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  1. IC: Mazor-The Ripple @Unreliable Narrator Mazor sighed, he had hoped not to have to fight. He pocketed the cube again and atempted to smash the weakness disk into the zombies face, planning on retreating to ready his launcher. IC: Paju and Ellie-Ga-Metru @Click @Onaku Paju leaned over and undid the first buckle on the saddle. And reached for the second one, only to have it jerk out of her hand. Ellie jumped towards the 'bird,' attempting to catch it in her claws.
  2. IC: Mazor-The Ripple @Unreliable Narrator As The Ripple's crew climbed on the zombies followed, grabbing any avalible handholds. Mazor could hear others shouting. Someone wanted him to throw it overboard, but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He felt responsible for what had happened, and he wanted to fix it. He pocketed the device and pulled out his disk launcher, getting ready to freeze some Zombies, but then he stopped. All the zombies were clustering towards his location, as if they were after the device. The zombies seemed intellegent, perhaps he could reason with them. Thinking quickly he pulled his strongest 'weakness' disk out of his bag. He held up the cube and the disk. "Stop!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. "Are you after this thing?" IC: Jephro-Beach assault @Biological Chronicler Jephro hesitantly stood up and folowed the medic. He drew his swords and did his best to fight off the zombies. He felt bad cutting them up. They already died, He told himself, it's ok to kill them again, you won't break the code. IC: Paju and Ellie-Ga-Metru @Click @Onaku Paju turned back to Ellie. "Is the bird scaring you, it'll be ok. Here, I'll take off your saddle so you can relax." Paju walked around and began fumbling with the clasps on Ellie's saddle. Meanwhile, Ellie began to crouch down as if she was going to pounce. If she was paying attention, it would become obvious to Karista That the matoran thought she was just a bird. The rahi, on the other hand, appeared to know what was going on and was intent on investigating further.
  3. IC: Mazor-Mysterious Island Mazor sprinted for the ship. the object clutched in one hand, swinging his sword in the other. The zombie matoran weren't a huge threat, not any more than normal matoran could be, but avoiding them was somewhat challenging. Still, he was almost back to the ship. IC: Jephro-Beach assault @Biological Chronicler Jephro nodded. "I-I think so, but I think I'm out of energy, I might need to take it slow." IC: Paju and Ellie-Ga-Metru @Click @Onaku Ellie skidded to a stop right where Karista had been standing. Paju immediatly opened her eyes, dismounted, and ran around front to pet Ellie's face. "It's ok," She said smoothly. "The sky scared you didn't it. Me too, but we'll be fine." Ellie was calmer, but now she was stairing intently at something on the roof. "What's wrong?" Paju looked around and couldn't see anyone other than the bird that they had nerely run over. "Sorry ms. Bird." Paju called out, slightly embaresed. She didn't know why she was talking to a bird, but it helped her calm down. "She's normally quite tame."
  4. IC: Mazor-Mysterious Island @Biological Chronicler As Turugak ran back in the cave Mazor was exiting. "I'm right here," he called, holding the object wrapped up in a cloth. He stood at the mouth of the cave, partially in awe, partialy in fear, at what had happened. He shook his head, clearing the shock, and started runing towards the ship, drawing his sword to defend himself. IC: Jephro-Beach assault @Biological Chronicler "You mean the red sky?" Jephro asked, sounding woozy. "Yeah, I see that." Not far away the corpse of Jepro's opponent, who had been dealt a finishing blow by the canon blast, started limping towards them. "Man," Jephro Mumbled, "You don't know when to quit." With the last of his elemental energy Jepro cut off the zombie's gravity, sending it floating harmlessly into the sky. IC: Informant-Po-Koro As the dupe cruzed on his way to Le-Metru the real Informant was crouched somewhere amongst the caverns of Po-Koro, furiously writing notes. His work finaly done, he took a moment to rest. Wait, He thought, I'm in Po-Metru, I could try finding the great disks. That would give the shadowed one a barganing chip. He sat for a moment, He already had one dupe on call. He could support maybe two more, it was hard to support them while they were far away. He shook his head. He needed more info. He conjured up two more duplicates and explained the situation. "I'm not sure I can support all three of you for too long, but I need you to go scout the area, see if you can find any information on the great disks." The dupes nodded, and headed out. OOC: Just figured Informant would want to do that, might show up where other people are looking for the disks, might not. IC: Paju and Ellie-Ga-Metru @Click @Onaku Ellie was charging across Ga-Metru, and, while she would normaly enjoy this, Paju was freaking out. Ellie was running through structures with abandon. It was frightening. "Please stop!" Paju shouted, pulling back on the handles of the saddle. The shout shocked Ellie out of her panic, she turned tangable, and dug her claws in to slow down. She was still going pretty fast though, headed right towards a Ga-Toa standing in an alley.
  5. IC: Mazor-Mysterious Island Mazor shook his head. The object was still in his hand, although it had completaly changed into a small cube. He quickly stood up and saw the room around him. The object didn't seem to be doing anything, but just in case he tore off a peace of his cloak and wrapped the object up. "I've still got it. Let's get out of here." He stated. As they left he saw the Zombies climbing from the wreck. He paused and looked back down at the object. Did I cause this? He thought to himself. IC: Informant (Duplicate)-Po-Metru The informant duplicate was doing his best to sneak back into the chute station. Then the sky turned red. The dupe acted quickly, it'd be up to the real informant to figure out, he took advantage of the disturbance to quickly jump in a tube towards his destination. IC: Jephro-Silver Sea asault Jephro nodded. "He seemed a little overconfident. I managed to immobilize him, but it took a lot out of me." He staired upward. He wasn't sure what had happened to the sky, but at the moment he didn't care. IC: Paju And Ellie-Ga-Metru Ellie squirmed and whined as the sky turned red. "It's ok," Paju said, doing her best to sound soothing, although she was freaking out too. "I'm sure it will be-" Suddenly Ellie bolted. Paju gripped tight on the handles of the saddle as Ellie went charging off out of control.
  6. IC: Paju-Black Spike Mountain Paju shook her head. "Not unless you think a smelly old pipe is valuable. Let's get moving!" She lept back on her vehicle. IC: Kane-Oma-Vista Baby Kane smiled, "My name is Kane-Oma."
  7. IC: Mazor-Mysterious Island @Unreliable Narrator Mazor nodded and reached to pick up the Orb. IC: Jephro-Beach Asault @Biological Chronicler Jephro sighed. "Well, one of the generals singled me out. I managed to beat him. And then the ground. " He pointed towards the crater where he had been fighting. "It just exploded."
  8. IC: Kane-Oma, Vista Baby Kane-Oma nodded, "I'll be the judge of that, but you've got a deal." He exteded a hand to shake on it.
  9. IC: Mazor-Island Mazor joined the group examining the orb. "Whatever this thing is it seemed important to whoever built this place." He said. "Maybe we should take it. Carapar won't be happy if we come back empty handed. Maybe the Baraki can figure it out." IC: Jephro-Beach Assault @Biological Chronicle Jephro nodded. "Th-th-thank you," he panted. He started to lower himself and roll over. IC: Informant-Po-Metru The informant ducked out of a Po-Metru chute station, his ride had been smooth and uneventful. He stepped into an alleyway and activated his mask, summoning a duplicate of himself. "Alright," the true Informant said. "We're in a bit of a bind, someone hacked the dark hunter database, and I have to find a place to hide out for the time being. However, we do have a mark somewhere in Le-Koro, I need you to go down there and assist." The duplicate nodded and turned to leave. The true Informant also turned and walked in the oposite direction. Headed towards the Po-Metru wastes.
  10. IC: Jephro-Beach Assault Jephro fell foreward, catching himself with his arms, panting. He could hear someone running towards him. Upon reaching Jephro, Pardehi would see multiple sickly looking gashes along Jephro's arms and torso from the poisoned blade, as well as burns all over his front.
  11. IC: Jephro-Beach Assault @Dane@Biological Chronicler Jephro exhaled, and nearly fell over, propping himself up with one of his swords. He had never spent so much energy in one attack. He could feel the poison from Kareh's swords slowly infecting his body. But he had done it. Then the ground exploded. A wave of liquid heat impacted Jephro sending him fliying several Bio. He impacted back on the sandy beach, face and chest covered with burns. His whole body hurt. He lowered his own gravity so he could walk without pain. Looking up he saw a barricade where a Skakdi and a Bo-Matoran were hiding and began limping towards them. He glanced around, and saw the cannon that had shot him. It was slowly turning to face the barricade. "JUMP!" Jephro shouted at the two. He sent out another blast of gravitic energy, ligtening Thom and Pardehi to give them a better chance at escaping. In the process he cut off his own support, and fell to his knees. IC: Paju-Ga-Metru Paju rode Ellie back down the road away from the great temple, Ellie had been running hard and she needed a quick rest. As they walked another broadcast from Turaga Dume came over the speakers. "You know," Paju said as she rubbed Ellie behind the ear, "Searching for the disks sounds like a lot of fun! You want to give it a shot?" Ellie shook her head excitedly. "Alright then," Paju said, "Let's go ask around to see if anyone is putting a group together." OOC: Paju Open to interaction.
  12. IC: Mazor-Nynrah Wreck Satisfied that there was nothing left to find, Mazor followed the others into the cave. He loaded a freeze disk into his launcher just in case. As they entered the cave Mazor examined the eery Stalagmites while the others gathered around the stone. IC: Informant -Ga-Metru With a crash the informant went sailing through the window, a large gash running down his chest, he fell. That should do the trick He thought, seeing the canal below. He spread himself out in a wide eagle belly flop to maximize impact. As he fell he wrote as much as he could on his left arm. Passers by watched as a strange figure fell out of the appartment building and made a massive splash, spraying protodermis everwhere, and then nothing, he had vanished. Two years ago: The Informant was walking along the halls of the dark hunter's base when suddenly he felt something running down his leg. He wiped it off and reaised it was blood. Then he saw the large gash in his chest. His armor had many small fractures, as if he had just experienced a sudden impact, I must have seen some action. "Hey," Another dark hunter said, "you ok? do you need a medic?" "No," the Informant snapped. "I need paper!" He ran off to his office, examining his body as he went. The Present: The real Informant of the present was currently at a small cute station near the border between Ga and Po-Metru. He was doing his best to look inconspicuous, wearing a large cloak to cover his figure, and a large backpack covered with baubles, that was actually filled with his notes. One of his papers was in his hand, covered in notes about Visohla's appartment, including the Vahki attack. What a waste, He thought, We are completaly comprimized, the bounty is forfit. The Informant sighed and tucked the paper away, it still might be handy at some point. He started walking towards the chute terminal. All he needed was a quick hop over to Po-Metru and he could hide in the mountains as long as he needed. Suddenly pain radiated up his legs. He glanced down and saw that they were heavily burnt. Karz, He thought, Right at the worst time possible. He was sure new notes had appeared on his body, but they would have to wait, he needed to get to safety first. He continued to limp towards the chute. IC: Jephro-Beach Assault (The following post was made with permission of @Biological Chronicler) As Kahreh lunged foreward Jephro skipped bakwards again. Kareh stopped himself for just a moment. What are you doing, He thought, It's just a rookie toa, you can handle this. He drew his sword and dagger again and got ready to charge. The brief break gave Jephro a chance to think. I'm getting good at decreasing weight, maybe I should try increasing it. Kareh activated his flight again and charged. Thinking quickly Jephro sent out a pulse of energy. Targeting Kareh's weapons. Kareh's charge was suddenly halted, his legs flung foreward as his weapons drastically increased in weight. Jephro took his chance and lept foreward. He slashed with his sword and cut off Kareh's sword hand. I did it, he tought I actually did it! But now was not the time to celebrate. Jephro had released his control over the dagger, and Kareh slashed with it, cutting a gash across Jephro's side. Jephro took a power assisted jump backwards. Kareh threw the dagger, which Jephro easily dodged, giving Kareh time to retrieve his sword. "I'll admit," Kareh said, "Your pretty good, It's been a while since I've gotten an injury that bad." He began to fly again, hovering above Jephro's head. "But I've had enough." He swooped down, Jephro barely dodged. Jepro jumped, swinging his swords, but Kareh was too fast. Kareh swooped again, cuting a gash through Jephro's shoulder. "Give up!" Kareh shouted. Jephro just gave Kareh a defiant stare. Kareh laughed at first, then he reailisd something wasn't right, He tried to fly up, but was unable to ascend. Instead as he struggled an overwhelming force of gravity. Soon his feet were on the ground again. Jephro aproached, face crunched with concentration. Kareh did his best to defend himself, but the sheer gravity made it easy for Jephro to disarm him. Jephro put the tip of his sword against Kareh's neck. "S-Surrender." He stamered, still focuing on keeping his opponent in place.
  13. IC: Mazor-Nynrah Wreck @Nato the Traveler Mazor nodded, "You never know though, The ghosts are crafty, the good stuff might be hidden." He stood up. "I'm going up to the cockpit, I'll see if I can assess the ships records, get some more information." IC: Informant (duplicate)-Ga-Metru @Unreliable Narrator Time to leave, The informant thought to himself. He turned and charged at the vahki at the window, firing his lazer eye in an atempt to scare them out of the way.
  14. IC: Mazor-Nynrah Wreck @Nato the Traveler Mazor joined Zaliyah in sorting through the rubble for disks, Maybe he'd find something useful. "Seems like the Ghosts ran into the same troubles we did." IC: Jephro-Beach Assault As the sword came down Jephro Jumped, decreasing his gravity to enhance his height. He had to adjust his jump to avoid the sword, going over one of Kareh's shoulders. He did a flip and took a slash with his sword Before landing behind his opponent.
  15. IC: Kane-Oma, Vista Baby Kane-Oma thought for a moment. "I'll stay with you for however long it takes to pay you off, but If you want me around longer you'll have to respect my standards." He leaned against the wall. "Simply put, I hate harming people that don't deserve it."
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