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    I am the ground you walk on, the air you breathe. I am everything, everywhere.
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    why u want 2 know my interests u creepy stalker person

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  1. Happy early birthday as I'm busy tomorrow,

  2. I actually did do something similar years ago, but I don't remember many of the details. It went pretty well, but it was simpler and included a traditional Mafia with a member in each faction. This looks great, actually, I'd love to play it if it ran.
  3. I might have had mine longer. When did you get yours?
  4. ^^Well, not entirely dumb luck. We deduced he had a role based on his utterly uncharacteristic normalcy.
  5. Canonically, the Sand Tribe participated in the Core War, while the Rock Tribe did not (if I remember right, which I might not). Also, I'm joining.
  6. Is actually a chemical called Dihydrogen Monoxide, which is fatal in high doses, a contributor to global warming and acid rain, corrosive to many metals and erosive to most of our landscape, and has been found in all our most polluted lakes and rivers. Monarchy.
  7. I vote Blade. Vox is a villager and the cactus proves that I am the King (who else runs a Cactus Factory around here, after all?). Therefore, Blade is guilty. Burn would confirm this but I think he's gone all anarchist and regicidal on me.
  8. Why anyone pays attention to confirmed Mafiosi is beyond me. They can't reverse or reverse-reverse anyone's psychology if no one reads their posts.
  9. I'm... so confused. I vote Shadowhawk because bandwagons I guess.
  10. [fills] Are we even allowed to mention that site? I know the rules have been relaxed as BZP's main demographic has matured (hello YouTube) but I'm still not sure...
  11. One more Shadow to the grave! Yay mob justice! Meanwhile, Shadowhawk is looking very suspicious and Pupwa is looking very Pupwa.
  12. [finally notices the white text] Oh, he IS just here to mess with us. Heh. XD
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