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  1. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Clifside and Tesara Kane-Oma wasted no time and took another swing with his axe, turning towards the Vorox Hestala was fighting. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge Rakin thought for just a moment. "I've been lookin for this for a while. If you've got the extender," He guestered to the socket on the tool's handle. "I'll give ya 30."
  2. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Clifside and Tesarea Kane-Oma was thinking about what he could say to reson with the Vorox, but then the Vortixx lashed out. It would be best to back up Hestala, since they had just agreed on a truce. He smiled, drew his axe, and swung a forceful blow at the next nearest Vorox. "You want my blade? Here it is!" IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood forge Rakin Shrugged, "Sure, I'll take a look." He began shuffling through a the box once or twice he pulled out a tool and examined it only to put it back. Then he fished up a pair of pliers with string joining the handle and a socket on one handle. "OOO, how much for this?"
  3. IC: Revenge-Library Danger walked off, and after a moment Revenge spoke up again. "You know, I've been thinking a lot recently about what comes next, after we leave school. I don't want to go on and work for the Makuta. I want to help others, the Makuta only serve themselves... I've thought about running away," He glanced towards the isle Danger had dissapeared down, "but I want to keep my brother safe, He's still got a lot he needs to learn."
  4. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Cliffside and Tesara Kane-Oma merely nodded , put his axe on his back, and followed Hestala. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood forge Rakin smiled. "No problem man, sometimes all a machine needs is a good wack. But be careful, it usually works better with larger stuff." Suddenly there was the sound of a fist pounding on glass. A Brakas monkey was at the window of the shop, face pressed against the glass. "Aw darn," Rakin said sarcastically. "One sec." He went to the door of the shop and made sure it was open. The monkey came scampering up to him. "That was the longest you've ever been gone," He scolded the creature. "You were gettin my hopes up!"
  5. IC: Revenge and Danger-Library Danger nodded. "I'm going to go find a book to read." "Be careful," Revenge replied. Danger rolled his eyes. "Really, in a library?" Revenge chuckled. "You never know, I once had to punch a guy because he was playing his guitar in here." IC: Toxitora Junior-Headmaster's Office As the door opened Toxitora Junior could feel an immense, powerful, dark, force threatening to crush her very being. "Oh, um, Hi," She began, subdued, but still surprisingly upbeat, "My name is Toxitora Junior. My mom is Makuta Toxitora, but you probably figured that out. Anyway, um, She wanted me to give this letter to you." Toxitora held out the letter, not sure if the dark cloud could hold it. (letter contents are in the spoiler) OOC: I know things are wrapping up, but this is basicaly what I designed toxitora junior for, so even if nothing comes out of it I still wanted to do it.
  6. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Cliffside and Tesara Kane gripped the tool Hestala was using and turned to the Vorox. "This thing is busted, If you know how to fix it go ahead, if you don't...We may as well get the best parts out of it for you to keep." He then turned to Hestala and whispered. "We need teamwork to get out of this. No tricks." IC: Rakin-New Atero-Blood Forge Rakin picked up the tool and examined it, turning it over. He held it up to his ear and shook it. There was a faint rattling sound. He thought for a moment and then picked up a wrench and smacked the launcher. He held it up to his ear and shook it again, he didn't hear any noise. "Here," He said, holding the launcher out. "Give that a try."
  7. IC: Revenge And Danger-Library Revenge sat in silence as well, Danger began to stir, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. "How was your nap?" Revenge asked. Danger just yawned in reply. "Where are we agian?" IC: Punishment-Gym Punishment kept at his training routine, swinging his weapon at the dummy with measured acuracy, always pulling back imediatly before hitting it. He could still hear the music as it wormed it's way into his brain, he found his attacks matching the rhythm of the music. IC: Toxitora Junior-Hallway. Having finaly found the Headmaster's office Toxitora politely knocked on the door, letter in hand. IC: Booger and Luffy-Hallway "Yeah man," Luffy said. "Just stick with me and we'll have a ton of fun." Booger smiled and stood up strait. "That sounds great! Thanks." Luffy put an arm over Booger's shoulder, "Now, you want to go see what all that noise in the gym is about?" "Sure!" And so did, as newly made best friends.
  8. IC: Kane-Oma-Wasteland Kane-Oma snorted again, trying to keep his anger in check. He picked up to his axe and strolled over to where Hestala was trying to tear appart his vehicle. "Need help with that?" He called out. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge Rakin raised an eyebrow. "Can I give it a shot?"
  9. IC: Revenge-Library Revenge smiled. "That's really touching, I'm glad that I was able to help. That's really all I want to do, help people." IC: Booger and Luffy-hallway "You were so freindly," Booger continued. "And I was sure we were going to win, but then that cat showed up and I lost my club, and everything went wrong!" Luffy simply patted Booger on the shoulder. "Well, I can't change that, but I still want to be friends." "Really?" IC: Punishment-Gym Having recovered enough from his previous fight Punishment wandered back into the gym. Mostly ignoring the music he summoned a training dummy and began to practice.
  10. IC: Kane-Oma-Wasteland Kane Snorted and pointed at Hestala, "She's the one you want, she just took all my valuables." He quickly moved over to pick up his axe. IC: Rakin-Blood Forge Rakin casually walked over and watched over Kodran's shoulder. "Good luck, it's pretty high securiety. Whacha workin on?"
  11. IC: Revenge-Library "Yeah, when I first came here I had no idea what to expect." He picked up the book he had been reading. "Back then All I really knew was what I got from books. Mostly this one." He sighed and looked at his friend. "When you first came here what were you expecting?" IC: Booger and Luffy-Gym to hall Booger looked like he was about to speak, then the concert started. He shut his mouth and covered his ears. "Come on," Luffy said, "Let's go." Luffy lead Booger out into the hall and stoped. "Ok man, what's wrong?" Booger sniffled. "It's just...something was good for once..."
  12. IC: Kane-Oma-Wastelands, Vorox attack! Kane could feel rage building up inside of him, but if he was going to get out of this he needed to keep his cool. "Now listen, taking away my axe isn't going to make me any less of a threat in the future, If I decide to come at you again I'm more than capable of..." It was then that he heard buzzing, and turned around to see the flying Vorox. "Oh Karz," He said under his breath. Without another word he turned and charged towards Hestala. OOC: Just so you know, Kane's axe is REALY big, he has super streingth and he has to use it 2 handed most of the time. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge "Yeah." Rakin replied nonchalantly, leaning against a table. "Got me a nice job repairin 'craft for the military. I just got re-assigned tho the big one that's been floatin up in the sky all day."
  13. IC: Kane-Oma-Wastelands (try 2) Kane-Oma stood up and rubbed his wrists, stairng at Hestala, then he held out a hand. "I damaged your ship, You've wrecked mine. I'd like to have my axe so I have a chance of surviving." IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge "Nah," Rakin replied nonshalantly, "I'm just lookin around. Got any tools for sale?" IC: Rakin's Monkey-New Atero After getting shoed off the monkey just stood where it was and watched Rakin head off into the crowd. It looked somewhat sad.
  14. IC: Revenge-LIbrary Revenge smiled, "That's right, he's even got the double swords like you." He paused for a moment. "Do you remember when we first got here, and you took me on a tour of the school, and we broke space-time watched the sunset?" IC: Booger and Luffy-Gym As the arena shrunk away Booger searched frantically for his club. Right as the assignment ended he managed to find it. He sat on the ground, clutdching "Old Crusty" to his chest. He sat there for several minuets until he was approached by Luffy. "Hey man?" Booger's stretchy friend asked, "Is everything alright?" Booger turned to face Luffy. His snot was more runny and translucent than usual. He merely shrugged. OOC: Luffy's player said it's ok if I use him to do a few things to help wrap up Booger.
  15. IC: Rakin-New Atero (Kodran's shop) Rakin, the fire glatorian, came strolling into Kodran's shop and began absentmindedly looking around. He was mostly just hanging out for the rest of his lunch break. Meanwile his pet monkey had caught up to Temujin and, chittering, attempted to grab him by the leg in order to figure out what was wrong. @CobaltGale@The UltimoScorp Edit: Removed a post so I can write a better one in later.
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