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Yikes, Was I a Piece of... Something

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Toa of Dancing


So, I haven't been on this website in YEARS, but something I specifically regret forever is posting some very blatant anti-LGBTQ+ bull on here. At the time I had zero (0) socialization with anyone other than those who my conservative parents exposed me to, and HOO BOY have things changed. For one thing, I myself have come to realize my own bisexual identity. I feel like MOST of my friends now aren't straight, amazing what getting a theatre degree does to you.

So, for those I hurt way back when, if you're even still around here? I'm so sorry for the hateful identity-defying rhetoric I spouted back then. A term I've come to appreciate is "hate parroting," and at the time I really was a hate parrot against the LGBTQ+ community. I regret hurting people by inserting my own dumb, sheltered child opinion, and my adult self is at least offering this apology to the void that will probably not even be read by anyone (and that, afterwards, I probably won't visit this site ever again, or at least not for another few years). I can only hope that this provides some mental closure for me after agonizing over things I said on a children's website years ago, and that somehow someone directly affected back then might see it and feel validated that their attempts to tell me I was wrong weren't completely in vain.

I love the memories I have otherwise of BZPower, and do miss everything I've done here long ago. Thanks for everything, and one more time, I'm so sorry for hurtful things I once said and hope this olive branch provides... something? Anyways, peace and love, **** Trump, I hope everyone's living life to its fullest despite the world crumbling right now. -Benjamin

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While I don't really remember ever interacting with you (No offense, there are lot of subcommunities on this site, and it's been years since things were very active), major props for going out on a limb and saying out in public what most people (I hope) have thought in private at one point or another when revisiting this site - that our younger selves all too often made many stupid mistakes due to various factors (Who knew a bunch of teens would ever do or say things they'd regret?)

Recognizing one's actions and views from long ago were mistaken is good, as it shows how much one's character has grown, and I think it's important to normalize accepting that growth. I'm sure I'm not saying anything you haven't been thinking yourself for a while now, but I figure the best feedback for someone speaking out into the void is to reciprocate with some void-spewing of my own. Stay safe out there!

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Looked back at some older blog entries from you, and yeah wow, you're right. Glad you seem to have come along way since then.

Maybe not many people will ever see this, but I think you chose as good of a time as any to post it. And as long you go on living as a good person, you'll be doing more than any apology you might give.

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I am unsure whether we personally interacted back then off the top of my head, but the fact that you not only have evolved past the hate, but have gone back to make amends with those you feel you hurt speaks volumes about who you are as a person today. That much growth is incredibly hard to do, so massive congratulations on having achieved it.

Also, thank you for informing me that the term "hate parroting" has a name. That will be incredibly useful in my day-to-day life.

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I haven't seen your name in so long! And as someone who was raised in a similar background, don't beat yourself up about it! I know questioning and outgrowing beliefs you were raised in can be a painful one, but it's something you should be proud of.

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