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  1. IC: Rose - Outside the Temple Rose looked the Skakdi over, noticing the collar and drone, then scoffed. "I see. You're one of those. The brakas who end up in chains and then they make 'em decide between rotting away in prison or getting torn apart on a battlefield." She checked her flamethrower as she continued. "You already look like you've been through the worst of it. Wonder how much longer you'll last..."
  2. IC: Rose - Outside the Temple She focused her stare on Thom for a moment, seemingly more confused than offended, and said, "My name is Rose, not sweetheart." Then, still on her haunches, she craned her neck over some foliage to get a view of the temple before turning back to the Skakdi. The Toa tried not to think about what she'd seen on the bluff. "I dropped in with the first wave. I don't remember seeing you with us...did you arrive with the reinforcements?"
  3. IC: Rose - Outside the Temple The Ta-Toa marched alongside her comrades robotically, her gaze affixed ahead on something, and at the same time nothing at all. The events on the beach had left her shaken, her battle-ready confidence having been challenged by the sight of vengeful revenants rising from the dirt and attacking her. She'd heard of what Kanohi Tryna could do--mostly rumors, never having gone up against a user herself--and the thought of toying with the dead like that disgusted her, but this was on a completely different level. This was something borderline apocalyptic, and it made her realize the one thing that could ever possibly scare her. You see, killing is easy when the person you've just offed falls down and stays down. They're done. You continue, and will probably never have to face the person you'd killed again. That was war. But being faced with your own actions so immediately? Her bloodlust, and the consequences shown before her in the form of a corpse reaching for her with hate coursing through it...it was like a punishment. Some kind of divine punishment, from someone up high (perhaps Mata Nui, perhaps some darker equivalent) who was using these broken bodies like a mirror. One held up to her face, with characters written in blood above her reflection, reading: YOU... WILL... NOT... BE... FORGIVEN... Rose was shaken out of her daze when the cavalry stopped short of a grey-colored temple and took up position. A white Skakdi she didn't remember seeing before was kneeling nearby, and she moved to crouch near him behind plant cover, shield and flamethrower at the ready, and blood that wasn't hers drying to her armor. Despite the tropical atmosphere, she felt a shiver. OOC: @Dane <3 IC: Jutori - Po-Metru "Yes, yes, statue. Sure." I was currently resting against the sleeping Kilo browsing my iStone.
  4. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru "So this is it, huh?" "Yuup." Nale got to her feet and greeted her friends with a small wave. She turned to Arkius, hands on her hips. "I think it's obvious: we need to start digging." The Fa-Toa scanned the area for a second. "But we don't know where to start. That's probably what the statue was pointing to originally. Stannis, is there something you can do to help?"
  5. IC: The Swordsman - Ta-Metru Meanwhile, I stood before the undead waiting for them to attack. One Matoran, whose mask had been mangled beyond recognizability, shuffled up to us with hands outstretched. I took a stance, blade at the ready, but delayed when I heard some kind of murmur from them. Their mouth moved, and noises were coming out, but nothing understandable until it forced out something that sounded like "help me"--not in the way a person would say it, more like a rahi that was being taught to speak. I obliged in the only way I could: by wordlessly decapitating them. I looked over my shoulder at Zecrillia, blood now dripping from my blade. "I don't think Vahki were ever made with zombies in mind. What are they going to do, make them go back to work?"
  6. IC: Jutori - Po-Metru I was still looking at the sky, perplexed. Hearing the sound of the transport beginning to move again I rushed to board it, sitting down next to where the Kralhi was sleeping--if machines did indeed sleep.
  7. sounds like a rumor that wasn't fact-checked, the page itself doesn't cite any sources
  8. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru Nale sat down next to the statue and waited for their allies to arrive, watching the sky and taking in its new look. "Things just get crazier every day, don't they?" IC: Rose - Beach Assault Rose continued to set fire to the undead masses, becoming distracted with them and forgetting about the still-alive Leaguers who were fleeing.
  9. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru Nale looked over the characters. "I think we're supposed to unscramble these but, like I said before...I'm no Rau-wearer, languages aren't my strong point." She looked up at the statue's staff. "My guess is the light is supposed to move and give us the answer, but the sky isn't really playing along, what with the permanent day-and-night. Any ideas?" IC: The Swordsman - Ta-Metru I didn't even have time to respond to the Vahki's denial when a stray airship crashed nearby, immediately thrusting the area into pandemonium. What I at first thought were injured trying to escape the chaos and wreckage came under a streetlight, and I soon realized there was no helping these fellows: they were already dead. Unfortunate, and although I wished Mata Nui would be merciful on their souls, I still had to defend the innocents first, and myself second...then again, what merciful Great Spirit would allow such horrors to be set upon His people, His workers? God was showing Himself on the ground here, I supposed--these were His miracles. The miracle of life anew. I casually drew my blade, stepping forward to put myself between the undead and my companions, prepared to send the shambling figures back to the pits of Karzahni. "Your disk hunt just got a little more interesting, Zecrillia," I said. "Now: aim for the head."
  10. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru Nale nodded and followed Arkius to the center of the statues, feelings of excitement and concern both swirling in her stomach as she got closer.
  11. IC: The Swordsman - Ta-Metru I approached the Vahki and gave a slight nod--a habitual greeting, I knew it meant nothing to these machines. "Greetings," I said, "we...this woman is looking for one of the Great Disks. Can we go inside and have a look around?" I glanced behind me at Zecrillia and Gessai. "I'm security. I'll make sure they don't get into anything they're not supposed to." Obviously trying to find anything in here would require getting into places one was not supposed to be in, but I hoped it would be extra reassurance.
  12. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru The two walked on for some time without much luck, Nale's head on a swivel as she studied each sculpture. Just as she felt like giving up, a detail on a statue caught her eye. Moving in closer, she could make out that it was graffiti, and after the initial reaction of "what kind of brakas would go and tag one of these things?" she realized it was a name in Matoran. Lhii. "Arkius?" Nale said, beckoning the Onu-Toa over, "I think I found something."
  13. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru Some times it works... Nale started looking around again. "Out of the ordinary? Like a statue of a Po-Matoran on one knee, holding up the sky? Scratch that--I'm sure some egotist has done that one already and put his face on it. Some tall monolith that says 'Great Disk here' in big letters?" If only it was that easy.
  14. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru "There's nooks and crannies all over this Metru for someone to hide a disk in. Could be anywhere, but these sculpture fields are probably our best bet at the moment." She looked around, then walked up to a sculpture and started feeling around it. "Maybe there's a hidden lever or something on one of these things."
  15. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru She looked at the sky for a moment, bewildered, then shook her head. "Maybe it's a sign from god," Nale said, half-serious. "Maybe Mata Nui is sick of all this nonsense." She quickly turned her attention back to the matter at hand, ignoring a feeling of dread creeping up on her. Arkius' talk of his past was still fresh in her mind, and she decided it'd be best to continue that conversation rather than worry about the anomaly above them. "That...must have been terrible," Nale said, "losing everyone like that. I...I can't imagine a toll something like that must take on a person." She stopped walking and looked at her Onu-Toa brother. "You are a good warrior, I can sense as much. You said yourself we shouldn't forget the past--but don't let it weigh heavy on your heart."
  16. i have a very vague memory of an epic i read around 2010-2011 when i lurked bzp about toa cops trying to find some kind of criminal mastermind. the main character was a loose cannon type guy who had a vortixx love interest who served as a femme fatale. i think there was a car chase scene, it was set in a future spherus magna, and everyone said "frag" as a swear using wayback machine to look at the old forums isn't very reliable so i doubt i'll ever find it again, but it was definitely an inspiration to me back then. kind of melancholy to think about those old threads you'll never find again but had some kind of impact on you
  17. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru "Perhaps," she echoed, kicking a small rock along. "I have memories, still, of being a Matoran back on my home island and...it was nothing like here. Like Metru Nui. Everything felt more relaxed. No Vahki breathing down your neck the moment you seemingly stepped out of line, nor this oppressive environment of work above all else, even your own health." Nale sighed. "Being a Toa comes with all these duties you can't really imagine as a Matoran. Putting your life on the line and getting into situations you may not walk out of. It may be thrilling, at first, but as you get older..."
  18. IC: Nale Vella - Po-Metru "I'm no Rau-wearer," Nale quipped back, smiling. "I doubt there's many looking for the disks who aren't Matoran, they'd be the ones most enticed by the promise of Toa power." She looked ahead at some distant sculptures, remembering past events from her life. "I hope they find out it's not all it's cracked up to be, you know? This isn't a job for just anyone."
  19. IC: Nale Vella - The Taku (now in Po-Metru) She turned the radio over in her hand. "Nope," she replied, pocketing it. "Good luck with that...crystal thing," she said to Stannis and Knichou, giving a nod to the Po-Toa. She exited the bridge with Arkius in tow. Like a movie, the scene dissolved into the next as the two Toa walked away from the airship, now in the desert canyons and hot sun of Po-Metru. Nale was slightly ahead of her Onu-Toa brother. "Been a while since my last visit here," she said. "Hopefully we can find this disk before any wannabe treasure hunters snag it."
  20. IC: Rose - Beach Assault (...the dead will walk the earth) The Ta-Toa continued to fight away on the bluff with her Vahki allies, until she took notice of two things: firstly, the sky was changing color. Red, almost like her armor, with stars visible as if it were permanent night...while the twin suns still shone. Secondly, something was moving out of the corner of her eye that wasn't one of the Vahki. Rose turned, expecting to see someone sneaking up on her, and saw... ...the charred, shambling corpse of the Toa from before. His jaw hung open and a low moan was coming out. Nothing frightened Rose. She'd ran headfirst into danger without her heart skipping a beat. This...thing approaching her, and the idea of a dead body reanimating, especially one with a vengeance? It scared the Karzahni out of her. This was not normal. She panicked and swung her fist, striking the zombified Toa in the face and watched as his head detached from his shoulders, the body collapsing to its knees. Shaken, the Ta-Toa began turning her flamethrower on the other dead Leaguers who were now rising from the trenches...
  21. IC: Jutori - Po-Metru By now I had stepped out of our transport to stretch my legs, still cursing the sunlight. Suddenly, the sky appeared to change color to an unnatural hue of red. It was both spectacular, and foreboding, and I had the feeling some incredible change had just taken place. The world would never be the same again. The epiphany lapsed when I asked Tallea, "Did something happen to the sky?" @Silvan Haven IC: The Swordsman - Ta-Metru, outside Great Furnace "I see no reason to resort to stealth or anything extreme." I sniffed and looked at the pair of enforcers for a moment. "Let's just talk to them," I said, beginning to walk ahead again. I had no love for Vahki, nor any appreciation for their methods that amounted to little more than police brutality, but I was prepared to put on a face and pretend I could stand them if it meant this situation staying under control. @Darth Jaller @Biological Chronicler
  22. we'd see the red effect in the sky but there's no corpses on the ship (hopefully, unless knichou's hiding something /s) so we won't know anything weird has happened those at the wreck and at the beach assault are probably the only ones who know there's a zombie apoc starting
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