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  1. IC: Voyin - Bakery The Iron Glatorian glanced over, still very close to the glass displays of the pies. "Well, you know. Negotiation pretty hard. Language barrier still there." She didn't seem sad, in spite of saying this.
  2. IC: Juno - To The Arena! And, so, they were off. Juno's route was quite a tricky and specific one, as she'd made all the necessary adjustments to minimize fuel usage and time, but Kaenis and Bacchus would find Juno easy to follow otherwise. She adjusted her telescopic lenses, zooming in on the Arena in the distance.
  3. IC: Crate - Encounter with Tear Hmm. It seems he's not feeling sick anymore, either. Do I back down, or let him have his little ego victory? I stand up too, though he's still taller than me. There's that whole nonsense about quitting while you're ahead, but Tear is managing to annoy me with how psychotically paranoid he is. Or he's just plain psychotic. It only took one look for him to start a fight. No, no, backing down here is something I cannot do. I hit him with something that is guaranteed to set him off further. It wasn't my best work (far too crude) but the fun part would be the reaction. "Yes, I am aware. You are very much in love with me, and cannot express that emotion verbally. I understand." The look in my eye dared him to attack me again. IC: Paladin - Gym I didn't want to hurt young Tube, but the knave was clinging on like a barnacle to a ship's hull. I kicked again, trying to fling him off me. IC: Rider - Library He watched Danger go off, and Claws followed Danger curiously. He looked to Revenge again, mulling what he said over. "Some of the others left, I think. Or went missing. But, I'm not sure. I don't want to be hunted down by the Makuta, but at the same time..." He paused. "I mean, do you see me fighting Toa?" IC: Epsilon - Corridor The heavily wounded Lim-In Rahk began to see the reality of the situation. He had to make it to the infirmary himself. But, he couldn't get up. He needed Poly's help, and yet the rahkshi seemed hesitant to do that. "Omi...maybe it's my time."
  4. IC: Juno - New Atero The adventurer blasted off, flying forward in the direction of the Arena. She couldn't help but smile from the possibility of uncovering a new discovery.
  5. IC: Rider - Library He waved at Danger, smiling. "Library, in Corpus Rahkshi. You didn't miss much." Claws took most of the space that had been previously occupied by Danger, settling there and himself falling asleep.
  6. IC: Crate - Being attacked by Tear Tear caught me well off guard. I wasn't even expecting an actual reaction considering how I imagined he was too busy trying not to regurgitate his internal organs, but credit where credit is due, his constitution seems to be far better than mine. Or (more likely) the amount of spite going through his psychopathic, easy-to-agitate head far outweighs the nausea that he is currently experiencing. The shove, then, easily throws me backwards, and I'm now trying not to fall over. Head swimming, I manage to get into a relatively steady stance, balancing myself. Hmm. The nausea seems to be dissipating, as well. "Hey! What was that for?" I ask, knowing full well what that was for. Despite my obvious glee at having set him off, I feel a significant sense of fear at the rahkshi starting a fight with me. Something about how he grabbed me in the assignment makes me think that, with no witnesses, he'd gladly grab my throat a bit harder and cease my annoyances forever. And that's no fun, is it? Plus, contrary to popular belief, I actually do not like being beaten up. I just enjoy seeing unfiltered rage more, so the benefits of my little hussle outweigh the disadvantages. IC: Paladin - Also being attacked by Tube I was about to yell more, but then I felt my body fall sharply forward, and something grasp my legs. I look back, and it is none other than young Tube. My expression is naturally angry, but I am also confused. Trying to kick my fellow vassal off my leg, I ask of him, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I AM YOUR ALLY, WHY IS IT YOU ATTACK ME?!"
  7. IC: Rider - Library "...Yeah." He was quiet, then, seeming to contemplate things. IC: Paladin - Gym I locked eyes on the one who seemed to be creating the horrible noise (Waiata), marching angrily down to the bottom of the stage. "WHAT IN TERIDAX'S GOOD NAME DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?! ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR A QUARREL?!"
  8. IC: Juno - Off we go "Wrong way." She said, flatly. "Follow my ship, you'll be fine. Do keep up, though." The strange woman made her way to her own ship, a low sense of excitement brimming as she thought about what might happen when they got there.
  9. IC: Epsilon - Corridor There was a moment of silence as he processed what his sister had just said. Then, suddenly, the Rahkshi pushed harder, managing to get to one knee. "...Your suit...what's wrong with it? And who is that, up there?" He asked, head still swimming.
  10. IC: Juno - New Atero She took the hand, shaking it. "Good. We are all introduced then? I would recommend we set off as soon as possible. I don't know this, but the arena might be time sensitive. It probably isn't, but it might be." She explained, eyes immediately away from the two and focused towards the direction of the Arena.
  11. IC: Epsilon - Corridor "...Won't...make....it." He managed. He looked confused. "Why do....why do you....why do you care?" IC: Crate - Gym I am about to burst out laughing at Tear's expression, but quite unfortunately, I think a very similar expression hit my own face as I feel my insides churn and attempt to leave my body, but don't quite make it, instead causing a somehow more unpleasant retch to emit from my mouth. That karzing noise, too. What is this, some sort of torture experiment to test rahkshi bowel movements? Icarax is getting creative, I must say. I look down at my hands, which seem to be trapped in an after-image of some kind. Or that's just my blurry vision. Either way, disconcerting. IC: Paladin - Gym I was about to protest, and said I should have done better, when an awful cacophony sounded throughout the gym. I drew my sword, attempting to find the source, in anger. IC: Rider - Library "I don't know." He admitted. "I was pretty useless at combat when my Makuta trained me, so I think I got pushed around pretty karzing easy as a result. That changed when I met you, I guess."
  12. IC: Epsilon - Corridor With shaky hands, against all odds, the rahkshi of limited invulnerability placed his hands on the ground, managing to push himself up just enough so that he wasn't sprawled on the ground. He had not been a pretty sight at all the past few minutes, but now in particular he was a sorry sight. He should have been dead. The costume he was wearing was beginning to take on an even sicker irony. Epsilon gazed down at his sister, wordless. Or perhaps he couldn't remember the words.
  13. IC: Rider - Library He nodded, likewise smiling. "How could I forget?"
  14. IC: Juno - New Atero "My name is Juno. Good to meet you, Kaenis." She looked disinterested, for the most part, thinking more about the adventure than the current situation. IC: Taurek - Hunting Xaril, huh. It was a risky mission, especially for a rookie around me, but something about that mission seemed intriguing to me. I mulled it over, gesturing to it for my partner.
  15. IC: Epsilon - Corridor The Rahkshi slightly stirred, but didn't wake up fully. He was not in good shape, not one bit. IC: Rider - Library Rider sat on the chair he was offered. "Well, so did I. I learned eventually though, right?" IC: Crate - Gym I'd won. I would normally not care so very much about such a situation, but something about the affair leaves me with a gloriously delicious smug feeling, as well as something else, something deep within me brewing up. Have I leveled up? Tear might see, after congratulating me, a very specific and nefarious grin on my face, one of a mixture of satisfaction, anticipation for the future, and excitement. I have won, in more ways than one. IC: Paladin - Gym The knight sank to one knee in front of Thurisaz, with Tube. "My lord, I'm sorry. I've failed you."
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