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  1. IC: Paju- Black spike mountains Paju looked down at the pipes, then up at the smoke then down at the pipes again. "I'd rather check out the pipes first, it's closer and probably won't take as long. Besides, some mountain climbing sounds fun right now." With that she began to scamper down the mountain towards the pipes. IC: Kane-Oma-Visa Baby Kane-Oma hefted a crate of ammo and began loading the cannons as fast as he could. He was a little clumsy and a couple of spheres dropped on the floor, He ignored them and kept grabbing more out of the box. IC: Rakin-New Atero-Soup kitchen "The catch?" Rakin was taken aback. "Whadaya mean catch? I was just offering a nice lady some water! If yer concerned about germs my monkey drinks out of it once n'a while, but that's about it." At the sound of his name the brakkas monkey scampered up to the group. He began inquisitively sniffing Alarei's feet.
  2. IC: Kane-Oma-Vista Baby Kane-Oma grunted an afirmative. He charged up the ramp and ducked through the door. He uncerimoniously dropped his axe on the floor and turned to get the amunition box. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Soup Kitchen Rakin shrugged and unhooked a waterskin from his belt, offering it to the woman. "A cool drink might soothe yer throat." OOC: Sorry about the wait guys.
  3. IC: Kane-Oma-Wastes Without a word, Kane turned an charged as fast as he could towards the door of the Vista Baby, his large feet pounding against the ground. IC: Rakin-New Atero "Scuese me mam," Rakin said to the woman who had just gotten her soup, "Are you ok?"
  4. IC: Revenge-Library Revenge stood up to greet the newcomer. "My name's Revenge," He extended a hand, "It's nice to meet you!"
  5. @Darth Jaller You can just join and watch, or ignore it, until you have something to say. I've mostly been a passive observer during my time there. You're not missing out on plot/worldbuilding. The closest we come is rampant specualtion.
  6. Don't worry about it. We all have rough points. Keep up the good work!
  7. IC: Kane-Oma-Wastes Kane-Oma lifted his axe, swung it around, and brought it back down on the Vorox he had just hit, which he was assuming was the leader, since it had been speaking for the group. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Soup shop As Rakin aproached he noticed that, thankfully, there wasn't a line. He politely stepped up behind Alarei to wait his turn.
  8. IC: Paju-Skies outside Tesara Paju pulled up next to Akkitu. "You can say that again!" She paused for a moment, looking up and down his Jetrax. "That's a pretty sweet ride you've got." IC: Rakin-New atero "Let's go then!" Rakin turned and started walking down the street, his monkey following close behind.
  9. IC: Revenge-Library Revenge exhaled a sigh of relief. "I haven't met him, what's he like?"
  10. IC: Revenge-Library Revenge's eyes grew wide, he slapped a hand over his mouth and began scanning the room to see if anyone had been listening in. IC: Punishment-Gym Punishment paused his training routine and turned towards the stage, he noticed a brawl going on at the base of the stage. He shrugged and turnd to casualy walk towards it.
  11. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge Rakin took the tube and pulled it open and close, "That's it, thanks man!" He poured the apropriate amount of widgets on the table. "You know, I saw a soup place down the street, want to go?" IC: Paju-Going on an adventure! As she fell Paju saw the rest of the group taking off. She relaxed and let herself fall for a little longer, then leaned foreward and fired up the engine, pulling the ship into a roll. Pulling into the correct angle, she hit the acelelerator and did a few more rolls as she pulled up to the rest of the group. "Hey everybody!"
  12. IC: Revenge-Library Revenge couldn't keep a smile off of his face, he started to chuckle. "Of course not, I couldn't ether, I karzin wish I WAS a Toa!"
  13. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge Rakin picked up the tube and tried to fit it into the tool. It fit, but it clearly wasn't designed to. "Not quite," He shouted, "It should be able to extend and retract!" IC: Paju-Tesara Skies Tired of waiting on the ground Paju revved the engine of her Skyfighter and took off as fast as she could. She rushed upwards into the sky. She went up and up until she could feel she was about to stall. She looked around to see if anyone else on the expedition was in the air.
  14. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Clifside and Tesara Kane-Oma wasted no time and took another swing with his axe, turning towards the Vorox Hestala was fighting. IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood Forge Rakin thought for just a moment. "I've been lookin for this for a while. If you've got the extender," He guestered to the socket on the tool's handle. "I'll give ya 30."
  15. IC: Kane-Oma-Between Clifside and Tesarea Kane-Oma was thinking about what he could say to reson with the Vorox, but then the Vortixx lashed out. It would be best to back up Hestala, since they had just agreed on a truce. He smiled, drew his axe, and swung a forceful blow at the next nearest Vorox. "You want my blade? Here it is!" IC: Rakin-New Atero, Blood forge Rakin Shrugged, "Sure, I'll take a look." He began shuffling through a the box once or twice he pulled out a tool and examined it only to put it back. Then he fished up a pair of pliers with string joining the handle and a socket on one handle. "OOO, how much for this?"
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