bookworm that was well-educated, which none of her friends understood. Of course, friendship is magic (hence the show's name), but things like books and history can be cool in their own way, too. Rainbow Dash wasn't too bad a character, but she seemed to come off as an annoying show-off type of character. Not a bad character, but not my personal favorite, either.


And, I didn't catch the name of the other characters, such as the one with the birds (That's about the time I turned it off because I was paying more attention to writing), and the one that helped Twilight with her hair. Never caught their names - if somebody could give me them, thanks. I'm pretty sure it was Fluttershy that had the birds, not sure who the other pony is...


Still, the characters have strong points and weak points about them. Twilight has an idea of what friendship is, but can't really grasp it with those she knows. Or, that's what it appeared like to me when I watched the beginning. This is kind of a weak point with the character, as well as the stereotype that she does nothing but read books and actually would like to be educated in the finer subjects (in the story). I haven't really seen much of the other (what I consider to be) important characters, so I can't really judge them without either being wrong or right.


With it comes a sense of a fairy tale, because it seems like it will always have a lesson at the end of it. And it seems like that, when you watch it, first thing you're going to assume is that the end is going to have a 'feel-goodery' sense to it because of the name of the show. That obviously comes with the show's name (Friendship is Magic), but you'll assume that it's going to come near the end. Of course, I didn't watch the end (again, busy writing), but I did have a feeling something like that was going to come at one point.


Maybe because it's the first show I get some of these feelings, but it seems like it would probably be carried out through the show's entirety, whether it wasn't supposed to be there or it was.


Now, although I don't feel like it's the best cartoon ever, I was still impressed and entertained by it. It tries to pull away from the same five concepts that have been repeated over and over again. It has a more unique sense to it that I haven't seen cartoons nowadays really have, so it seems good in that way. Of course, it isn't a show I'd watch all the time, but if I wanted to just watch something that I don't watch on a regular basis, I'd probably pick this among a few other shows.


This is the one aspect though: When you watch it, you've got realize that yeah, it is a little girls' show, so you can't expect it to be great. Don't ever have high expectations for anything, otherwise you won't see the good in things. I didn't have huge expectations, but expected it to be like any cartoon would be. I was a little surprised by some of it, but I don't think it's the greatest show ever. It's good, but not the best. But, it definitely comes with it the sense that people should always value friendship, which is probably the best message anything can send.


Recommended Comments

The pilot two-parter is very weak compared to the rest of the series. It's definitely my least favorite two episodes in the entire series.


It gets much, much, MUCH better.

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Just being honest with you, the first two eps, I actually like them. It starts off as the norm kids show, but the comedy you expect to see has it's moments throughout. It's a slow start, but when you do get chance, try a different ep. They're fun lol

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I'll see if I can continue watching, but it depends when. I'll finish up Ep. 1 real quick, and then tomorrow I'll try watching the second episode. To be honest, it's becoming one of those things where I'll watch it but never really get into it, it seems like. As in, not become a hardcore fan, but just watch it because I have the ability to.

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Rarity is the one that runs the boutique.


Pilots are meh, most everyone will tell you that.


The "old cartoon" vibe is definitely there, in no small part do to Pinkie Pie's antics. Also, anvil.

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And I watched the rest of the episode, Pinkie Pie (fast-talker, right?) is pretty funny, especially in scenes when Twilight just starts getting frustrated. It did amuse me a little bit. =P And Rarity wasn't too bad, she's basically the fashionista pony of them all, lol.


And I'm not really a big fan of Rainbow Dash, or Nightmare Moon (Mare of the Moon, either way), either. It's always the other twin that's evil, it's always the other twin. :P

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I agree with your review for the most part: I too like MLP but don't think it's the best show ever. However, my opinion diverges from yours in that I love Rainbow Dash and find Pinkie Pie somewhat annoying. :P

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I agree with your review for the most part: I too like MLP but don't think it's the best show ever. However, my opinion diverges from yours in that I love Rainbow Dash and find Pinkie Pie somewhat annoying. :P


Well, the problem I have with Rainbow Dash is she just seems kind of like a show-off. She isn't my least favorite character, but I'm just not a huge fan of her. Pinkie Pie isn't too bad, she seems exasperating but she's funny.

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