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  1. I looked at the images before I read your post and I instantly thought "Hey, that's Striker Eureka!" And it was! Cool build, even though I'm not a fan of HF I may have to look into buying some to make my own Jaegers. Man, Pacific Rim was awesome.
  2. Yeah, the CN thing seems hokey, but I totally agree on the mech MOCing. Those sockets are awesome. I'm hoping for a price point equal to the X-Pods. X-Pods were 3.49USD in 2004 and adjusting that for modern inflation works out to 4.30USD. Hopefully we'll see a 4.99USD/CAD price point.
  3. The Bahrag come with Bohrok in their canisters?!? :D:D:D:D Glad I made a bid.
  4. I have an absolute buttload of spare HF cladding. Interested?
  5. I'm super-hyped about the Mixels. Their googly eyes and silly proportions remind me of wacky Jim Henson creatures like the ones in Fraggle Rock. As far as pieces are concerned, they offer versatile googly eyes, new ball joints, and lots of fantastic small building elements. And the story seems to promote fantastic, LEGO-appropriate values like creative play. Fantastic price point too, which makes them incredibly easy to collect. I might not end up getting the Mixels, though, because I know my younger brother has expressed a desire to get all of them, and I'm currently incredibly excited for the Legend Beasts from LEGO Legends of Chima which offer a lot of the same sort of creative building potential, plus amazing naturalistic designs like I tend to love. So I might let him collect the Mixels and focus my own attention on the Legend Beasts, at least until I see some Mixels with parts I consider must-haves. I'm definitely going to try to get them all. Preliminary Europe pricing is 3.99 EUR, so I think that'll equal out to 7.49 CAD in the end for my country, and I live near a LEGO Store which means I can easily collect them all! I'm really into them for the unique parts that they come with (especially the bright yellow hedge piece) and their goofiness will be cool too. I like the way the Legend Beasts look, but I've not a Chima collection. (Might have to pick up that gorilla though...) I loved the X-Pods when I was a kid; maybe that's why I'm so excited for them.
  6. I would totally buy this in a heartbeat. After all, this is a b/s/t thread
  7. I've seen a lot of flaming going on surrounding the Mixels line that is coming out soon. Flaming and hate in general. What are your guys' opinions? I think they're going to be awesome, and even as someone who is 18 I am super excited for these little guys.
  8. You say you have at least two of each set. Are the boxes and canisters for sale? I would love to buy them from you if they are.
  9. Tahkuta


    Hi all! Wow, it's been a while since I've been here. A LONG while. But now I am back. Have a story: When I was about 7 or 8, my mom happened to throw out all of my Bionicle canisters and boxes. Every. Single. One. So now, I am questing to get them all back! I will gladly buy any canisters that you have, as long as they are in good condition, have all the stickers, and have the slip covers and lids. I will pay shipping, and I will use PayPal ONLY. If, during pricing talks, I find out we live in the same city I can easily come grab them in person and pay you cash.
  10. How many heads do you have? Will buy all of them/ most of them.
  11. Here you are guys, official *gasp * minifig images of the new LOTR figs. Enjoy!http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Tahkuta/LOTR/lotronepng.pnghttp://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Tahkuta/LOTR/lotrtwo.png
  12. Huhloo everybody! Its Tahkuta! I am here today to ask for a few simple things. *NOTE: I will be listing what I have for sale by the weekend, but its finals week right now and I only want to post wants right now and focus on studying. Hope ya dont mind! :)Wants: BIONICLE: Canisters, any and all. Kopaka Mata's sword (in white, not the black one that came with Skrall Stars) Boxes, any and all! Shadow Kraata of all levels Misprinted masks Those buckets of Bionicle parts that came out in '03-'04 Any SEALED set. ANY. Lego Star Wars: #10179 UCS Millennium Falcon *Please understand that I am not willing to pay any more than $600 for this set, as I see that any more than that is a tad ridiculous because it came out at $499.99 retail. Any UCS sets, especially Darth Mauls bust. Any Episode I-VI Minifigs Any classic (Pre-2002) sets.HAVES:Hundreds of pieces (Lego and BIonicle)Series 3-6 Collectable Minifigs (Ask and Ill see if I have it)Money (PayPal or cash)*MEGANOTE: I will only deal with people living in North America (Excluding Hawaii), Europe (this includes the UK), Netherlands, and Australia. For me, PayPal will always be preferred if we are dealing with money. And again I apologize for this carppy thread, it will be improved substantially on the weekend (with pictures, too!)
  13. Will you guys link the polling? And have Prizes been announced >?
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