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  1. IC: Jephro-Metru-Koro @Azibo @Onaku Jephro arrived at where Turuga Sans was being healed. "Is he going to be alright?" He asked, out of breath
  2. IC: Jephro-Metru-Koro @Azibo Jephro nodded at Twesh and ran off towards where Turuga Sans had impacted. "Turuga! Are you alright!?"
  3. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro @Azibo @Nato the Traveler Jephro looked up, he could see Sans falling, and instinctivley reached out and lowered the Turaga's gravity, alowing him a relatively smooth ride down. Moments later, the Razorfish began to tumble out of the sky right towards the Plazma cannon, dumping debres as it went. He reached deep inside and lashed out with his gravity again. Spending the rest of his gravitational energy, he created a large pulse of negative gravity, just inside the ship, spreding the debris and and attempting to tear the ship appart. Hopefully the debres would be scatered enough not to hurt anyone.
  4. (post based on mistaken assumptions)
  5. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro Defence @Azibo @Sparticus147 Jephro simply nodded and began channeling his element. He lightened Turaga Sans significantly and streigthened the connection between sans and the Razorfish to help guide the soon to be projectile in. "Good luck! If we survive this, there's a few things I'd like to ask you!" He turned to the Le-Matoran and gave him a thumbs up.
  6. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro Deffense @Sparticus147 @Azibo "I-I'm Jephro, I was keeping that one," He pointed at the razorfish, "at bay. I can probably get you up there much more safely. But you need to be careful, the've got some kind of new Vahki that can neutralize my gravity if I get too close."
  7. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro @Azibo As Jephro crested the wall he saw a pulse bolt coming for their only defensive cannon. With a burst of gravity he knocked it off corse, but he was unable to keep it from impacting the city nearby. He sprinted up to the canon, out of breath. "Excuse Me! He shouted. "Has anyone Seen..." He caught sight of Sans. "Turuga! What in Mata-Nui's name are you doing?"
  8. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro-v.s. Razorfish @Nato the Traveler The Razorfish began to rise, continuing to bombard Metru-Koro. Jephro kept up his protective field as long as he could, watching the airship. Once his powers could no longer protect the village he immediatly jumped again. As he flew up he scanned the airship. Suddenly his powers were cut off again, and just as it did Jephro locked eyes with a Vahki staring out of the airship. He fell, but managed to catch himself. He took a moment to catch his breath, then began low gravity running back to Metru-Koro.
  9. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro-v.s. Razorfish @Nato the Traveler Suddenly everything felt wrong. Jephro went back to falling downward, he reached out to gravity, but recived no responce. He fell and faceplanted in the sand. He stood back up sputtering and imediatly jumped again, but once he came within a certain distance of the ship he began to fall again. He began scanning the ship to see if he could determine why he couldn't get up there, but the ship was getting ready to fire another voley, and Jephro didn't want the city to take any more damage. He ran as far back as he could and began projecting a massive gravity field upwards, Hoping to grab the projectiles and cause them to crash to the ground before they could hit the city.
  10. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro @Nato the Traveler Gritting his teath, Jephro reached out with his gravitational energy. He severed is connection to the ground and turned the airship into the primary object atracting him. He began to freefall towards the Razorfish, spending most of his focus contrilling his trajectory.
  11. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro @Nato the Traveler The razorfish Unleashed a barrage at Metru Koro. Panicking, Jephro lowered his gravity even more, going from an unnaturaly quick sprint to bounding like he was on a low gravity planet, hoping he could close enough distance to stop the ship before it was too late.
  12. IC: Jephro-Metru Koro @Nato the Traveler As the battle took place in the sky, Jephro scanned the sky, looking out for any more enemy airships with his mask. He counted at least two enemy ships, one of which was flying low and slow around Metru Nui. With everyone else occupied, Jephro decided to lighten his weight so he could quickly run closer and watch the Razorfish.
  13. IC: Mazor & Gnabol-update Mazor returned half an hour later, carying four small rahi. They were still alive, but too weak to move. He set them down, took out his sword, and began cutting their heads off. "Oh for the love of - couldn't you do that outside?" Mazor sighed and nodded, taking his things just outside of the cave. He cut off their heads and began removing their meat. One of the Skaklets crawled up to him reaching out for his blade. He gently pushed the Skaklet away, but it continued to motion for the sword. "The, um little ones didn't give you too much trouble did they?" He called back to Gnabol. "Not at all, thankfully. One keeps trying to bite my fingers, but apart from that, they're fine... look, we need to reconsider chasing the magic water bubble. Constantly changing homes isn't good for kids, you know? Trust me, I know what that's like." "Yeah," He didn't know Gnabol all that well, but he doubted either of them would make good parents. "We should probably find someone more qualified to raise them." This elicited a sigh from Gnabol. "I don't want to say this, but... you know those refugee camps to the north?" Mazor paused, "Yeah..?" He said very hesitantly. Gnabol looked as if he was trying to fight the words coming out of his mouth. "Yes, I know, I know, they're mostly Matoran, but... I found this map in the gear we took from the camp. Probably should've gotten myself a better sword while we were there, but anyway, look." He handed it to Mazor. "Look at the labels - 'Warskaks', 'Nightmare Pits', those small islands off the south coast with exclamation points surrounding them - for crying out loud, we are currently squatting in a cave in which a beast with very large claws once lived, might even still live, come to think of it. The camps are probably the only truly safe place in this wasteland." Mazor looked over the map. Many of the locations sounded quite dangerous, then again, these skaklets didn't look like they had come from Mata Nui, so they must have lived here before. "Do you think the Matoran will accept them? Skakdi have a habit of making enemies out of everyone." "Yeah, well, so do the Matoran. But this is the least terrible option, compared to staying here, or - stars forbid - the League." Mazor nodded, "I think I saw this mountain," He pointed at the center of the map, "while we were walking. Based on it's position relative to us we are somewhere around here. " "I'm not saying the journey will be easy. West is swampland, and straight north is labelled 'the Ash Barrens', which sounds delightful." On one side of the island, someone had circled the coastline, drawn a crude square and labled it with question marks. Maybe the group had been on their way to check it out. "I'm guessing that's the head, which means that the settlements should be somewhere around here." He pointed into the desert. "We can stick to these swamplands for now, and take a short cut around the base of the mountain." "Right then. But first - dinner." Just then a stick punched through the center of the map. The Skaklet had found a stick and was trying to use it as a spear. Mazor handed the map back to Gnabol and snatched the stick away. "No, bad!" He hit the skaklet on it's head with the stick. The skaklet rubbed it's forehead and pouted. Mazor sighed and picked him up, trying to comfort the little one. Gnabol began to prepare a fire to cook the meat. (worked out ahead of time)
  14. IC: Kane-Oma-Tesara Vehe huffed, "I won't know what tools to bring if you don't tell me what's wrong!" "It's mostly just damage to the exterior, gouges, and such." Kane said. "Well, I'll gather my tools. What dock are you parked at?"
  15. IC: Mazor-Aqua sphere trai, Apex's former prison "Look," Mazor made eye contact with Gnabol. "I didn't want to get saddled with these younglings any more than you do, but it would be cruel to just leave them to die." He turned to leave, loading a weakness disk into his launcher. "I'll try to be back in an hour."
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