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BZPower Policy



I was wondering if there was an official stance that BZPower has taken into affect regarding prototype pieces. Can they be sold? If not, can they be traded, etc? I looked in the B/S/T guidelines/rules, but couldn't find anything regarding this issue. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated.


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When LEGO gave BZPower a bunch of prototype parts to distribute to members through contests and convention appearances, it was done so under the condition that the parts not be sold.
That being said, I've never seen any official word on BZP, but I've heard it straight from Black Six in person. If you have any questions I'd shoot him a PM.

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^What these guys said. Selling them would be a betrayal of LEGO's trust. I believe trading them is a bit of a grey area. Trading prototypes/misprints for prototypes/misprints might be okay, but if you're worried, check with Black Six. Technically there's nothing that can be done to actually prevent selling of these parts (it's happened before), but there's an agreement against it.


This only applies to prototypes that BZP was given directly. Pieces that entered circulation through other means can be sold without any problems, like 2001 prototypes.



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Thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate it. The general consensus seems to message blacksix, which seems like the most solid route to take. I just hope ill at least be able to trade, as i am hard pressed to attend any events to actually receive one in person. Again, thanks for y'all's input.

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