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  1. The Piraka Avak set. It was actually my brother who got it for Christmas, I was more interested in the classic Lego. If we get technical, my personal first set was the new Lewa Nuva, the one from 2008. I now have all the classic Nuva, multiple Rahi and loads more old sets. If it weren't for my brother's interest in action figures, I probably wouldn't be here
  2. You're really building Alphonse?! Hory shet that's awesome.

  3. Wow, it is so accurate to the image given! I can imagine it took you quite some time to build this on LDD, great work! In the future maybe you can build it in real life!
  4. Bionicle Heroes for the huge environment and different obstacles, and the ability to fight enemies from the past. Even though the game had no impact on the story whatsoever, it was good. Matoran Adventures gets m vote as well, Even though the sprites were minimal (Every matoran had a hau... ), the gameplay was fun and extremely challenging. COnsidering it was my first gameboy advance game as well, it gets double points.
  5. I don't like deciding between two different types of lego, like system and technic, but the Exo-Force mechs were just so detailed and awesome. Considering they are system they can fit in a lot more detail down to the stud. All in all Exo-Force has my vote.
  6. A ripple in the time and space continuum happens and you die in the midst of vanishing. I get the mask. My mask.
  7. Ugh. I wish I had these ones, but I don't and probably never will considering every Abbey Road I come by is just a remastering or $150+. I do have The Division Bell on CD, but that isn't very special to me, I need the Vinyl, and Pink Floyd if my favorite. Reminds me, I also have Revolver from The Beatles, and a picture vinyl of Bruce Springsteen, framed and unplayable.
  8. Thanks, and the Rahkshi backs actually stay in one place very well depending on the placement of the arms.
  9. Yes, the blood seal was the icing on the cake if you will. And the legs were the first part that I made and the part that I am most proud of.
  10. Yeah, I did realize that he was a little... blocky. Next time I wwill make him more rounded like in the show.
  11. Alphonse Elric By KittehWubbins Now, I attempted to make Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. If you are unfamiliar with the series, then here is a picture of him from the show: So, here is my creation, and unfortunately I was extremely low on bluish gray, so I had to just use dark gray mostly. I could have incorporated HF pieces but I wanted to make this strictly system and technic based. No, unfortunately he is not hollow, but he does have his bloodseal. And yes, I did use 8 Bionicle parts. meh The legs, I tried to make them very thick just like in the show. For the loincloth, I used kleenix put in between pieces. I did my best on the back, it turned out ok. And yes, that is toothfloss for the horse hair. The articulation turned out better than I thought it would. He has a fair amount of articulation in the arms and knees but not the head. Either way, I like it. Please leave some feedback, I intend on improving on it but not for a while. I am satisfied with this and surprisingly the thing that took the longest was the head. I used the same sort of design as that one blue robot from the 2005 robots Creator set. Knights Kingdom also played a big part in this considering all his limbs are composed of them. Thanks.
  12. Moose Truck, hands down. For amazing photography and the unusuality. Plus, because I am Canadian and there needs to be moose in Chima. That would be awesome.
  13. Granted, go watch Ven Plays SMB Lost Levels on TTV now. I wish I could summon a hurricane of kittens to destroy the world.
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