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  1. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor let out a sigh of releaf as Irna vanished. Mata Nui waved and the barriear re-opened. Still overwhealmed and trying to process what had hapened, he simply nodded and went on his way.
  2. IC: Mazor-Cortex Mazor released his grip on the cube, letting his hand slowly slide off, Leaving the cube in the hands of the avatar. Then everything happened at once. Mazor had let his guard down, and it seemed Irna didn't agree with his choice. He rolled out of the way as Mata-Nui advanced. Thinking quickly, he grabbed and loaded his Kanoka launcher, then stood up, aiming at his friend. "Irna," He called out. "I'm sorry, but this means a lot to me. Everything's going to work out."
  3. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor's hand gripped a little tighter on the cube, his thoughts moved at a million Bio/hour. It would be wrong for Mata-Nui to kill a matoran, but Nuju had specifically stated they were coming here to kill Mata-Nui, so it could be considered self defence. Irna didn't trust the creature, but this whole time I've felt the cube drawing me here. He took a deep breath. All I wanted was some time to think, without other bossing me around. Is this what fuffilling destiny feels like? Being rushed around by others until you do what you were made for? If so, I don't like it. He looked up and locked eyes with Mata-Nui, not letting go of the cube. "You can have it, but I want something In return. I don't want to be anyone's servent ever again, not even yours. I want to choose what my destiny will be."
  4. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor nodded, and looked at the cube. "Here goes nothing," He reached out to hand the cube to Mata Nui.
  5. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor felt a lump in his throat. He looked at the cube, flicking the movable parts a little. He thought back to when he had been guided to use the cube and acidentaly changed the sky. He had felt genuingly happy, if this really was Mata Nui's will, and he was chosen for it, why should he hesitate, but there was still one thing. He turned to the avatar. "I understand that with the war outside, and Ostrix is going to find a way to wreck this place, you are in a hurry. I just . . . How do I know I can trust you?"
  6. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor sighed, lowered his weapon, and turned back to the Avatar. "What exactly happened here? Why do you need this thing," he fingured this cube, some mistrust creeping into his voice, "to take your form? Why go through all this trouble, aren't you all powerfull?"
  7. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor frowned, almost without thinking he launched his Kanoka. It was a medium level freeze disk forged in Ga-Metru. As the disk flew Mazor's mind guided it to hit Ostrix in the Legs. However, the wall had already been blocked off, and the disk merely froze the barriar in place.
  8. IC: Mazor-The Cortex Mazor could feel anger boiling up again, he just wanted a moment to think. And Ostrix had the nerve to intervene. He pulled his kanoka launcher again, mostly focusing on Ostrix. He glanced over at Irna, a look of concern on his face.
  9. IC: Mazor-Cortex "Not yet, I'm not quite satisfied." Mazor stepped back. "Nuju said that if you woke up we'd all die, but not die, what was he talking about?"
  10. IC: Mazor-Cortex Mazor let his launcher fall to his side, He held the cube protecively to his chest. "So... are you the one who was in my head when I was using it?"
  11. IC: Mazor-Cortex Mazor sighed as his body untensed, his Kanoka launcher was still ready but he looked much less on edge. His face went from furious to exhausted. "Where am I?" He said calmy, "What are you? What is this thing?" He pulled out the cube, "And what is it supposed to do?"
  12. IC: Mazor-Location Unknown "Excuse me!" Mazor shouted at the Avatar pointing his Kanoka launcher at it, His voice was charged with fear, confusion and rage. "But I'm done taking orders! Ever since I got this Karzing Krom Cube thing people have been telling me what to do and where to go, and I haven't had time to proplerly think! And whenever I think I'm going to get the answers I need," He glanced at Nuju's body, "It just gets more cofusing!" He turned back to the creature, giving it a glare of pure spite. "We are not leaving!" His voice lowered, and grew cold. "I want to have a civilized discussion. You are going to answer my questions, and then I'm going to decide what I will do next."
  13. IC: Mazor-Under the Collusium Mazor stepped into the strange tunnel, resperator strapped to his face, just in case. He did his best to keep pace with Nuju. "So," He said softly, doing his best to hide his uneasiness. "What exactly is going on here? What exactly is this thing?" He held out the Krom sphere.
  14. IC: Mazor-Ko-Metru "Alright, let's head out." Mazor said, gesturing for the Ko-Matoran to lead the way.
  15. IC: Paju-Black spike mountains Paju leaned back in her seat. "Basically, some robots showed up and trashed the market chasing after someone."
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