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the end of G1 (for real this time)



in kit's blog entry on canonization i semi-jokingly proposed an all-out ban on modifications to the G1 canon effective january 1st, 2015


but could we actually do that? could we at least attempt to? G2 has technically already begun, so there's really no need to make further retroactive canonizations, especially not after 2014 ends


anyone else on board with this? anyone willing to make the suggestion to Greg? i'm sure he's as tired of this as many of the fans are

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As somebody who knows nothing about whatever minute details are trying to be canonized, sounds good to me.


I really kinda always saw the story as a framework for my silly adventures in the world, but canonizing everything just makes that more difficult. 


No idea if one could actually make this 'ban' effective though. =P

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They'll go somewhere else.


It's not actually possible.


It wasn't too long ago that Greg did speak up on this and he basically said he saw no reason not to.


Edit for clarity: "Not to" keep approving things if he thought they were okay.

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I'd be good with this if it were actually possible, but ET makes a good point. I'm generally in favour of canonizations, but once G2 officially starts I think retroactively canonizing stuff will just be over the top. G1 is over; it's time to let it go.



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G1 is over; it's time to let it go.

my point exactly. of course, lots of people have been saying this for years, but somehow no one listens.


and @ET: well, that's disappointing. oh well. hopefully the canonizers will sate their hunger sooner or later.

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We don't have any control over what Greg canonizes at this point. Might as well do as I've been doing since before Bionicle was even cancelled: disregard any further changes to the canon. After all, we've got a brand new canon to follow now... one that hopefully will be less complicated, and much less malleable.

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I made a topic about this at one point. Didn't go anywhere.


Depending on how rowdy we get Greg might actually just get fed up dealing with any/all of us and say "that's it no more" but I wouldn't want him to say that just out of frustration.


(I still think an alternative proposal to Greg should be to ask him to stop answering LMB questions for a while and use that free time instead to write another serial chapter or something. How baller would that be?)

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Any and all petitions to end the over-canonization are free to place my name anywhere.

Anywhere? Can we put it in the title? "Petition to ESUMIKInd Canonizations". :P


Really though, if Greg would agree to writing another serial chapter to tie up some loose ends that would be awesome. Not sure how realistic it is though.



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