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Ask Me Anything

Peach 00


Because I'm simply bored, I'm going to let you people ask me dozens beyond dozens of questions (yes, you can ask more than one in a comment if you care to), and I'll answer them for my own personal entertainment. Despite the fact I despise these types of entries sometimes, I've done it a few times before and decided I'd do it again.


Well, anyway, shoot.


Recommended Comments

When did you decide to become a writer? Did ever think your first Bionicle fanfiction would be popular? Will you continue to write? What are your goals on BZP? Why am I asking so many questions? Would you add me as a friend?

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1. Well, I was on this computer writing Nintendo stuff with my own plotlines about four years ago, and then I went to BZP and saw some of the great writing like Glitch In The System, and I decided to write Bionicle fiction.


2. Not really. It was a long shot, but it came through with about three or four comments, surprisingly. Of course, I hadn't a clue what the definition of a songfic was, so that probably ruined the story a bit. :P


3. Probably, yes.


4. Get to become a more prominent member in the community, try to occasionally help the staff with minor and odd jobs around the forums, get to 1000+ posts, and finish the epic sequel I've created, Danger Close.


5. I don't know, ask yourself that. =P


6. Yes, but like with everybody I know, I'd prefer to get to know them better in a gradual way, whether by just casually dropping a comment on their profile every now and then to see how they've been or to converse through comments on the forums or through blog comments. Still, I would, but until we'd get to know each other a little better over time.

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1. Do you know the name of the man who created the evil that goes by the name of pie?

2. Haven't I asked you the previous question before?

3. What did you think of the new The Dark Knight Rises trailer?

4. Why am I here?

5. Why are you here?

6. If you could put a face on the moon, whose face would you put on it?

7. What are you thinking right now?

8. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

9. Who is your favorite Bionicle character?

10. Are you happy or sad that this is the last question that I shall ask you (for now)?

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~Will I ever get around to dropping a comment or two on your stories?

~If I do, will you get around to dropping a comment or two on my stories?

~How's your writing style? No guide, outline, rough draft, etc.

~Do you ever have intentions of writing novels?

~What is your opinion on today's society?

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1. Yes - but if I told you, I'd have to kill you. =P

2. Yes, you have.

3. I haven't seen the trailer, I haven't seen any of the Batman movies.

4. Because.

5. Because.

6. Audrey Hepburn's. Connection: Moon River --> her song --> moon. Now all we need is a river on the moon. :P

7. You've lost that lovin' feelin', now it's gone, gone gone...

8. Heh, I think I'll skip on this. I've got school to do anyway. :P

9. Hahli or Macku. As well, if fanifiction counts, either Tachi from Lady K's epic or Nagii from my own. As well, I've always liked Stara from Inferna's epic...

10. Sad. I enjoyed answering these. :[




1. Yes, at some point.

2. Yes, I will. We could make a trade - you review two of my stories, I'll review two of yours.

3. Outline, no doubt. I try to plan ahead with anything I write, but sometimes I'll wing it.

4. Yes, actually. I have plans for one, but if I finish it, I think I'll wait a few years to get it published, and while my skills improve as a writer, I'll edit it here and there to make it the best it can be.

5. Short or long? I've opted for the long one:


Changes need to be made. Teens are walking around with tattoos, piercings, and Justin Bieber haircuts while wearing a goth outfit. No courtesy, no respect to elders - nothing. It's almost a throwback to the 60s'. You can look at the issues in the world today, and you see young kids and 20-year-olds that are lazy and want everything to be given to them. To me, the way things should be is, you need to work for things in life. You just can't let everything be a hand-out, honestly. The only word that can desribe these people fully is 'counter-culture'. That's all they are is the counter-culture of the generation, and it will take awhile for it to be straightened out, but will be, with any hope.

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1. Wait, what? xD I like French toast, but I don't think I'd ever be one.


2. No, but I dream about farm animals.


3. You capitalized it, how should I know? :P


4. Yes.

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I hear the fat lady sing, but if it's people, they sound like a swarm of enraged wasps than angry bugs. Trust me: That's much, much worse than simply angry bugs. :P

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