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What would you like to be famous for?



Simple question.


"What would you like to be famous for?"


Often times for some people it's their personality, or maybe their talents. Some don't want fame at all.


So what about you? Do you want fame and if so, what would you like to be famous or well known for?




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I didn't really ever think about this, like ever


I guess I'd want to be known for the Kanohi Force, if nothing else


Maybe my MOCs

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:kaukau: My books and my art.  That would be pretty nice.


Also, I'm currently working on some constructed languages to go into those books.  It would be pretty sweet if those became famous enough that people wanted to learn them, like with Esperanto.



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I mean, if I could pick anything at all regardless of my current talent, I still think being a rock star would be great~


But taking into account what I'm actually good at... I dunno, writing?

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