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Pinkie Pride



Fifteen minutes left!


Only Weird Al-related PMVs are being played!


Honestly, I'm not sure why so many people listen to him


The ultimate Weird Al PMV is Hardware Store!


So, did anyone watch the leak?


Alright, let's begin




Aaaaaaaand it's commercial time


There are so many ridiculous movies out there. I'll never get why people watch them


We're back!


Ah, I forgot this one is a musical. Shoot


One good thing about that is we can't get a full dose of absurdness from her


I... Really dislike her


I just want to know, why did they name him Cheese Sandwich? They couldn't come up with something better?


I think I like him though




Younger Flash Sentry?


The Ponyville ponies easily forget about their friends


I miss when they didn't make Pinkie obsess over parties


Commercial time




It's time to pony up!


Song tiem


Rainbow ripples


I wish there was more to you than planning parties too, Pinkie


Yeah, this one is probably going to be my least favorite season four episode


Hey, that's the costume from Dragonshy!


So now Derpy is going to stand out in every scene she's in? Jeez


Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly lol


I'm pulling for Al


I don't know why, but I'm being reminded of A Town Called Mercy


Dat rainbow cupcake


Oh wow




Everything in this season is tainted with rainbows




How could an awful movie like Cloudy With a Chance get a sequel? Like I said, there's a lot of ridiculous movies out there


Man, the new Chuck E Cheese guy is UGLY


heeeeaaaaaad... shooooooooulders.... kneeeeeeees and toooooooooooooooes....


That zulily person sound creepy




If I was named Cheese Sandwich, I wouldn't want people to know


Filly Cheerliee!


I smell shippers


That party looks messy


One of the keys for that thing?


As expected, this episode wasn't that good at all. Eh, oh well


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>Musical episode

Gee, I wonder which episode of this season is my least favorite so far...


I also really want to know "Why Cheese Sandwich?"

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I figured the name "Cheese Sandwich" was chosen for three reasons: first, pure weirdness; second, because intentional cheesiness is basically the main schtick for both the character and the person portraying him, and third, for contrast with Pinkie Pie's sweet-related name. It could be any, all, or none of those, but with the many chances for fans and creators to interact, I suppose we'll find out in due time.


I enjoyed the episode. The songs tended to be silly, but not annoying like some of Pinkie's Season 1 and 2 songs.

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I honestly really liked this one. Yeah it would've been nice if Pinkie had more depth, but she hasn't exactly had many characterization opportunities, they didn't have a ton of material to draw off of at the moment.

Also the songs were definitely better than her old ones. The old ones were too crazy and "Ohmygoditsasongweresingingasongletssingasong", these actually felt like they fit into the story.

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I liked this one. Also Pinkie is my favorite pony. I'm just bummed out she didn't catch me off guard like when she wore that Fluttershy suit. How perfect would it be if in an episode Derpy turned out to be Pinkie in disguise?

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