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What do you care most about in your appearance?



Here's a question.


"What do you care most about in your appearance?"


I think this particular question is interesting because of how different the answers could be. In a way, it showcases what others may find self-conscious. Some people view certain aspects of themselves as being absolutely essential in looking their best while others may not find it nearly as essential. Whether it comes to clothing, clear skin, hair, body, etc. everyone's got something different. At the same time though, not everyone even cares about their appearance so that's another option.


I think for me... It's probably hair. My hair seems most essential to my appearance as anything but the style I work with ends up looking odd. I feel that when it comes to other aspects, they're a bit easier to ignore or play off as being something else but hair oftentimes is the judge of a person's appearance. Whether it's styled or looks like a rat's nest, each can give a person a different impression about you.


So what about you?


Do you care about your appearance? And if so what do you care most about in your appearance?




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Interesting question. Haven't really thought about it before.


Probably glasses. Only choose a pair every few years, but I'm pretty sure I spend more time on that than anything else.


Hair/beard just need to be professional-enough for work. To your point--hair tends to be a natural point for judging character (somehow). I find myself suspicious and judgy of anyone with overly-perfect hair, ha.

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The only thing I really care about are my clothes. Like I wear special items when family visits or I pick nicer stuff when on vacation, and I even put thought in what to wear just for a casual visit with friends. Granted that doesn't mean my wardrobe is particularly nice or anything, but I still put some thought in. Everything else is more or less a lost cause. No matter what I do I look totally fabulous. ☆

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