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  1. hello people I hope you enjoy the new mocs i put today.

  2. Hey guys it's me Gwideon and Today I bring you some Makuta mocs. I have no backstory for them so suggestions are welcome. Any way let's get into them. Makuta Kitra Kitra.JPG480x640 104 KB\ This female makuta uses a custom torso and custom upper legs. Kitra2.JPG480x640 116 KB A side shot of. You can see the sides of legs from here. Kitra3.JPG480x640 132 KB A back shot. I used shorter axles to attach her arms to give her thinner shoulders. Kitra4.JPG480x640 125 KB A action shot Makuta Ta-Lon Ta-Lon.JPG480x640 133 KB A front shot. I tried to give this moc a gunslinger look Ta-Lon2.JPG480x640 118 KB A side shot. You can see the guns side. Ta-Lon3.JPG480x640 137 KB A back shot. Ta-Lon4.JPG480x640 118 KB A action shot. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to comment and stay awesome.
  3. Where Is the mask of jungle we need it
  4. Welcs tos BsZsPs duds. enjos yos stays heyahs.

  5. Can we see the custom torso beneath the Inika torso Yeah I can do that Thanks mate
  6. Hey guys it's Gwideon Here and today I have my main toa team here for you to enjoy so lets get into it. First off we have my self moc Ethos So yeah he is a bit basic but I like him. I still think he could be better. Next up we have Eliptis She is probably my favorite of my toa builds and is a perfect example of my style. Next we have the leader of the team Magmus. He has my first custom torso on him. Finally we have Sylos. Sylos is another beautiful example of my style. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment and stay awesome.
  7. yes that's the peice
  8. the only problem with brick link is that they require you to make a $5.00 purchase and I only need that
  9. No sadly I don't have any sets from 2001 to 2006
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