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Thoughts on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Toa Smoke Monster


Note: if you have not seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and don't want to see spoilers, DON'T READ THIS!


Note 2: I wanted to type this up and post it last month, but I hadn't gotten around to finishing it until now. That's why this is late.


So Star Wars's first one-off story, at least one to have a cinematic release, came out last month. And while I did really enjoy it, does it hold up for the other movies? Here's what I though about it. Spoilers are beyond this point, just to give another warning.



1. A lot of new characters are introduced in this movie, many of them with names no one can remember. :P The two main protagonists are Jyn Erso and Captain Cassian. While I think they are interesting characters, I don't think they are as interesting as Rey and Fin were in Force Awakens. I know that this movie is a lot more serious than the other Star Wars movies, so the characters needed to reflect that as well. I just felt like more could've been done to make them pop out in their scenes.


The other characters are great though. Especially K-2SO. He has some of the best dialogue in the film.


2. The story is original, so no one can complain about it being a remake from another Star Wars movie. :P However, anyone who has seen A New Hope knows how the story will end. That is, the Rebels do get the plans for the Death Star. But the question is how they got them, and this film's plot explores that.


The ending of Rogue One does lines up with a A New Hope surprisingly well. I was impressed with how it set up to the first Star Wars. I definitely give this film props for that.


3. And speaking of its ending, the final battle in the film is one of the best in the Star Wars films. Rebels and Stormtroopers fights on the beaches with At-Ats walking around trying to take out the former, while the Rebels and Empires Space Fleets do the same above the planet. It's arguably one of the best space battle scene in a Star Wars film. It's really cool to watch.


4. There are characters from the other films in this film as well, both from the original trilogy and the Prequels. There are even a couple characters from The Clone Wars and Rebels that make appearances! But probably the character that most fans wanted to see again in the film is Darth Vader. He's really only in the film for roughly five to ten minutes across two scenes, but he easily has the best scene in the whole movie. I won't spoil it here, so I will say that it's probably the best Vader scene ever seen in the movies. It's that cool.


5. Probably the biggest surprise I got from this movie, for me, anyways, was the entire main cast being killed off. None of the characters introduced in Rogue One make it out alive. They either get shot by blasters, blown up, or incinerated by a blast from the Death Star. It's a bold move to make for a Star Wars film IMO, but it makes sense with how the story being told. So I applaud the movie for actually going through with it.


Overall, Rogue One is a great introduction into the spin off Star Wars movies. It does a great job separating itself from the regular trilogies but still feel like a Star Wars film for the most part. It hasn't replaced Revenge of the Sith as my favorite Star Wars movie, but I still really enjoyed it and recommend it anyone interested in these stories.


What did you guys think of this movie?



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Honestly I'm kind of surprised by how much everyone else is surprised that the whole cast got killed off. :P


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It's my favorite third act in the series, but that's also mainly because the OT didn't have the special effects to fully deliver the vision quite like Rogue One can.

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